Celebrating Dad’s Day

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day and we had a blast. MMR and I are not really into gift giving (well usually Christmas and Birthday’s but that’s it) so I had him decide what he wanted to do and we would all tag along. We are way more into creating adventures. MMR woke up at the bright hour to go fishing with some friends. Fishing is also his jam. After he got back we went to breakfast at Le Peep, which is my Dad’s jam ; ). We are regulars there and the food is so good.


After breakfast MMR and Rylee took their nap together. It’s so cute that they both enjoy snuggles. Plus it gave me a minute to indulge on Pinterest without feeling guilty and uninterrupted. When everyone got up we headed over to MMR’s parents to celebrate with them!

hanging at grandmas

Rylee played so hard and I supervised so hard her and I both crashed in the spare bedroom at 6:00! Afterwards we needed some fresh air so we went to the park. MMR’s last stop before calling it a night was the huge park next to my parents house so he could fly an airplane. Everyone at the park was impressed by his skills.

flying airplanes

Rylee is still a little scared of them, so she spent a lot of times clinging and hanging in my arms. I am not opposed to this at all ; ).

Rylee and IWhen the batteries died we took Rylee over to swing. Lately she has not wanted to swing and just climb and slide but yesterday she was all about it.

Rylee Swing 1

Rylee swing 2

I feel so blessed that Rylee and I have MMR in our life. Trust me there are days I feel my life is far from perfect, actually most days are very far from perfect, but yesterday was an amazing day and I am glad I got to spend it with MMR.

MMR and I