Finding Dedication & Motivation

Dedication and motivation are two things that I’ve been thinking about these last few days. For starters, I think it’s that time of year. The Holidays always make people aware of their health both for the better and worse.

On Sunday I heard someone talking about the difference between motivation and dedication and how they go hand in hand. Dedication is easy to have because it’s generally something you like to do. Motivation on the other hand is something I have to work toward every day. If you are motivated to achieve a goal you have then you will have the dedication to do anything to make it happen. My goal is to run a sub two hour half marathon. I am motivated to do this, it’s been a goal of mine for the last three years, so I am dedicated to doing what it takes to make it happen. My motivation to reach this goal was tested this past weekend.

Sunday I headed to the gym with the intention of doing yoga. I just wanted a nice, gentle stretchy workout. When I showed up at the gym the group X room was occupied for another 40 minutes. I said to myself, “oh you can just do yoga at home” and turned around to walk out the door. UM HELLO?! No I would not of gone home and done yoga. I would’ve sat on the floor and played with Rylee drinking more coffee. So instead I pulled up an old upper body workout mixed with some core and got in a killer workout.


I’ve talked about motivation and prioritization before but for some reason I can’t take my own advice. I’ve had to tweak things to fit my life and my ability in the moment. Planning my workouts for the following week every Sunday was amazing before I had Rylee. Spending that time each Sunday isn’t feasible anymore so now I spend one nap writing out my workouts for three weeks. I like looking ahead at what I know I can accomplish if I just do it in the moment. It makes me look forward to each workout seeing them planned out in advance and gives me something to work toward and look forward.

In my last post I talked about the calendar in my office. I love writing what I actually did that day, it’s like my participation medal. As nerdy as this is I am already looking forward to writing them all in when I get home after break. When studying to be a personal trainer one of the things they drill home is everyone client is an individual and every client is motivated for different reasons. Finding how someone is motivated and how they are dedicated is the key to a successful healthy journey.

Want to know what else is the key to a successful healthy journey…BABY SNUGGLES and coffee.


So I am setting another mini goal and this time I will be listening to my pep talk: stay active this Holiday season. I’m being vague because I need to keep it real. We are traveling, out of our routine, and busy when we are away from home.