Weekend Fun

So this was the second weekend in a row that Ryan and I stayed home. I actually like being home, it’s nice not having to drive 2pi54590495 miles in 48 hours. But not going to lie I kinda miss going home.

Friday night Ryan and I were so lively, we went to dinner at the Ale House – the first time we have gone out to dinner in Moscow. I got a Huck n Honey ale which was actually pretty good. I kept holding my glass like this ….

I guess subconsciously I really liked it. I had the Southwestern Burger (no picture sorry :( ). It is probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Ryan got the California burger which was just as good as mine, I would’ve gotten it if I wasn’t in the mood for something spicy.

On Saturday I was pretty lazy. Ideally. I wanted to find the most epic place to go shopping around here, but I stayed in bed until 11:00. I did go to a pretty cool consignment shop in downtown Moscow. It was really really busy, definitely some place I would like to go not on a Saturday afternoon. I almost bought a pair of maroon boots, the only thing stopping me was the fact that my stupid calves wouldn’t fit.

Ryan and I went out to eat again :( sorry, we really don’t know how to save money…but we got Mongolian BBQ which is always a nice treat to have. Both nights we watched Sons of Anarchy again, and finished Season 3. Netflix really needs to add the next season!!

Well I am off to finish cooking my Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies courtesy of Betty Crocker, and Spaghetti.

Happy Sunday!

Hungry Hungry Human

Sometimes I wish I could have someone cook and then spoon feed me, in the non-creepy way of course.
I’m in between cooking a delicious dinner for myself because…I got ditched…for horseback riding. It’s okay though, I would ditch Ryan for horseback riding; if I only it didn’t frighten me a little bit. The menu for tonight is some baked tilapia with chalua garlic hot sauce and mesquite seasoning on top of some spinach with bacon bits, cheese (lots of it) and sunflower seeds. Yum, Yum, Yum……..

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