Re-Living Our Weekend & Monday Motivation For You

.Happy Monday! Also, can we stop for a moment and breathe?! It’s almost September! And in my book that means it’s basically the Holidays. I mean really think about it…

  • 71 Days Until Halloween
  • 94 Days Until Thanksgiving
  • 126 Days Until Christmas

And either school has started or is starting real soon for some families. Once that happens you blink and it’s the New Year. Either way it’s my favorite time of year. Be prepared for all things cheesy fall, matching outfits and pumpkin spice. PS I heard a rumor that Pumpkin Spice will be available at Starbucks soon. Anyways, back to reality here. We checked something off our Summer Bucket List, The Fair!!

Friday night we took Rylee and she loved it. We showed up really late and stayed even later. Rylee’s BFF’s were there so she was on cloud nine. Since we got there so late we just walked around but good thing it’s in town this entire week and can go back, and back and back. The one ride Rylee did do was the pony ride.

It was really funny MMR could not handle how fast they were going in a circle. Rylee giggled the entire time. Looks like I can add a pony to the list of things to eventually buy her. Just kidding on that one, I know nothing about horses. Now that I think about it, we will definitely be going back, I only ate corn on the cobb. Since we went really late I was feeling so full from dinner.

We stayed out way too late and then all slept in Saturday. Thank goodness because I was seriously dragging/struggling to keep my eyes open when I first got up. In the afternoon I went and got my eyelashes done! It’s something I’ve been dying to try but was just too scared to pull the trigger. I’m so glad I did. I am in love. Not to sound narcissistic but I caught myself staring at my eyes multiple times yesterday, Now I have another reason to get less ready everyday. Yesterday’s look is brought to you by hair that probably should’ve been washed yesterday (Sunday was a baseball hat day), lashes, and my Lipsense.

Yesterday MMR took Rylee boating with his brother and Rylee’s besties (her cousins). She has been dying to go boating ever since we went camping. Some of her epic tantrums come from me saying no to boating or going camping. I stayed behind to get some things done around the house. Which included writing a couple blog posts, going to Costco and lunch with my mom. I won the productivity award yesterday. So to reward myself…we went to the fair again. I was craving a turkey leg, chicken pita, corn on the cobb, elephant ears and churros. Don’t worry I didn’t eat all of that. But I did get some more corn, a pretzel and then this amazing ice cream. It was so amazing I ate half before taking a picture. Typical.


Some other fun snapshots from the weekend:

**My father-in-law and I have been having a belly competition this pregnancy. I don’t have the heart to tell him I won around 16 weeks.

**On Friday morning my mom came over to help hang things on the walls in the nursery. For the longest time I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to hold both and be able to stand back and look. This is why my mom is so smart. She suggested the self timer and tripod. Now I just need a baby to put in the room.

And now that brings up to Monday. I use to do Motivation Monday every week which included a quote and some goals of mine. This week I am focusing on staying calm/positive. This mindset helped me so much this past week not feel anxious. Which means I’m not obsessing over still being pregnant. My planner is pretty much blank. I really can handle anything that is thrown my way.

I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention this. Today is the Solar Eclipse! People in Idaho have been going nuts over this. Here is Boise we will be in 99.5% totality which is pretty cool. So this morning Rylee and I headed over to my parents to watch it from the pool. Well hopefully we’ll see it from the pool. We got our glasses and our “baby suits” (Rylee’s version of swimming suit) and are ready to go. Have a great Monday!!!


Week 38 – Pregnancy Update – Baby Girl is Almost Here

Any day now people, any day! At least that’s what I’m telling myself. After my last appointment on Thursday there was zero change from 36 weeks with the exception of maybe 1/2 cm and she was lower. Leaving I felt a sense of peace. I’m not worried, or feeling as anxious as I was last week. I know there is not too much more time left. This week and next week’s theme is going to be living in the moment. I took that approach when I was 39 weeks with Rylee and I had her within that week ;). But seriously I’m soaking in all the time I can as a family of three.

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What’s In My Hospital Bag

Happy Friday! Today I’mm be sharing with you what is in my hospital bag. I’m actually pretty excited about this because it means I am one step closer to being prepared for baby girl to come and I can check something off my list tomorrow. I actually rocked my list today so tomorrow’s 38 week update is going to be an almost clean slate. I’ve gone back and forth with what I even need to pack. I said in one of my earlier updates that we went to the hospital with so many bags. This time I am trying to avoid that and so far I think I’m on track.

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Birthday Recap – 29 Will Be a Good Year

Saturday was my 29th Birthday. It was a great day! To be honest it didn’t dawn on me until last Wednesday that my birthday was coming up. My mind has been pre-occupied on a ton of other things. I wanted just a nice relaxing day. Taking it easy on the weekends is the name of the game over here. Plus how cool is it that my birthday was on a Saturday this year?! Next year is the big 3-0 so I wanted to save all my party planning for then.

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37 Weeks with Baby Girl #2 – Full Term Update

Happy Sunday night! MMR and I are relaxing on the couch watching Star Wars. I am multi-tasking by writing this post and getting ready for the week. Crossing my fingers its low key. The only dramatic thing that can happen is having a baby. ;) I’m not holding my breath though. I have a feeling that Baby Girl is comfortable in her warm home.

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