A Quick Running Workout for Workout Wednesday

I just got back from doing this running workout I am about to share. My legs are so sore from yesterdays workout that I waddled my way through the warm up. I think I actually heard someone chuckle as I wogged by on the sidewalk. Pre-pregnancy I use to use Tuesdays or Wednesdays as my running workout days. I am not really trying to get faster work too hard on tired legs. Plus during these workouts my heart rate would get pretty high and right now that is just not something I am striving for.

In the subdivision there is this little balcony area, I call it the Piazza ( ; . There is an incline to get up and down from it so today was a mini hill workout. The circle my parents live in is about .25 miles and then it was about .25 miles to get to the actual piazza. That route was my warm up and cool down.

Here’s what the workout looked like:

  • Run up and through the piazza.
  • Then run back down by the canal and back to the start.

I repeated 6 times and then started my cool-down. Short, sweet and to the point. I use to run the same hill in Moscow and that one was a real hill. This incline was just that, a little gradual hill that got me to drive my knees up and widen my stride a little bit. The downhill was a little steeper so I even got a little quad burn in. Down by the canal it was nice and flat which was perfect for an active recovery. I did stand in the shade halfway through my sets to cool off a little bit. If it is going to continue to be nice I think I need to invest in a handheld water bottle. I have a big one, but not one of the little ones that you slip on.

When I got home I did some glute and hip flexor stretches. I hope I am not too sore tomorrow. I am off to listen to a webinar and then go pick up a car at the airport. We are heading over to my in laws for dinner tonight. MMR picked up another job about a month ago and so he works Wednesday and Thursday nights.

How are you spending your Wednesday??

Any other type of workouts you would like to see??


Weekend Reflections and Some Ramblings

How is everyone’s Monday going?? Mine started as a train wreck and has slowly turned itself around. I got stuck in traffic because of an accident on the freeway so I was late getting to the doctor this morning. There are some ramblings in here so bear with me we read on. This weekend I took a total of two pictures. TWO…there is a fine line that I constantly struggle with when it comes to blogging.

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Weekly Workouts – Focus on Running

You guys, I did it. I ran twice and also got in two strength training workouts and some yoga. I was on fire this last week. I’d say I was an overachiever in my goals and should probably not workout more than four times a week. My body was feeling really tired today. It was an all over tired. Every week I play in my planner and “plan” for 4 runs a week like I normally do but so far that hasn’t happened.

Overall my runs felt great and I definitely think I could’ve pushed for my third today but there is just something more appealing about doing yoga on Sundays. I could definitely feel my hips yesterday so that’s why I didn’t run and just did another pilates workout. When my hips get sore it’s a different kind of sore. It’s hard to explain but I’m guessing they need some strengthening or some constant care.

Here’s a look at last weeks workouts:

Monday – Run – 2.08 miles. I wanted to see how long this loop was that kept me in the neighborhood. A portion of it was on the dirt and that felt wonderful on my legs. As the temps get warmer I am definitely going to have to figure something out because the sun was hot. It was only 68ish but with the sun it felt like 80. This run was a huge confidence booster and I was really happy with it. After my run I did a quick upper body workout that I will share on Wednesday.

Tuesday – Walk – I begged my mom for a longer walk because I was just not feeling anything else. I took my photos for last weeks workout so I am going to count that too. Most times that I am taking pictures for workouts it happens at the end of said workout. I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the Super Set workout so I just posed. Let me tell you though, I probably held each exercise for 30 seconds so my poor mom could get a million shots. Here’s one of the outtakes.


Wednesday – Walk, walk, walk – I logged about 14,000 steps that day. We took the dogs for a decent walk around the neighborhood. Then we walked to lunch with my Uncle. Then we walked around The Village and played in the playground. I must say I am walking much more this pregnancy than with my last.

Thursday – Rest/slow walk – My Dad took a break from work and walked with Rylee and I. We walked pretty slow since she wanted to do all the walking. Other than that I just took it easy.

Friday – Run – I logged another 2.15 miles and this run was not so pretty during. I left about an hour later than my run on Monday and I could feel the difference temp wise. The high for the day here doesn’t usually happen till around 5:00pm so it’s not unusal for temps to keep climbing in the later afternoon. I did a lot of stopping and at one point sat under a tree in the shade. On Snapchat I motivated myself to get moving and at the end of the run I wasn’t sorry I did it which is good.

This run helped put a lot of things in perspective for me. My running is not where it use to be. I maybe only ran once a week if that before I got pregnant. My overall fitness makes running  bearable and right now I am using running to help maintain cardio fitness. I will be perfectly happy running 2-3 times per week.There are some running plans for 2018 that I am excited about. I just love the sport and see it sticking around for some time!

Saturday – Rest –

Sunday – Yoga – I have a pretty busy day today and story of my life, I did not get up early or on time. BUT…when I did get up I did a quick 30 minute sequence from the 30 day challenge videos. I did Yoga to Ease Back Pain and Seated Flexibility. Both practices were amazing and just what I needed. I felt the first video (back pain) in my hips which I will never complain about working my hips. I am the least flexible person ever so again, I won’t turn that kind of practice down either.

It was pretty interesting this morning, at one point I had both dogs (we have a black lab and my mom has a German Shepard) surrounding me and Rylee climbing over me. Rylee was actually attached to me which made it the most interesting. I may of not gotten the mental relaxation but Rylee taking interest in yoga trumps that any day. I took a a risk with the self timer to get some pictures. Usually Rylee takes my phone and run but today she thought the camera was the coolest thing.


This week we are traveling so I am hoping to get a majority of my workouts done before we leave and then some walking around town while we are in Moscow. I’m going for a run tomorrow and I may stick with two miles or I may try three, we’ll see. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday. See ya’ll tomorrow!

Week 16 Baby Update

How is it Saturday already? I swear I was just sitting down and writing this last week. This week flew by and I have a feeling next week will fly by too. The week is already panning to be a busy one so I’m crossing my fingers I won’t drown. For the most part I’ve been trying to keep it stylish in my bump pictures but today I just wasn’t feeling it. I call this my casual outfit ; ) . Don’t get me wrong I am comfortable and I think I look good…it’s just nothing fancy.

How Pregnant Am I:

16 weeks 2 days

How Big is Baby:

Baby is the size of an eclair. When I first saw this picture I thought it was a donut which would’ve been really coincidental because I got donuts this morning.

I am using this adorable article I found from Fit Pregnancy and the weeks to come are even cuter than this eclair. Baby weighs about 4 oz and is 4.5 inches long. His or hers ears are on the side of their head and can hear all the noises we can.

Weight Situation:

I still haven’t weighed myself…I have eaten a ton of girl scout cookies and donuts in the last week so I can’t be too surprised on Monday.

Body Changes:

My front side feels heavier. I really started to notice it yesterday. Rylee and I had to walk pretty far in a parking lot and carrying her and the diaper bag left me feeling pretty uncomfortable. I just read that babies heart is working hard pumping 25 quarts of blood a day and there’s already a cup of amniotic fluid.


I am feeling really good about my workouts this week considering last week was pretty scarce. Like I said above I am starting to feel the bump/the weight of the bump. Running overall still feels good. By this time last pregnancy I was struggling to run. Since I am still going strong I am looking into purchasing a support belt for the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have a good one they have tried?!

What I’ve Been Eating:

For the most part I have been keeping it clean. We had family in town visiting so I did eat out a little bit more than usual. I also caved eating an abundance of girl scout cookies at our St Paddy’s dinner. Plus I ate an entire cinnamon roll this morning from the donut shop.

Any Movement:

It’s here! I was just texting my sister-in-law last night that I hadn’t and I was feeling discouraged then when I was putting Rylee to sleep it started and hasn’t stopped since. I can’t wait to see what baby likes and doesn’t like. Or what makes them sleep or keeps them awake.


I have had some funky dreams. Last night I had a dream that I delivered a “tiny baby” like it was the size of a doll and it was totally normal. I have found myself waking up whenever I roll over which sucks. I also am now in the get up and pee once or twice a night stage. I hate getting up in the middle of the night. Secretly though I am kind of thankful for it because its practice for whats to come.


I have been cranky and have had short fuses this week. Things that I probably should’ve not gotten worked up over I did. You can’t change anyone and you can’t please everyone. This was one of those weeks I did not let that apply to life. Or at least in my head. I let negative energy cloud my positive.

Buying for Baby:

I almost, almost, almost bought this adorable outfit from Old Navy when I was there the other day.

I am really trying to not buy a single item until we know the gender but isn’t this outfit so cute?! Whenever I am at a store and look at baby clothes I cannot get over the boys clothes. I want to buy all of them! I am still convinced it’s a boy and cannot wait to buy all. the. bowties.

Looking Ahead:

I always look forward to my doctors appointments. It’s nice to check in and listen to the heartbeat. I got our insurance stuff figured out so that is a highlight. My mom, MMR, Rylee and I are heading up to get the last load of stuff and clean. Then I will say bye bye to Moscow for good. I am feeling really sad about it. Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself and cry in front of everyone. I can’t help the #hormones. BUT in my defense it is the place MMR and I moved away to. Neither of us had ever lived more than 15 miles from our parents/friends. PLUS Rylee was born there!

Highlight of the Week:

I am bummed the leggings I ordered last week were a bust. These Old Navy ones were on sale but I am not in love so they are going back.

On a positive note I got to visit with my Uncle and we had two beautiful days where we spent lots of time outside and drank delicious watermelon slushies from Sonic.