Workout Wednesday: Sharing Body Positivity

This morning when I was watching some Instastories I saw watched one where a fellow blogger talked about body positivity with her kids. The subject is something I’ve thought about often especially now that Rylee is getting older. I catch her looking in the mirror at herself like I do, mimicking me in workouts. Just mimicking me in life in general. This morning I took Rylee to breakfast and she knew to put sugar and milk in my coffee and then wanted to stir it.

Raising kids in today’s world is not easy. There are so many obstacles coming at us its hard to feel like you aren’t defeated at every turn. I know my oldest daughter is only two, and my youngest is yet to be born but on days like today when the topic is fresh in my mind it’s hard not to think about the future and how to handle teaching body positivity. I often catch myself looking in the mirror, poking at places, plucking a tee shirts, or moving my legs to make them look better.

As soon as I turn around two little eyes are staring at me. The things Rylee picks up on are small and insignificant right now. When she sees me doing this though, what is she thinking in her little mind? I try really hard to stay positive all the time about how I look but I am human and definitely not perfect. I’m not anywhere close to perfect. So how do I try to be perfect? I don’t.

Whenever I catch Rylee looking at me I always turn around and let the negative thoughts float away. I also try to spin it by pretending I was looking at my “pretty shirt” or “pretty legs”. We then get to talking about her pretty dress, or outfit or arms, or legs. Now I know I won’t get away with that forever but in the meantime it works. Now how to tackle the future?

Stress the importance that your children are beautiful no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. Surround your children with people who think and feel the same way. Growing up and spending time with like minded people make it so much easier to feel all the positive vibes. I always want to keep it real with my daughters. There are going to be times where no matter how many times you repeat “I am beautiful” and you just don’t feel it. I am going to make sure that they know that’s okay too. As long as it’s not coming from an extremely negative space (constant bullying, low self-esteem etc). We all have down days. It’s all about how we pick ourselves back up that matters.

So Rylee, i want you to know that you are beautiful no matter what. People may try and tear you down but don’t let that stop you. You are smart and funny and just wonderful. I know your only two but telling you those things will never get old!

Body positivity is not limited to just children. I want you to know that you are beautiful regardless of how you think you should look. The comparison game is real and something that a lot of people struggle with every day. It’s important to remember you are you and that you is amazing. Now with all this body positivity talk I need to get my booty off the couch and get my workout in. I’m going to try and squeeze in two workouts, one strength and one cardio. Let’s hope my attention span lasts an hour, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a whole hour!

Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

It took me the longest time to decide how I wanted baby girl’s nursery to pan out. I would change my mind every day and felt like I had zero direction. With Rylee it came so easy. She was my woodland baby. Once I knew it was a girl, boom everything fell into place. I found out this baby was a girl and it was struggle city. I found myself liking the exact same things I loved when Rylee was a baby.

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Camping Was Awesome and I Survived

I did it! I survived camping! MMR managed to get the day off Friday so we were able to get going earlier. We finally got on the road around 12:30 and I thought MMR was going to kill me. I pee’d before we loaded the car, after we loaded the car, at my parents (we stopped to drop off the dog), and then at the gas station outside of town. I managed to make it 90 minutes from the last time I went, but we still had to stop one more time before we made it to the campground.

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Road Trip Snacks, The Highlight of Rylee’s Week & A BONUS

Well we made it to Friday! This week felt like the longest week, but didn’t at the same time. We are leaving in a few short hours to head to the Turner Camp Trip. MMR managed to get the day off so we don’t have to wait until this afternoon. That also means I ran around the house like a crazy person for 5 hours straight. I managed to get my to-do list mostly done. The most important thing was cleaning up the house. There is nothing I hate more than coming home to a house that looks like a bomb went off.

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