Official Chef Status

Happy Tuesday Friends!

So we had a busy busy weekend hanging out with our friends at the cabin in Donnelly. I love spending time there, it’s so peaceful and beautiful. This weekend was the winter carnival in McCall, which is always a blast. We walked around and looked at the sculptures. Sorry friends, I didn’t take any pictures, I really need to work on documenting things : )


Last night I cooked the most amazing meal. Yes, I am bragging, but if you know me personally, this is a HUGE accomplishment. I once butchered easy mac in the microwave. Cooking=Ally use to be a huge oxymoron!!!!

This week I am trying to make our meals from Pinterest, I know novel idea that NO ONE does ; ) The other night I was browsing and the food&drink section had SOOOO many options!

For Dinner last night I made this. It was really easy, and relatively inexpensive. I even went as far as cooking the hamburger myself! Ryan was impressed. Here is what the end result looked like:

Don’t worry I will work on presentation. I’m a rookie remember.
One of my “Resolutions” for this year was to learn to bake without using the box. So last night I was feeling pretty ambitious and decided to make these. Let me start off by saying this recipe was also really easy. I had to buy a few key ingredients that we didn’t have on hand, vanilla, flour, and baking powder. There were really yummy!!! They were made with Greek yogurt, which I do not like at all, but since it’s healthy I wanted to be apart of the “cool club”.  I also had to buy frozen blue berries instead of fresh, we were all out of them up north here ; ). Here’s what mine looked like:
Cooking night 1 was a success, tonight’s menu is leftovers, which means I am adding this to my list of leftovers I can tolerate.


Well hello there! This weekend Ryan and I and our friends Jess and Tyler came up to The Cabin. I was informed this morning that this in fact was kick off weekend for the McCall Winter Carnival.

The drive up was wet and rainy but for the most part the roads were clear. Tomorrow we are going to the parade and look at all the pretty ice sculptures.

Hope you have a great weekend!

You Can’t Handle The Truth

Name that movie….GO….

That title has nothing to do with this post, it’s just on in the background as I write this.

As requested, here’s the bedroom project so far:

Before. Yes, I made the bed special for this picture. Ryan was impressed. He also said I should keep blogging so the house can stay clean.

This is my during picture. Yes I notice my lamp shade is crooked.
Here is the inspiration post. I decided to do it a little differently. Since I was having trouble finding a black decorative mirror Ryan had the idea to buy a black door mirror (this one) and hang it horizontally on the bottom. We don’t have a Target here, or in Lewiston so I am going to have to order it online. I need to see what it will look like before I make the final decisions on a canvas.
This is a super easy-DIY project, however my resources, both selection and finances are a little tight, so I did what I could.
Let’s talk Goals.
Today was my mid-week run, 3 miles, my head wasn’t into it today.  I have been watching The Lying Game on Netflix during my runs, but today, my headphones kept falling out, the gym was too warm, and I just could not get my head into it. Towards the end of my run, and I mean at mile 2.2 I asked myself, why am I even doing this? I have until April to run 13.1 miles. Well then I started to remember my goals for this race in April:
1.) Finish my 13.1 miles.
Just finish. I have only run 5k races, this will be the longest distance to date.
2.) Stick to the training plan that works with my body.
I have put together training plans, and then just fallen through, made excuses and straight given up.
3.) Not compare myself to others in the running world. It’s so easy to get caught up in what the runner next to you is doing, or reading about phenominal times. Someday I will get there, but right now, I am OK with my 11:59/mile pace!
Get out there and get busy meeting your goals!

Throw Back Thursday

Wow, it’s Thursday already?! You can also find these pictures on my Instagram (allysonmarie). So today’s installment:

Back in 2011 my Dad called me and said, how would you feel about skydiving, your brother really wants to do it. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but heck why not! Me thinking this was just a question in generally, like do you like to sleep? I went back to what I was doing. Later that afternoon my dad calls me back and said that we had an appointment Saturday to go Skydiving, wait wha?! Sure enough, Ryan, Stephen and I free fell from an airplane, and it was awesome.

This is my first and only tattoo – see all that blood by my ankle?! Yeah it hurt a little bit, I asked the artist to stop twice, both times because I had to pee, well at least that’s what I tell myself to sound tough. Actually in all seriousness it didn’t hurt as bad as I had hyped it up to be. The other day Timmy scratched me and it reminded me of how this felt, I think I might wait a little bit longer before I get my next one.

Ryan and I mean muggin’. End of story.