Oh Twodles – Rylee Rose is TWO

I still can’t believe I have a two year old. Okay, fine that is the last time I am going to say it. So much has changed in a year. I think this is such a fun age and the most challenging yet. These memories have been locked away for when the teenage years are even harder. I did just a quick look back and maybe I didn’t do a 12 month update?! If I did I didn’t categorize it which is a project in itself…

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Week 14 Pregnancy Update & All The Other Weeks Too

Happy Saturday! It has been a little bit crazy over here. I had every intention of starting weekly updates like I did with Rylee (you can find them under the Tiny Human Tab up top) starting after I announced but every time I even thought about updating my chalkboard I had something else I did instead.

I’m going to try my best to post an update every Saturday. There will be links to previous updates at the bottom of the page in case you missed one. I am also going to include a link to some of my workouts that I’ve been doing or at least some of my workout recaps under the exercise section.

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Rylee Rose 10 Month Update

Move over baby I have a toddler wannabe over here. She is starting to get the sass already. Yesterday I posted about our sleep regression, and last night gave me a glimmer of hope. We were up once at 3, but nothing a quick back rub couldn’t fix, and then up for the day at 6. I can definitely do 6!

Rylee 10 months

My sweet baby girl. I am full fledge preparing for your first birthday. Wait your what?! Yes…you will be celebrating 365 full days of life in 7 short weeks. This time last year I was 32 weeks pregnant and literally begging time to speed up because I was so ready to be done being pregnant and have you in my life.

32 weeks pregnant

Now you hear me daily saying to slow down time so I can get one more snuggle, or one more kiss (actually its more like a face lick but that’s okay) because soon enough you will be a teenager and want nothing to do with me whatsoever. Hopefully it takes until you are a teenager.

This past month we had another road trip home. We spent 6 wonderful weeks in Boise but it was time to come home. I think you are a little iffy about our small space but I’m convinced you’ll be adjusted soon.

In the last month…

Basketball is her fave sport to spectate. Except I think it’s more the cheerleaders. She even mimicked them with your faux pom poms.

go team go

We got Rylee her first riding toy. Except we left it in Boise for her “birthday”. It’s still a little big but she loved being pushed around and pushing the horn button.

Rylee ridealong

She hates the word no. I was looking out for her and thought it would be best to tilt the kettlebell down so she didn’t smash any fingers. CPS doesn’t need to come knockin’ on my door when I can’t explain why my 10 month old has crushed fingers.

kettlebell no

We tried to package Rylee up and ship her to the Grandma’s but USPS didn’t have insurance high enough so it looks like a hand delivery for Spring Break will have to do. She LOVED playing in the box. It’s so funny we spend so so much money on toys, but the simplest ones are what makes the girl happy.

baby in box

Bath time is a whole new play time. We got these cute animal toys for Christmas and you just love chewing and playing with them. Rylee isn’t afraid to explore or get her face wet which makes me so excited for summer and swimming.

rylee bath time

We survived our first day home all day without MMR. Spring semester when Rylee was born he was only able to work one day a week. After Rylee was born we had so many people here all the time I was never alone for a full day it seemed. This last fall semester they changed the requirements (he works through the university) and he needs to have 10+ hours available. So this semester he is able to work 2 half days and one full day.

mommy and me

Lastly, how does she look so big?! I just can’t get over how you look more and more like a tiny person and less and less like a baby.

my big girl

Some quick stats:

Height: 28 inches

Weight: 19.45 lbs

Head: 18.5 inches – girl is still in the 95th% – we’re going to fill her head with knowledge!

This month we have lots of adventures planned that MMR and I are just chomping at the bit to go and do!