Winter 2016 Bucket List

It’s that time again – to create our winter bucket list. You can read about our fall bucket list here, and we were able to check almost everything off our list. Tomorrow we are heading to Boise for the Holiday’s, say what?! There’s a lot we have to catch up on here including the stomach flu, running plans, life plans, and a giveaway. Bare with me over the next few days, I hate to b

ait you and leave you ; ) I promise though I will be back next week with a ton of goodness.

We got a little bit of a head start so number 1 will be look at the lights in Lewiston. They start setting up for this in September. It actually worked out and we went on the exact same day the year before.



Winter Bucket List:

  1. Visit Santa
  2. Go Ice Skating – MMR and I are going to make it a date night.
  3. Play in the snow – We are tracking down our winter gear to play in MT
  4. Decorate our Tree – We got a tree this past weekend and are bringing it with us. I couldn’t not take Rylee up here and I didn’t want to leave it.
  5. Listen to Christmas music – on repeat – I am in the process of downloading the best Holiday playlist for our roadtrip tomorrow. Follow me on Snapchat (allyturner12) during my roadtrip to hear all the amazing toons we are listening to. About that – it will only be when my car is stopped since I am going to be actually driving.
  6. Make a Snowman –
  7. Winter Races – my very first is in two weeks and I’m kind of scared. I think about it every time I walk outside and think I am so cold.
  8. Wrap Presents – I have made this my number 1 goal. I am always wrapping presents the hour before we have to leave. Not this year…I’m going to be way ahead of the game.
  9. Bake Cookies – my mom has And don’t think you are getting out of it because your son is getting married and all ; ) – just kidding mom I think we can work something out.
  10. Wear matching outfits – I have They are from Gray Anchor and I think Michelle made 18 total…maybe more…I have a whole post dedicated to this coming up next weekend…it’s amazing.
  11. Christmas Dresses – I still don’t have a dress for Rylee to wear but I know what I am looking for. I am going with a skirt this year, which should’ve arrived at my parents yesterday or today.
  12. See more Christmas Lights – I found a map of the Treasure Valley so we can drive around and see a ton, but I also want to go to the Botanical Gardens and a couple other places.
  13. Donate a Toy – Every year when I am browsing the mall I grab an ornament from the tree for a gift donation then shop the mall for the item. It is so important to not loose sight of the reason for season.
  14. Sledding -I think we are going to try going in Montana but there is also a hill I want to take Rylee to in town.
  15. Roadtrips – MONTANA for…
  16. Griswold Weddings

When I come back home it will be 2017. Plus I will have no idea for how long because we are done with school!!! MMR officially spent his last day on campus on Monday. We are not officially done yet, he still has a few assignments but it is literally so close I can see it without my contacts in. PS that has to be really close because I am practically blind.