Happy Saturday from Salt Lake

I am just popping in for a quick update from Salt Lake City. We are on our way to visit family in Colorado so to split up the drive for Rylee we decided to stay half way. Before I go into photo overload…what do you think of the new site?! I was playing around with changing my banner/site and made a big blogger boo boo. I hit publish before it was done. Oops! It’s all good though, I will keep adding my sidebar back, but I feel like this opens the door for feedback! So tell me in the comments what you like and what could use some improvement! PPS – I am blogging from my iPad this week since I will be out of town!

Now onto the photos from around town…

 As soon as we were done checking into the hotel we drove over to the Gateway Shopping Center and walked around and ate. We went to California Pizza Kitchen and it was so good. We all ate our entire plate which is a first for Rylee. Extra full=extra happy.

After dinner we walked around the shops and played in the fountain.

When we got back to our car this happened. This jerk face parked so close to us. We had the stroller so we had to maneuver our car just to load everything up. Please note, this is my biggest pet peeve and just plain rude to families. This shopping center has a parking garage so for you to squeeze so your tailgate is still on the red curb is not okay. 

My annoyance was quickly erased because of this beautiful sunset as we were driving back to the hotel.

Now we are off to eat some breakfast and get back on the road! Have a great Saturday!


Have you ever been to Utah?? If so what part?? How about Colorado??

I have been to Salt Lake 4 or 5 times and I have driven through the state down to Arizona. I went to Steamboat Springs this past spring and am now headed to Vail.

Tell me about your Saturday!

What is your favorite road trip snack??

Twizzlers and pretzels!!!