A Weeks Worth of Running

This is the first time is a long time that I completed all my workouts. Usually life gets in the way, or I get tired. Not this week. I have a fire lit under me and it ain’t going to stop!

I have a couple of races in mind for May. Which one is dependent on our situation come the end of the semester. So I have found a training plan that is all done based on time. I really like this approach because I am way slower so to run 5 miles may take longer than an hour. I also have noticed that I tend to push myself because I know where I want to be on race day so I try and keep that in the back of my mind during my workouts.

Monday: 30 minutes easy

Monday easy run

I actually woke up and ran on the treadmill. Mondays are crazy town with MMR at school, then work the he has his bow league then I work. If I don’t get us and go in the morning it wasn’t going to happen at all. The run was good and it felt awesome to get up and get it done. Great way to start the week.

Tuesday: 40 minute tempo run

Another treadmill run that looked like this:

  • 15 minute warm up 11:30 pace
  • 2 minutes on – half marathon pace – 9:06 (I have big goals for this one)
  • 1 minute recovery – 11:00 pace
  • Repeat 4 times
  • 14 minute cool down 11:30 pace

This run was hard. I am trying to stick to the treadmill because I am awful at pacing myself on the streets. I always look at my watch because I haven’t figured out the “feel” yet. Then my form is off and its just a disaster. I actually really like doing tempo runs on the treadmill because it breaks it up. I could feel this work out in my calves and my hips so I did some foam rolling in the evening. I think that helped quite a bit because I was not as sore as I was expecting.

Wednesday & Thursday: OFF

I switched things up a bit. Wednesdays are just crazy town over here. MMR has school, I have a work meeting and then he heads off to lab until 5:30. That hour is just too late for me to go to the gym. I am usually balls deep in dinner and don’t want to stop to go workout.

Thursday I just plain old wanted a rest day.

Friday: 45 minutes with the stroller.

rylee and ally running

It was finally sunny and somewhat warm so I was able to go for a run with Rylee. I started out on one side of campus, our green belt sort of path runs right through campus, and made it just to the other side before I turned around. I told myself we will do the 30 minute easy run and I would try to do my 60 minute long run Saturday. BUT on the flip side I told myself if she was doing well I would try and do my long run with her. I made it 15 minutes, checked on Rylee, went to continue on because I thought she was doing well and cue meltdown. So I decided to turn around and just stick with the 30 minutes. Maybe about 5 minutes from the car she calmed down so I decided to split the two days and do 45 minutes and 45 minutes on Saturday.

Running with the stroller definitely makes you think about what your doing. I swear sometimes I look like I’m drunk maneuvering the thing. I’ve found that if I lock the front wheel I don’t go all over the sidewalk. I also for some reason run faster with an easier effort. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Saturday: 45 minutes with the stroller.

stroller run lewiston

MMR had his bow shoot yesterday so Rylee and I ran by the river down in Lewiston. It was so pretty and I just wanted to keep running and running and running. The path was really hilly so I definitely was a little sore after. It was so funny Rylee kept pulling off her socks and boots leaving a trail as we ran along. It was 55ish outside, I actually ditched my long sleeve top so and ran in just a tank in February.

Total minutes running this week: 160

Things I’m looking forward to this week:

  • I am doing my long run on Thursday – we are going out of town this weekend to the snow country so I am getting all my runs in before we leave. AKA every day starting tomorrow.
  • My tempo run on Tuesday is at goal 10K pace which will hopefully be somewhere in the 8:45ish range. Wish me luck!
  • The temps this week are going to be in the low to mid 50’s. That is perfect running weather so I see a couple stroller runs with Rylee. She just loves being outside so its a win win for both of us!

How to Set Goals With a Dose of Motivation

Oh Monday – the brightside of Monday’s are that it is the beginning of a whole new week.

This week is going to be another busy one, we both have a couple tests, and we are getting out of town this weekend.

Since time change on Sunday it now gets dark around 4:30. That is so early!! I honestly think this is the only complaint I have of living here. It makes the days seem so short, but then so long when it’s only 8:00 and it looks like the middle of the night.

This morning I felt very discouraged. I had a not so good run last night, and this morning my heel just really really ached.  I’m frustrated because I know I need to take it easier this week, but I just don’t really want to. I just felt defeated. I am terrible at running on the treadmill. I woke up this morning to almost 3 inches of snow (dramatic I know). I just started thinking ahead of how long winter is going to be and how hard and unfun running will become for me if I have to spend all 32 weeks of winter running on a treadmill. Enter in my goals for the week:

I picked these goals because always having a positive outlook on life/week/situation makes it easier. My running goal is staying on track because I think taking 4 out of my 5 runs this week on the pavement/gravel that I am use to should really help, including my long run. No more long runs on the treadmill. I also need need need to get all my laundry done. It is my least favorite chore and has been backed up for weeks now.

That is the only time this week I am going to get down on myself. Negative thinking can really derail you. On the positive side I am thankful for the seasons. This one is kinda cheesy so grab some chips, or a tissue. For me the seasons bring change, refreshment, and excitement. I am the type of person that loves subtle changes in short increments. Winter brings the Holiday’s (my first and second favorite), new activities – I love skiing – the end of the year. Each season has something to look forward too! Seeing as winter made it’s appearance I’m looking forward to what the season has to offer.

What are your goals for the week?!

Happy Saturday

Today was the first time I was able to go to the gym in so so so long, and by that I mean 3 months. I’ve just been doing home work outs and running outside. Money is a little tight right now – what else is new, so I decided to be an adult and sacrifice my gym membership. With that being said I have not been as dedicated with working out as I should be  or have been used to. But……. I am going to  get a spouse pass in January so I can work out with Ryan at the Rec center.

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