The Best Yoga – Glowga, I Scored Yesterday & Reset Time

Does anyone else feels like Facebook just knows who you are?! Anyone else think it’s kind of creepy how the ads always know what you’re thinking?! It definitely creeps me out but it’s also how I found Glowga. So I’ll give Facebook the win this time.

What is Glowga and how did Facebook help me find it? Well, it’s black light yoga and an ad popped up for it on my feed. I had started seeing/paying attention to yoga/fitness festivals last summer when I was super preggo (go figure). Living in Moscow a lot of those kinds of things were too far away or I couldn’t get down to Boise. Since living here I hadn’t thought about looking for one. I sent the info over to Taylor and we bought tickets.

I was kind of nervous because I am not a yogi, I didn’t want to stick out. It kind of felt like I was showing up to my first running race all over again. I’ve been to two different Glowga events. The first one was in December and it was put on by the same people that do the color runs around town.

Like I said I was super nervous but as soon as I walked in everyone was so nice and welcoming. The practice itself was so freeing. The music was on point, and the instructor was really really good. There was some work you had to do with your neighbors and everyone was so helpful. A real sense of community. No judgments, just the best 75ish minutes ever.

Before the practice starts there is body paint you can use to paint yourself in the neon colors. This is the freeing part for me. I have zero artistic skills, getting a symmetrical heart is a struggle. So it was really cool to just let loose.

As part of my SoulPose registration I scored a yoga block and strap. Both things I needed to practice at home. The second Glowga event we went to was put on my a local studio here and it was nice and intimate. There was a small painting station with glow sticks and paint. There were mirrors so it was really fun to see everyone glowing in their poses.

I left class feeling so relaxed. It was the perfect end to a crazy week. Taylor is my Glowga buddy and we are thinking of getting a pass to a local studio here. If you are local to the Boise area what is your favorite place?! It will be so nice to get out once a week to recharge and get my zen on.

Glowga is definitely something you should go and do! I am on the hunt for the next one…Even if you aren’t a yogi – get out and try it!! There is something so exciting about getting out of your comfort zone. PLUS I am going to need all the yoga I can get because…

AH! I got a bib again!! I ran this race for the first time in 2014 and it was not my best performance. SO bring on the training. Last night I tweaked a plan I had put together. I’m pretty excited over here!

Yesterday was our reset day. Rylee is back to coughing – we just can’t catch a break. So that means no dance class today. BUT we lucked out and since its the arctic tundra here MMR is off work today. If only it would snow…then the cold wouldn’t seem so bad. If you need us I’ll be over here painting Rylee’s nails for the 4204589 time. She is obsessed.

I don’t know where she gets it from because these are my nails currently…

And Baby Hayley will be working on her sitting game. Last night she sat for 25 minutes straight. Girlfriend is getting so big. I can’t believe her 1/2 birthday is Saturday. Should I have a party?! I’m half kidding, maybe we’ll celebrate with some solids.

What are you doing today??

Have you run recently?!

I need to go today….but it’s so cold outside & I don’t have a treadmill. Do you have a treadmill I can borrow? Don’t worry, I’ll buck up and go this afternoon when the girls are napping.

What milestones are your kiddos at?! 

I love hearing about other babies milestones!!

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