Embracing the New Season

Happy Fall Ya’ll! We are still trying to find our groove over here. Some days I have it together and other days Hot Mess Mama is my anthem. I’m trying to ease back into blogging more than once a month over here (I think I’ve only posted once in September). Next week we are heading to Montana to celebrate my sister-in-law and her baby girl!! We leave on Wednesday, wish us luck on our first road trip with two kids!

Since it is the first day of fall I wanted to share one of the new tops I got from Gray Anchor Apparel. I usually wait until it’s officially fall or October to start drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes but this year I couldn’t help myself. They are just so good. So you better believe as soon as they were available it’s my order of choice.

Edited to add…this might’ve been my last coffee. Hayley has been really fussy this whole week so I’m going to try cutting coffee. I’ll have more about that in my postpartum update Saturday.

Rylee has graduated to all the big kid things it seems like. She spent more time on the big kid swings than the baby swings. We were able to squeeze in some park trips before the weather turned. Its been pretty chilly and stormy this whole week.

I returned to some more intense workouts this week. I love working out at home with the kids. The other day I was talking to my mom about getting a gym membership where she goes and I just couldn’t do it. Nothing can beat 30 minutes at home, at least not this hot mess. Plus I love my post workout shenanigans.

MMR gets the award for the best photo-bomber. I wanted to take a picture of how my Lipsense looked after 8 hours of wear. Seriously guys this stuff is amazing. I told MMR he should’ve been a model too and he about passed out from laughing so hard.

PPS – it came out blury because I was laughing pretty hard.

Impromptu baby spam…Second child syndrome, this is the only photo I have of just Hayley. We have just been so busy and rushed lately. This was a good reminder to slow down, way down.

Speaking of slowing way down. One thing I am going to work on over the next week is, being on time. Twice this week we have been extremely late despite how early I started getting everyone ready. Anything that could go wrong did go wrong. We were 15 minutes late to Rylee’s 30 minute dance class. Epic face palm.

This picture was taken after her very first dance class. We were not happy campers when we left this Tuesday. But you know what does make Rylee happy…Mowing with Daddy:

Playing school:

Cuddling baby Hayley:

Taking pictures on Mommy’s phone: I easily have 100ish pictures like this. Is it weird that I don’t want to delete them because they are Rylee’s masterpieces?

Last tangent/update for you…I need your help…I am having that itch to cut my hair. I’m pretty sure this is a postpartum thing. The last time I did anything drastic was right after I had Rylee. I chopped 10 inches off. So my question is, to cut or not to cut?! I’m thinking this length:

Isn’t little Rylee so adorable? I still pinch myself that I have two little girls.

Tell me something random about your day!

Weekend plans…

Getting our life in order. For real.

How excited are you that it’s fall?!

To Make Change You Need To See It And Want It

Happy Monday afternoon friends! I hope today has been easy on you…Hayley had me up more than usual last night so bring on all the coffee. Like, all the coffee. Today has been jam packed, well at least until nap time. Which during I sat down with the iPad and catching up on the Outlander season premier from last night. I am so excited it is finally back!

First order of business is…..getting my dance on! I am going to ease back into exercise starting today. There is a lower impact dance workout series on Beachbody on Demand, YouV2. I did Day one and it felt so good to get my legs moving. Plus there are some spots to freestyle so it’s pretty much the funnest (yeah that’s not a word but most fun didn’t sound right) workout ever.

So far (I literally just finished 10 minutes ago) I feel great. No aches and pains and I’m not hemorrhaging which is a bonus. One thing though, I forgot what it feels like to workout while nursing. Hayely was sleeping before hand so I didn’t feed her then. NOW on the other hand I am waking her up stat. She needs to help a sister out. Tomorrow is the same dance video as today so let’s hope I feel just as great then.

Since I am starting to get back into things, I took the “dreaded” before photos yesterday morning. This is something I didn’t do last time but am so excited for. I am a visual person so seeing the change before my eyes is one of my biggest motivators.

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday mapping out every. single. thing. I’m going to eat this week. That is a little hard for me to do. I will never “diet” or restrict myself on eating what I want. Writing meals down did make me feel a little trapped but I didn’t know how else to wrap my head around getting all the servings I need. I made sure to put foods down that I actually like to eat so I’m not forcing myself to eat things I hate. No one wants to do that and it can lead to failure.

Today I am proud to say I only veered off the plan one time…a chocolate chip cookie while I was waiting for my fish to cook. I will defend my actions. The cookies are homemade and have flax seed in them so it wasn’t a total wash. Okay, another moment of weakness…Pumpkin muffins from Costco. I couldn’t say no. They are only around from now until Christmas, enough said. I have not eaten one yet and if I do…this whole meal plan thing is a work in progress right?

In all seriousness though, treats are fine in moderation. I will defend that forever. I want this new season of life to be successful. Seeing the progress I’ve made throughout my pregnancy has lit the fire within to keep going. Looking at my before photos I don’t see sadness or desperation to get back to where I once was. I see strength and achievement. All the feels I need to dive head first into my postpartum journey. My goal for all my mamas reading this…heck all my ladies reading this, look in the mirror and find your strength and achievement!

Two Week Postpartum Check-In & Some Life Updates

HI FRIENDS! Clearly I’m excited to be back writing. I’ve missed it a little bit. I’m starting a new series here. My pregnancy posts were some of my most popular posts in the last few months. So I’m going to continue on with my postpartum updates. I won’t do it for an entire 40 weeks, that’s a long time. But for now I’m thinking at least three months. Then we’ll go from there and maybe do every other week? Sound good? Sounds good : ). Diving right in…

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Welcome to World Hayley Anne

We have been home for a few days now soaking in newborn snuggles and sibling cuteness. It’s been really quiet and low-key which is just what the doctor ordered. I opted for an induction on the 24th. Hayley came a lot faster than I thought she would. I’m working on my birth story and will have it up in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime…enjoy some pictures of our first few days home!

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Dear Rylee, You Will Be An Amazing Big Sister

Well my friends…it’s Baby time! At least we hope. If it is baby time then things might get quiet on here for a little while. Follow me on Instagram in the meantime. I’ll be sure to share our daily life. Instastories are my jam. I saved this letter for when I did go into the hospital it’s just a little something that I wanted to share about Rylee.

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