My Favorite Eateries Around Boise

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite places to eat around Boise. I usually make a list of demands whenever we first get to town and these eateries are always on my list. If it could be possible to mail these meals to me I would have my mom at the post office every other week. Whenever we are wondering where to go to eat I always end up suggesting one of these places…

Blaze Pizza –

I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. I could easily eat here every single day. I’ve talked about them before and it is seriously the best place to get pizza. It’s an assembly line type restaurant and for $7.99 you can build your own thin crust pizza. NO LIMIT ON TOPPINGS. I usually get three different cheeses, six different veggies and at least chicken and pepperoni. Once you are all done building your pizza they brick fire it in less than seven minutes. Blaze has the best blood orange lemonade. I get three refills every time. One for while I’m waiting for my pizza, one for when I’m actually eating my pizza and three for the next day. I took Taylor there the other day and I’m pretty sure I got her hooked. Anyone else want me to take you?! I’ll be glad to go, you don’t have to ask twice.

Blaze Pizza

DK Donuts –

So I love Dunkin Donuts. I was lucky enough to have some on my way home from Colorado; iced coffee and a chocolate glazed donut is my jam. DK Donuts is a close second/replica of DD. I found them last year on National Donut Day and I treat myself  at least once a month. The strawberry frosted cake is my favorite, but the chocolate bars are a close second. It’s a cute shop and every time I go in they are always busy but always stocked.

DK Donuts

Sushi –

Amber is my sushi partner in crime. We go at least once a month to get our fix. There are three restaurants in our rotation and they never disappoint, Yoi Tomo, Sushi Ya and Rotary Sushi. A couple weeks ago we went for a girls dinner to celebrate our birthdays (they are only 4 days apart). Amber and I can throw down a lot of rolls, but it’s nice to go with a large group because then we can really throw down.

yoi tomo sushi

Rudy’s –

I have a sweet spot for pub food, especially since I can walk to it. There is a plaza at one corner of the subdivision my parents live in, and Rudy’s is there on the corner. They have great happy hour and are open for a decent amount of time. I always try and entice MMR to go there for a drink after Rylee goes to bed. I got the fish taco’s when we went Thursday and they were so good. I actually ate tomatoes, it was their salsa which is also so good. I’ve also had their fish and chips, sliders, and wings. I got a side of an extra tall beer. I thought I deserved it after I cleaned my car from top to bottom. Since we went during happy hour it was a dollar off so it made it totally worth it to get the big one ; ).

Rudys Street Tacos