10 Minute HIIT Workout

Happy Workout Wednesday. Today I am sharing with you a quick 10 minute HIIT workout. No equipment needed which is such a great workout to have in your arsenal. You can repeat this workout 2-3 times, or more depending on how your feeling.

ROUND 1 – Wide Leg Squat Jumps//Wide Leg Wall Sit

wide leg squat jump

Starting in a wide leg squat, explode with as much power as you can. Make sure when you land your knees are not over your toes and your back is still straight. These have left my butt and calves so sore.

wide leg wall sit

Keep your back flat and your knees over your toes. The wall sit will be hard and feel hard. That’s the point, it’s an active recovery. This will help you get your breathing under control but your muscles are still working. Enjoy your one minute rest before moving on.

Round 2 – Push Up Jumps//Downward Dog

push up jumps

I had to majorly modify these. Sarting in push up position lower yourself down so you are hovering over your surface. Push as much as you can to get the “jump” aspect of the exercise. Make sure you land softly and with enough control to get the full effect of the exercise. Doing push ups on the ground are not good for my core at the moment so I opted for the wall. I still felt the burn pushing off and controlling coming down. PLEASE make sure you control your down, you don’t want to end up with a cracked forehead.

 downward dog

Again, active recovery. Your legs get a nice stretch from the exercises in round one but you are also making your shoulders and core work to support you. Enjoy your one minute rest before moving on to the next round, you’ve definitely earned it.

Round 3 – Split Jump//Static Lunge Hold

split jump

I just want to start off with these are my nemesis. These are just like the squat jumps except you are starting from a lunge position and switching legs in the air. Try and stay as true to the wide lunge stance as you can. Looking at my photos I can see where I can use some improvement in these.

Just like round one we are going into our active recovery still working our muscles. Since there are two different sides you are holding your lunge position for 15 seconds on the right then switching to 15 seconds on the left.

Rest for one minute and then complete rounds 1-3 two or three more times. This workout left me feeling so sore today. Hope you enjoy the burn as much as I do ; )

I am off to get some yoga in and then I need to run some errands. I hope you have a fantastic, sweatastic day!

Week 21.5 Baby Update and Life Lately

Did you miss me?? I pretty much took the weekend off from blogging/social mediaing and it felt wonderful. As you all know sometimes its hard for me to balance both. I always have to reality check myself to make sure I’m balancing it all.

This week of pregnancy flew by and while I was over here worrying about not taking enough pictures this weekend I forgot I didn’t share this weeks pregnancy journey. Not a whole lot has changed but I like recapping the weeks, especially so I can look back. Plus these pregnancy posts have popped up in the top 5 for the month so I will keep them coming.


How Pregnant Am I:

21 weeks 4 days

How Big is Baby:

Baby is the size of a bottle of sriracha.

Measuring at about 10.5 inches. Almost a foot tall! Baby still has plenty of room to do a double tuck flip but I feel like I feel every jab when she does. According to Ovia baby is the size of bok choy and according to Bump baby is the size of an endive.

Weight Situation:

As of Monday I weighed the same, keeping my pregnancy weight at bay. However at Rylee’s appointment this morning we had to weigh her with me then without me and I was 4lbs heavier. My mom came with me and she tried to tell me it was my rain boots, bless her heart. But I think it’s actually all the junk I’ve been eating due to Easter. I can’t stay away from the chocolate.

Body Changes:

I think I found my first stretch mark today trying on clothes. This is whole new territory for me. I didn’t get a single one with Rylee. I do feel like my belly skin has stretched a lot more even though I still have a ways to go. I bought some body butter but I don’t like it. I will keep using it though until I find a replacement.


This last week I was on top of it until the weekend hit. I stayed pretty busy but didn’t get actual workouts in. Plus with all the less than stellar meals this weekend (see below) I felt really sluggish yesterday. I did get 5 workouts in so I don’t have too much to complain about. I am working on putting together a post for later this week that is all about how exercise has been thus far.

What I’ve Been Eating:

Let’s talk the less than stellar meals. Don’t get me wrong they were delicious, but in the comfort only eat once a week type of meal. Thursday night we went to Rudy’s and I got grilled shrimp and soup. Not too bad considering what my other options could’ve been.

Friday we had BBQ food which was so good, plus I ate appropriate portions (so that’s not really what I’m talking about). It’s the M&M’s I grabbed every time I walked by the tray (read, no self control) and the 1.5 cupcakes I ate. Saturday night we went to a hockey game and I ate some pulled pork nachos and buffalo chicken wrap.

Both were so good but fried so I felt really heavy. This week my food is getting back on track because right now I just feel overfull and heavy.

Any Movement:

Back flips, front flips, side flips. I am feeling all the flips. I notice the most movement right before I go to bed and then right after I eat.


I am feeling happy, nothing too crazy to report over here.

Buying for Baby:

Okay, I am still proud of myself because I have not gone hog wild buying for baby girl. I think it helps that I have a garage full of clothes that I can shop later. I did break down and get this adorable sleeper.

I wish I could find one for Rylee that matches and says Big Sister. I am going to try really hard to not splurge until at least June ; ).

Looking Ahead:

A quiet week. MMR’s birthday is Thursday so we will maybe get to do something fun, he works both jobs Thursdays so we may need to make it an early birthday tomorrow or save it for this weekend.

Highlight of the Week:

So last week’s highlight was definitely the party and just having a fun filled week/weekend.

This post was suppose to publish last night, but since I decided to do other things, here it is today. I always feel silly talking about the weekend when it’s already Tuesday so I will switch it up and just share some snapshots from the weekend.

Saturday night we went to a hockey game. It was one of the playoff games and our team lost. Bummer. We had tickets to a suite so it was pretty cool to live the high life for a night.

Sunday we went for ice cream. I see a tradition coming along. Cookies n cream ice cream is probably my number one craving. I keep it in check by limiting how many scoops I eat but it’s the number one food item I drool over the entire way to Baskin Robbins.

Yesterday we went on the hunt for some rain gear since it’s been really really rainy here. The joys of working outside all the time. We fell short with the rain gear but MMR and Rylee found cute hats.

After the rain gear shopping I ran to Target with my sister-in-law. I am 100% sure that they keep Target open until 11:00 PM so Mom’s can shop uninterrupted after the kids go to bed. Patting myself on the back over here…I left spending less than $20.00. That never happens.


My Week in Pictures and Go Celebrate the Weekend

Happy Friday! Okay I promise besides tomorrow this is the last time you will hear about the Reveal BBQ. I am busy getting ready for that so I thought I would do a quick phone dump of what else I’ve been up to. I must warn you, it’s not too much.

Monday night after MMR got off work we took a drive up to the lake to see how much water was flowing. Most of the main river in Boise is flooding and will keep flooding until who knows when. It was so nice to get outdoors and some fresh air. The views were spectacular and the temps were perfect. Rylee had a blast throwing stones in the water and she even got her feet a little wet.

Rylee is quite handy. She helped Grandpa Turner work on the deck so it’s in tip top shape for tonight. MMR and I are pretty convinced she is going to be an engineer she loves fixing things.

On top of being an engineer she is going to like loud music. Girlfriend would not stop turning up the stereo. She is obsessed with that new Flo Rida song about cake. Rylee will sing cake, cake, cake at the top of her lungs. Yesterday we also caved and took her to her favorite activity. The park. We got our workout on (you can read about it here) and then played for a little while.

Okay, fine, I played a little bit too.


We worked up an apetite and got pizza. I can and will never turn down pizza. It actually turned into me trying to eat pizza with one hand. I had a clingy McGee with me last night.

Last night we went to Rudy’s for dinner and I got some shrimp and soup. I got mushroom bisque, has anyone else tried this?! It was amazing. Then we went to the grocery store for cupcake supplies. Where Rylee proceeded to throw her tantrum the entire time we were in the store. Yes I am that parent that ignores it no matter how many dirty looks you give me. I have shopping to do too.

Speaking of tantrums. Just five minutes ago while I was getting dressed I watched this snapchat segment on toddler tantrums. How to help them/stop them/cope with them. I’m actually looking forward to Rylee’s next one, that’s how helpful it was. There are so many different approaches to stopping them, but guess what, they aren’t going to stop. So dealing to cope with them better helps everyone not just your toddler.

This weekend it’s going to be beautiful so you can find me outside tonight, duh BBQ, and tomorrow and Sunday. Have a fantastic start to your weekend!