Tuesday Randomness – a Workout and Other Tangents

So I have a few tangents for you today. So let’s start with my workout. I needed to take some photos for my post yesterday since some of them didn’t come out the day before. So what better way then to have a photo shoot at the gym while I am working out. I was really sore from Sunday’s workout so I did 45 minutes between the spin bike, rowing machine, and elliptical.

17 minutes on the spin bike: I have been listening to dance cardio radio on Pandora so I spun for 5 songs and my workout looked like this…

  • Song 1 – Where have you been – Rhianna (Calvin Harris Extended Remix) Warm-up – kept tension completely off
  • Song 2 – Turn me on – David Guetta – Turned tension up from the warm-up, then every 30 seconds added a quarter turn. By the end I felt like I was barely moving my legs at all.
  • Song 3 – Mr Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan – Brought the tension to a 4 during the verse of the song, then turned the tension down for chorus sprints.
  • Song 4 – Only girl in the world – Rhianna – Active recovery. Kept the tension at a 3 for the whole song.
  • Song 5 – We run the night – Havana Brown – Cool down, moved the tension down each minute until there was no tension and the song was done.


15 minutes on the rowing machine – 2000 meters was so hard. I literally thought my arms were going to fall off. Good thing MMR called me on his lunch so I could take a 5 minute break. I better have the most ripped arms after all this rowing I have been doing.


I was a hot sweaty mess after this part of the workout so I was looking forward to a cool down on the elliptical. I did 10 minutes and it actually went by fast. But more than that I probably would’ve been bored I forgot my iPad at home.

IMG_2511PS pink on pink is the best way to go.

Before I went to the gym Rylee and I had a quiet morning. She hasn’t been feeling well or sleeping well so her waking up happy this morning made me very happy.


At the gym I successfully backed into a parking space. I never do that. I would rather walk a million miles and park regular, but for some reason I was feeling like a rebel.


Speaking of being a rebel, Rylee and I went to get the oil changed so the car is ready for our road trip this weekend. I have never ever done this by myself.



Have you ever had one of these? They are so good. I have only had a lemon Larabar but this one is 100x’s better.


Good thing I bought and hid a whole box.

What is a food that you have hidden/never shared because it is so good??

Parking, what do you avoid?

Surprisingly I do not avoid parallel parking. I actually think I’m kind of good at it.

Any fun Memorial Day plans??

We are going to see my brother and my future sister in law in Montana!!! : )