How to be Better

It’s only Tuesday, but so far I’m sticking to my goals, that’s the first…
Remember when I admitted to being a bad housewife – well here is me being a good housewife…

photo 1 

Last night I finally made a successful  dinner at a decent hour. I found this crock pot recipe via Pinterest, stuffed chicken with feta and bacon. It was delicious, MMR even gave it two thumbs up.
I have also been diligent this week with my workouts. I have to squeeze them in since it’s race time in T-11 days. Yesterday I actually did some cross training and I’m not talking 20 minutes weight class, I mean really cross training. My workout looked like this:

  • 30 minutes cardio – elliptical hill climb 
  • 30 minutes weights – I used my Nike Trainer app and did these crazy hard (crazy hard because I have noodle arms) exercises.
0917 (2)

0917 (3)
Here’s my gym OOTD : ) I do my cross training in my old Mizuno running shoes. I didn’t put very miles in them, I switched to a lighter shoe and couldn’t let these go to waste.

Today I did my speed work:

  • 5 Minute warm up
  • Mile 1 9:58
  • Mile 2 9:49
  • Mile 3 9:30
  • Mile 4 8:43 – sprints – :20 fast, 2:00 recover
  • 5 minute cool down

I also did a quick 15 minutes of strength training to shake out my arms they were a little sore today. My running times, have never happened ever, ever. I am SLOW, but today I pushed it to the limit. I have some big running plans and goals in the next couple months, which focus on running times like this.

photo 2
I’m working on the self thumbs up selfie for you guys.

As I was leaving I noticed that my gym is giving everything away – free month’s, free tanning, clothes, babies, you know raffle prizes; one of the contests is a football pick each week. You write down your picks and the person who has the most right wins some prizes. I did it the first week and did really well up until Sunday night, then it seamed everyone I picked started loosing. Hopefully this week I have better luck.

927 (1)


Now I’m off to clean up and go to bed. I have to get up early and do some reading from the 16th century. Here’s reason 83439 I love Idaho:

0917 (1)

Sunday Funday

So each day I try and read something about making my blog better/bigger/awesome. It all leads to a couple things; I have to work on, buying a domain name/space, creating enjoyable content, begging my friends to read my posts over and over again. But, I’m also trying to learn how to do the design stuff myself, which is what I am struggling with. I guess that’s the stubbornness in me, I could go pay someone a little bit of money to do it for me, but I also could learn how to do it myself so I can add another set of skills to my weaponry.  Today my step forward, or maybe step straight across? I’m using Windows Live Writer. So far it’s pretty cool, as I type I see it as it would appear on my blog, font and all…Baby steps people. But just in case, there is someone who reads this and wants to help out, message me, or leave me a comment and we can work together : )
I slept in, and it felt nice. Remember when I told you guys I was going to start getting up earlier so I can join the exercise in the morning club, and the be a better wife club. Friday and Saturday I woke up when my alarm, across the room, went off at 6:19 (I like waking up at random times). This morning not so much, MMR got up and left at 4:30 to go be a woodsman, and I turned off my alarm and went back to bed, and didn’t get up again until 8:00, which is when my biological clock wakes me up.The only thing I found interesting on TV to watch was golf. Who am I?! Oh yeah, I feel like all the golfers are my BFF’s because I got to see them in person.
Today’s weather is going to be another scorcher, sunny and 90 degrees, there is allegedly a thunderstorm coming tonight but I don’t believe it. Because it was so hot out, I decided it was a really, really good idea to head out for my last long run before my race. When I started my run it was only about 77, when I ended my run it was already 86. Kill me, actually I’m pretty sure it did kill me. I picked this path which heads east, I normally take the path that heads west, there was no shade, at all, I even got a Fall sunburn. Oh wait, in order for it to be fall, it needs to be a little cooler.

915 (5)

I went 8 miles, which was a little shorter than what I had planned for, I was looking for at least 10. But the heat was making me sick, literally. I may or may not have yacked. So I called MMR to come and pick me up. My run was hard, hot, rolling hills, did I mention hard? Total:8 miles 89 minutes. When I got home I stretched, took an ice bath, and then used my fave compression socks.

915 (1)

There’s no shame here. I had Ryan take a picture of me to show I am brave and can handle a 15 minute ice bath. I think I was over heating on my run, hence why I got sick. So this ice bath actually felt pretty good, let’s re-visit how brave I am in January when I am sitting in the snow in shorts, or back in my tub with my swim suite.

The rest of the day we kept it low key. Studied…


MMR is working on his OChem packet. My head hurts just typing that.

I kept my outfit classy grocery shopping. Compression socks are a totally fine accessory to go out in public with.

915 (6)

I have been craving fish, like seriously needing some seafood. So tonight we had some tilapia with some random spices in my cupboard, baked in the oven with noodles, rice and a salad. Yes I love starches and carbs more than I like my fruits and veggies, but I guess that’s why I run. For desert we had these really good cookies I baked yesterday afternoon. The recipe will be later this week…

915 (3)

915 (2)

What’s Up

I have been trying to have meaningful posts ready to go on the days I have school twice a day. Those are the days I end up working late, having to work out, pick up the house etc. I wish I lived the boring life of sitting around; But instead I live the boring life of working and studying and did I mention be boring? I have a few posts for next week in the works, so for now, you get this:

Wendy’s happened on Monday night. The baked potatoe was not all that happened, the pretzel burger thingy is also delicious, but I will admit I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture. I will also admit, that at about 2:30am my intestines hated me.

Here’s what I slave away at and get paid to do…

It would be a pretty sweet life to burn things for a living, but that’s not what I do. I just work with the banks and the housing market.

Yummy chicken parm – chef status. This is actually one of the only meals I cooked this week. Don’t wory though I have a game plan to be a better housewife.

One of the few workouts I hit this week. Surprisingly my headband is the only thing on me from Lululemon. My shirt is a running Nike top from many many years ago. Shorts are Athleta from many many years ago also. It’s time to do some major workout wear laundry so I’m even surprised I match.

My wedding ring finally fits, my hand is back to normal human hand size. My knuckle is still a little swollen, but I’ll take it compared to the other. Oh and see my nails. I did them myself. It’s my attempt of being fancy for free.

Ryan and I went to Applebee’s the other night down in Lewiston with Tyler and Jess. I for once got something that wasn’t pasta or a sandwich. I got the Margarita Chicken and Shrimp. I was good, I ate all of it. We also indulged in desert.

Chocolate cake is never bad.

I just had to document the unseasonably warm weather we are having – I decided to go for my run in the evening thinking it would be cooler – well that was a fail. I also met an interesting stranger…

This stranger no joke threw the lemon at me. Because I lack quick reflexes I didn’t catch it and he told me to enjoy it in my water it would help me run faster, and to learn how to catch. I think it was a perfectly fine lemon, but I threw it away just to be safe.

Now it is finally the weekend and I can be like a normal human being! We have an afternoon full of fun activities planned, which I will of course fill you in on tomorrow evening.