New Shirts, Desert Adventures & It Was Meant To Be

So I mentioned last week that I was crossing my fingers to get out of town. We didn’t make it to the original destination but we still got to go on an adventure! It worked out anyways because Friday turned into crazy town and nothing  went to plan. Hayley is teething big time. Plus we’ve been fighting off some sort or sickness since Christmas. In the last few days she got really fussy and  really stuffy. I panicked and took her to the doctor. I don’t know what it is about this winter but I am especially paranoid about the girls getting sick. I’ve seen so many horror stories about babes going from zero to hospital real quick.

Hayley was a trooper. The doc thought it was just the teeth making her sick. As long as there is no fever we are all good. I had to hurry and get home because Taylor and I went to Glowga at one of our local studios. It was so amazing and fun! I am working on a post all about Glowga and why you should do it once a month. It put me in the mood to start the hunt for Rylee’s birthday decor. Guess what she wants….wait for it….



She came up with that all on her own. We haven’t even watched Coraline (I don’t even know if there are rainbows I’ve just heard its creepy AF). So here is what I’m thinking…

With some appearances from the spider in Charlotte’s Web.

I’m trying to convince her to have it be a “scary UNICORN party”. I found some cute rainbow/unicorn inspo. PS planning parties is the highlight of my year. Now that I am in my own house bring on all the parties.

We spent most of Saturday sleeping it off. It was the last basketball game for us Saturday morning which meant Rylee took car naps. Only her afternoon car nap had her sleeping until 7:00 PM. I usually don’t let her nap that long but we’ve been so off whack in the sleep department I let it slide. Baby Hayley’s been fighting the nap train too so I enjoyed the quiet evening.

MMR went fishing Saturday so Sunday morning when Rylee woke up she was so excited to hang out with Daddy. Especially because he designs her outfits. We’ve come up with a solution for her wanting to put stickers and color everywhere. Take a paper bag and make a shirt. I cannot take credit for this, it was 1000% MMR. I really lucked out with him ; ).

I’m showing you two pictures of Rylee in her cool outfit, only to prove we can take photos not shouting.

Then finally we left to head out to get some fresh air. I’m not going to lie I miss living far away. Don’t get me wrong I love being here close to family and friends but we use to do so much exploring. Or we would make our trips home an adventure and since moving back just about a year ago we have hardly done anything! SO MMR took Rylee and I for a quick 4-wheeling trip.

We went out to the desert right behind our airport and went for a quick ride. And by quick I mean a total of maybe 10 minutes. It was so cold…I was quickly reminded why I love riding in the summer and not so much in the winter. Rylee had a blast. Her need for adventure and being a daredevil inspire me. I am such a chicken.

After our quick ride Rylee and I hung out in the truck with the heat on while MMR and Aaron played around.

Don’t worry – he didn’t tip and Aaron didn’t run over. They’ve been playing this game for at least 20 years – and I’m not even kidding or exaggerating. By the time we left the sun was poking through and it kind of warmed up. Either way it was such a fun afternoon and is seriously making me so excited for real Spring and Summer!!

Baby Hayley hung out at Grandma’s. I was a little sad but it was pretty cold so I’m glad she didn’t come out. It’s all good, our next adventure will for sure include her. When we got back Rylee got to play with her cousins aka her best friends. She was impressing us with her video game skills. She was so happy she figured out how to make the car go.

And the last two things before I go…MMR took a smiling picture with me! It’s a miracle. I think I’m going to frame this one.

Then this popped up on my time hop this morning! I knew I was meant to be a blogger.

What adventures did you go on this weekend?!

Who has the day off?!

MMR does not – I’m kind of bummed

Do you play video games?!

We got an Xbox for Christmas and I bought The Sims to play but I can’t see the TV very well from the couch to play. SO…..


Our Kind of Celebration

Happy Day After Valentines Day! Is that a thing? A love hangover? MMR and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day. I think our first one back in 2006 we exchanged gifts like cheesy teenagers do. PS I just tried to find the frame to take a picture to show you and I got lost in the pit of myspace. Talk about major embarrasment…I can’t take it down either because I think I used a super cheesy email.

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Weekends With Babies

Anyone else hunkering down?! I hear the snow is still bad everywhere BUT here. And we’re hunkering down to avoid the sickness that is going around this town. Call me paranoid but I don’t ever want a stomach bug like I had or the cold that lasts eternities. We did get out this weekend though and visited with my brother and sister-in-law!! I finally got to meet my adorable niece!

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Our Homespun Life Is Here

Happy New Year! Today has been the perfect amount of reset and relaxation. I’ve done some meal prepping, some laundry and now I get do some writing. Actually what you should really know is that I’m procrastinating putting away Christmas. It really is one of the worse things you have to do.

I had mentioned in yesterday’s post that we were going to be re-branding into Our Homespun Life. I am so excited to finally have that out in the open. 2018 is going to be a year full of amazing things over here. SO to kick things off….


I am Ally the blogger behind Our Homespun Life, formerly known as Homespun Runner. I am a stay at home mom boss with my beautiful daughters Rylee (2.75 years old) and Hayley (4 months). My husband is Ryan, AKA MMR (Mountain Man Ryan) and he sports a mean beard that he can grow in approximately 6 days. We are the Turner’s and this is Our Homespun Life.

I use to blog about running and while I still love running it is no longer a sole focus of mine. In fact running has taken a back seat to some pregnancies and some injuries. It’s on the list of things I want to get back into this year so we will just have to see. What can you expect in this new little space of mine? More frequent posts. I had a pretty good schedule going then we welcomed Baby Hayley to the world and things got a little crazy.

I’m trying to mainstream some things over here and that means I’m going to have some more routine posts. Don’t worry I’ll still share most of the day to day but you can also find posts on motherhood, my babies, health/fitness, and now beauty/skincare. I wanted to highlight all aspects of my life that I love, and that you love too.

To follow me on a more day-to-day/in the moment I have the same Instagram – allysonmarie. My Facebook Page will change to the new name – I’ll provide a link when Facebook approves it. In the meantime I also wanted to share my 2018 Mantra…

I’m doing things differently this year! No more lists of things I want to change, or work on. I end up spending more time listing and less time doing. SO this year we are going with a word. ONE word to guide all aspects of my life. This year it’s all about…

Looking back at 2017 everything was done in a rush. Every single time I left the house it was with a million different bags, million different cups. I was living out of my laundry room and car. This also left constant dishes and just chaos EVERYWHERE. I could hang with Rylee and I but once we added Baby Hayley, I just can’t deal with it anymore.

So each month I’m going to tackle different areas of my life so that by December next year I am truly living that simple life. January is all about getting back to basics. The basics of cooking/eating at home and cleaning. When we lived in Moscow I cooked dinner at least four nights a week and now it’s closer to one. Then on Saturday mornings MMR and I would clean the house and head out for our plans for the day.

When it comes to cooking each week I’m going to buy something to stock the freezer/pantry and then something to make the planless dinner night go smoother. This week I am making some spaghetti sauce – that’s the number one thing I always go to and never have. AND I’m going to get bananas at Costco and freeze them for smoothies. I am always out of bananas when I want a smoothie.

As far as cleaning goes cleaning once a week is not feasible. So found a weekly schedule I am going to give a go. The beauty of simplifying the basics is I have four weeks to test and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

PPS – For now keep coming to Homespun Runner dot com, I have some more things in the back end here before I can switch over the actual website. Thanks for sticking around this fun new transition!!

What New Year Goals/Resolutions/Words do you have?!

What do you think of the new logo?! 

Anything in particular you want me to cover?!