Running Wednesday – My First Run Back & It Didn’t Kill Me

So I survived my first run back in eightish months. I had to put it off until the evening. Which reminded me how much I really like running in the mornings. If I have all day to think about my run and how it will go I get anxious and try and talk myself out of it. Any other type of workout I can handle in the evening, running not so much.

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BeFitAllYear Campaign {Review & Giveaway CLOSED}

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador I was chosen to partake and review this campaign. I was given this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! It’s raining here again….no surprise.

So remember when I hinted here, and here  that I was doing a fun blogging project. Well here it is! I was chosen to partake in the #BeFitAllYear campaign which consisted of BeFit’s nutrition products along with their 30 Day Fat Burn workout program.

BeFit is a digital fitness brand and is the #1 fitness channel on Youtube. BeFit is all about transforming yourself naturally with their all natural, clean line of supplements. I was given their BeFit Whey Protein Powder, BeFit PRE and their BeFit Burn.


I received the BeFit Protein Powder in Chocolate which was new for me. I usually use vanilla protein powder so finding new recipes was pretty fun. My fave was chocolate-peanut butter-banana, and a close second was the one my SIL suggested, honey and cinnamon. I also used this protein powder as a meal replacement, usually lunch on busy days,  I made a batch of brownies and put it as a boost in my afternoon iced coffee.


BeFit’s Whey Protein Powder contains whey isolate and casein. The whey isolate is quickly absorbed helping you feel full faster all while the casein enables your bodies amino acids a longer window of time to help muscles recover. These two ingredients together provide the balance you need for effective training. Whey and casein while taken as apart of an exercise program supports greater decreases in body fat and an increase in lean muscle. (source)


The next supplement I had never tried before and ended up being my favorite out of the bunch; the BeFit Pre – Pre-workout energy and endurance booster.  All you need to do is mix 1 scoop of the powder with 8oz of water and boom, you have fruit punch deliciousness. When I would be doing a weight based workout or the videos with this campaign I would drink this 15 minutes before my workout. If I was going for a run then I would mix it and drink it along my run.



Not going to lie the only association I had with a pre-workout drink was with meat heads and heavy lifters at the gym. I never thought or saw it as something I would ever incorporate. After using this for 30 days I definitely see it as a workout staple. I found myself having more energy during my workouts. I also found myself motivated to complete harder workouts. I was able to push myself without feeling winded or dead.


Most days I am go-go-go chasing after Rylee and I would end up taking the PRE drink and then not get to work out within the 15 minutes. In those instances it acted as an energy drink minus the gitters and heart palpatations. I HATE energy drinks because they make me feel like I am on speed. I really really love that this drink doesn’t make me feel that way at all!

The staple ingredients in the BeFit PRE are elevATP and BetaPower Natural Betaine. ElevATP is an extract from peat water and apples that stimulates the production of ATP, your bodies energy source. Betaine is derived from sugar beets and helps to improve muscle endurance. (source)


The last product I was given to try was the BeFit Burn. This was the supplement I was the most nervous about. You often hear awful stories of women abusing fat burning pills to loose pounds quickly. I also have a confession to make. This is the product I used the least. You are to take two pills 10 minutes before your biggest meal of the day. You can take up to 4 pills a day.


I would say I used the pills 3-4 times a week, and it was not within the 10 minute window before eating. I am the one who cooks dinner and Rylee is usually fresh from a nap when it comes time to start the dinner process. I usually rembered as I was serving up dishes to pop two of the pills. So instead of giving it 10 minutes I gave it 5. The days that I did take it I noticed that I did feel full with the portions I had given myself. I also didn’t need that bedtime snack because I still felt full. The only downside is that I woke up starving. Like HANGRY starving. When taking this I did not feel jittery or anxious at all which is another huge bonus!

BeFit Burn is a dual action weight loss support supplement that helps your body produce thermogenesis which helps metabolize/burn fat. BeFit Burn also supports health blood sugar levels which is important for managing cravings. (source)

Now onto the workout portion…my favorite! In addition to the supplements above I was given this workout calendar that is associated with their Youtube chanel.

BeFit 30 Day CalendarThere are 10 different exercise videos that you repeat throughout the 30 days. The intro video explains what is to be expected throughout the series. I am obsessed with these videos.

Each workout is no more than 12 minutes. Most days I would double up each workout to get maximum results. In the beginning though one workout was enough. The 30 day fat burn workouts consisted of high intensity cardio moves mixed with strength training to get an amazing full body workout. I never thought I would love squat jumps and mountain climbers so much. This one is my absolute fave:

Going into this workout calendar I was very intimidated. It had been years since I had done any plyomertric work outside of the occasional box jump thrown into a workout. I loved how I saw the progression in myself throughout completing the calendar. I definitely am incorporating these workouts into my weekly rotation.

BeFit is giving away one bundle of these three supplements to one lucky reader! Give away ends March 9th at 9:00 PM PST. See entries below! Restrictions: U.S ONLY and ONE WINNER PER BE-FIT GIVEAWAY. If you have won this prize through another blog I will have to select another. I will post the winner in the morning March 10th here and on my instagram: @allysonmarie

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Today started the pace. Literally.

Today is finally here, and over for the most part. In just 10 short weeks I have my first race of the season. I am really excited and kind of nervous. I love running, working out and feeling good, but there’s just a little extra motivation when it comes to actually having a training plan. Since the most I have off between races is three weeks, I will be sticking with the same plan, just modifying it between races. I got it from my Runner’s World book I got for Christmas!

This week has 4 running days, 2 cross training days and one rest day. My long run is Sunday and depending how my body feels I may be swapping an easy run for some cross training or rest. I have told myself I need to be flexible as the training gets heavier; I will really need to listen to my body.

Today I created my own spin session. I took from different websites and my general knowledge from going to classes, set it to my own music and went for it. It was so hard, like really hard. I had sweat in my eyeballs by the third track. My legs were so tired when I got home I sat down, and literally almost fell over trying to stand up.


It was so nice to stay home this past weekend. On Saturday I went into crazy cleaning mode and re-organized our bedroom closet and cleaned the kitchen. I would’ve taken some really embarrassing before photos, but I didn’t remember until I had everything together. We are renters until we start bringing home some real bacon and closet space is limited. But now all my flats and work out sneaks have homes!

Sunday we went for a drive to get out of the fog and clouds. We saw the sun for about an hour and got a nice little mile hike in. We even got Dude to sit still for a few minutes to get his picture taken. He HATES getting his picture taken. It’s so funny, he will bark and charge the camera. We can get him to sit where we want to take his picture, but then when he sees the phone or camera come up, he loses it!

I love spending time at home, but our weekends in Boise our so much fun too. Here’s a look back at our weekend away in Boise:

Triple moon on our midnight drive.
Wine tasting at Koenig Vineyards
Visiting with my Grandparents. It was so much fun catching up and hanging out/
Every scale should look like this. Out shopping with my MIL.
Baked potatoe and chili bar and my MIL’s. It was so so good!