A Surprise Trip To Maine

Back in July when my besties fiance asked me if I wanted to put together a surprise I was 100% game. I booked my ticket for Columbus Day Weekend. Since MMR is in school and we don’t live around any family. My plane left from Boise so it worked out perfect and Rylee got spend time with my parents.

I was so scared/nervous/anxious to leave Rylee. As soon as I put Rylee to bed I called MMR crying. He talked me off the ledge as usual. Props to anyone/everyone that leaves their kids on the regular. It was probably better for me to leave her, and I knew she had a blast.

Rylee went on plenty of walks…


I felt really bad/this was the thing I was the most nervous for. Rylee had been having an off week with sleeping and she had a couple early mornings. It’s so funny that her fave sleeping position is on top of your face.


Fall always starts out so mild down in Boise. The weekend I was gone it was warm enough to go in a dip in the pool. Rylee was able to enjoy one last swim of the season.


We are working on eating out of the carton/snack container.  Just kidding, she can figure out the child locks on the pantry and sneaks bites of cheerios.


It felt so different being apart and not having to worry about anyone but myself. Surprisingly I didn’t sleep, my body is permanently hardwired. It’s okay though I just wanted to soak in all the adult time. Where we stayed it was so peaceful and quiet!

The highlight of the weekend was taking a private yoga class. I had reached out to the studio about a month before and picked the kind of class we wanted. I went with a heart opener given the wedding festivities. We started with some self massage and it felt amazing. I’m really glad we strayed away from a traditional class.


Saturday we went to a brewery and played corn hole and cards against humanity. That game gets me every.time. I got a flight of beer and they all tasted so good. After we finished our card game we headed down the street for some dinner. I got another flight of beer, clam chowder and a lobster roll. The clam chowder was good, but the lobster roll didn’t live up to expectations.





I headed home Sunday and I can’t wait to bring Rylee and MMR back in only 11 days. It will be the farthest east MMR has ever been and Rylee’s first plane ride.

Have you ever been to the east coast?

When was your first airplane ride??

My mom took me to Arizona to visit some family when I was <1.

If you live on the east coast, what is the farthest west you’ve been??