Delicious Fourth of July Kabobs

It’s safe to say that today is going much better than yesterday. Rylee woke up feeling so much better despite getting little sleep. We went to bed at 1:00 AM and woke up at 6:30 AM. I’m crossing my fingers that this nap time lasts a little bit longer. My mom came over today to help (and by help I mean deep clean) the girls’ bathroom. I’m technically not suppose to be around those chemicals so she offered to get it done. Checking off getting unpacked one day at a time. I also asked her nicely to bring in 5 more boxes so I had something to do.

MMR works his other job tonight so I need something to do. Plus it will be a good break from playing with the water table outside. It’s not too hot out today but there is only a little bit of shade in my yard until later tonight. I also have a yoga workout I need to do…looks like I’m all booked up, that escalated quickly. Just kidding.

Last night for dinner I made steak kabobs that would be perfect for your Fourth of July BBQ. This is the first of my ten day Fourth of July Extravaganza. Kabobs are one of my absolute favorite things to grill, especially steak. I am a little timid when it comes to cooking steak so I always ask MMR to take care of it when it’s on our menu. Not these, you can’t over cook them. Well at least in my opinion you cant. Plus they are so easy to grab and plate up when serving at a BBQ. No mess, and no worrying about others touching your food. You don’t need any utensils either. I’m telling you they are perfect.


  • McCormick Grill Mates – Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasoning
  • Weber Veggie Grill Seasoning
  • Olive Oil

  • Ziploc Storage Bags
  • Kabob Sticks
  • 2 Green Peppers
  • 2 Mini Sweet Onions
  • 1 Package Mushrooms
  • Sirloin Steak

Veggie Prep:

  1. De-stem mushrooms and place caps in bowl. Mix olive oil and veggie seasoning so that the mushrooms are coated. Set aside in Ziploc bag.

2. Cut green pepper into squares. Place in bowl and coat with olive oil and veggie seasoning.

3. Cut onion into squares – this one was little bit harder since literally the only two sweet onions left in the store were microscopic. Place in a bowl and coat with olive oil and veggie seasoning.

Meat Prep:

1. Cut fat off of meat and cut into cubes. Place in ziplock bag and coat with a teeny bit of olive oil and the brown sugar bourbon seasoning. I only use a tiny bit of olive oil because I wanted the seasoning to be more of a rub.

2. Set the bowls and bags in the fridge to marinade for a minimum of 2 hours.


  • Place the meat and veggies however you would like.
  • I try to keep it to two to three pieces of meat per kabob and not too many veggies.
  • Veggies are usually what I have left over so some kabobs are all veggies.

Cook Time:

  • Place on the grill and cook for five minutes, then flip.
  • Cook for five more minutes and flip again. MMR prefers little to no pink in his steak so we did that until he cut into them and saw what he liked.

****For dinner last night we placed them on a bed of quinoa, brown rice mix. I wanted to make a lemon couscous salad but I forgot the lemon and the couscous at the store. I only had a short window to grocery shop alone so a couple things got missed.

Next on the docket for my Fourth of July festivities are some crafts. We got some dye to tie dye a shirt for Rylee and a cute AMERICA sign. I will also be happy to report that throughout the course of the day and me writing this post I got through four boxes and laundry. Winning.

Tell me one thing you look forward to on the Fourth of July?

What traditions do you have??


Life Lately From My iPhone

Happy Monday! How is everyone getting along so far today?? I crushed my LIVE video on Instagram. I’m always so nervous going on camera but I think deep down inside I love it. I keep making a big deal about it but it’s something I’ve been working on all month and a reason to go live so there’s that. The only thing is that I didn’t hit save before it posted so now I can’t share it anywhere else. You live and learn.

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30 Weeks with Baby Girl #2 & It’s Been Way Too Long

It has been way to long since I’ve written you guys. I enjoyed taking the week off, I spent a majority of it with my brother and sister in law and then my Grandparents from New York came to visit too. I finally got internet at my house but we’ve been go, go, go I’ve hardly used it.

I made sure to take lots of pictures of what we did so that I can share over the next few days. In the meantime though I have something super exciting going on in internet land for the next 10 days. I’m going to go LIVE on Instagram tomorrow morning around 9:30 MST to share all about it. I’ll give you a hint…it has to do with the Fourth of July, crafts, workouts, and yummy food.

One thing I do want to talk about is how week 30 went with sweet baby girl. Nothing too big has changed, except the heat today is really doing me in. So if you need me I’ll just be sitting indoors with a gallon of water.

How Pregnant Am I:

30 weeks 4 days.

How Big is Baby:

Baby is the size of a garden gnome! This would be Rylee’s favorite week if she knew what was going on. She is obsessed with garden gnomes. She will talk to them at my Mom’s like they are her besties.

In veggie land baby girl is the size of a zucchini or a summer cantaloupe. Now I think the comparisons are finally lining up. It really is starting to sink in that in twoish months we will be a family of four. I know these weeks will fly by because there is a lot going on in July and then before I know it we will be in baby month! In the Ovia app they have the babies hand in white, and then where the baby is at growth wise in the pink. We are so close!


What’s Left To-Do:

So what’s written below is what I tried to accomplish this week. Ask me what I got done…N O T H I N G. So looks like I will keep that right there to motivate me this week.

E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G – seriously. Everything. It’s starting to stress me out but on the flip side it will make the next 10 weeks fly by. I guess we have clothes, at least I think we do. Here is my mini to-do list for this week:

  • Paint dresser – we are using Rylee’s old dresser and Rylee is getting my old dresser. Hand me downs for the win.
  • Pick out a crib – We are going to try and find a basic white convertible crib. We are going to keep Rylee with her’s so let the shopping begin.

On top of everything else in shambles around me I figured this was most do-able. My mom bless her heart has deep cleaned, and painted four rooms in our house. I am kind of bumming I am pregnant because I have been zero help. Stupid chemicals.

Body Changes:

My cold is gone and it wasn’t that bad. My heartburn is out of control. So out of control I may be calling the doctor because I could eat 100 tums a day and that is not good, I think the max is like 12. I hope that means this baby is going to have a lot of hair.

I’ve noticed I am a lot more slow moving. It takes me a little bit longer to get out of bed, get dressed, put my shoes on. Bring on the homestretch.


Monday – 21 Day Fix – Total Body Cardio. I had to modify the ab section to a rest section.

Tuesday – Move Your Body Dance Workout – this one is seriously such a blast.

Wednesday – Move Your Body Dance Workout – I went a little bit harder this time around because I thought I had become a dance expert. I. Was. So. Sore the next day.

Thursday – Rest day. I was sore and in a rush so I took it easy.

Friday – 21 Day Fix – Cardio Fix. I did a little bit less jumping but it was still a killer workout. I ended up getting sore from it which is good and bad. I feel like when I get sore it’s really hard to move. Harder than it already is.

Saturday – Cardio Yoga Flow and Post Cardio Stretch. It felt so good to get up and stretch/move my body. The stiffness loosened up just a few minutes in.

Sunday – 21 Day Fix – Upper Fix – This kind of ties into what I said in the body changes. This workout was getting easier with the weights I had been using but today my arms felt like lead the entire time. When I keep these workouts up I think I’m going to have to play around with different weights. I am feeling drained now and just really really tired so it might be time to start to scale back,

What I’ve Been Eating:

This has been the week of indulgences. I went all out showing my sister-in-law around town and taking her to the best restaurants. For example…doesn’t this look amazing…

Any Movement:

My whole belly is moving and grooving. Earlier in the week I was sitting on the couch and MMR asks “did your belly just shake?” Yes, yes it did. I’ve also felt kicks as far as my side which is weird. I never felt them way over there.


For the most part everything has been in check. Nothing too crazy to report here.

Buying for Baby:

I scored some cute outfits from my favorite consignment shop. This week though…the crib is on the list!

Looking Ahead:

So this is going to be a much needed quiet week. I have not been home except to sleep pretty much this entire week. I am looking forward to not going anywhere at all tomorrow. I may even figure out how to have my groceries delivered to my hoise.

Highlight of the Week:

Spending all week with family that I haven’t seen in a really long time. I love that Rylee gets to hang out with them too. Back in the day I loved the trips we would take to my grandparents house in the summer. I am glad that they are willing to travel so far to see us!

The next time we will get together with them is January which seems so far away!

Third Trimester Thoughts with EverlyWell Breastmilk Testing

Hi Friends! This post today is brought to you by EverlyWell and I am popping in to talk about breastfeeding. Now that I am in my last trimester breastfeeding is something that I think about often. With this being my second child I feel like I have so much more to offer baby girl. All the advice in the world could not prepare me for my breastfeeding journey. That is why I am partnering up with EverlyWell today to share the importance of nutrients during breastfeeding, especially DHA.

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