I Left The House, Rylee the Photographer & My First Speed Session

This week has been a really good week. It started out with the best Monday in a really long time. I made it out of the house with both kids by myself. This was the first time and probably made me overconfident with how well it went. We went to the dollar store so I could get some things to organize my pantry and then made a pit stop at Ross.

I need to go back to the dollar store to get more supplies. I’m going to pop my head into Ross and see if they still have that mirror…if they do, it’s mine! At the dollar store I bought a bunch of those plastic organizing bins. I hate not being able to see all the food I have in there. Plus it was time to do some purging. We hadn’t done it since we moved in. Only pay attention to the middle shelf. The rest will be done this weekend.

While I was busy organizing the pantry Rylee decided to play photographer on my phone. Every day I open my photos and there are at least 20 from her I didn’t notice before. She loves taking pictures of herself. I’m teaching her how to take my picture so my Mom can retire ;). It’s a work in progress…

Haylee even hit a big milestone on Monday, she grabbed her first toy. She is awake so much now and loves these kinds of toys.

Yesterday morning I was lucky enough to go running. MMR had the day off so I put my shoes on and headed out the door. If I had to do this workout any later I would’ve been bummin’. It was so hard. The workout was 5×400’s with 400m recovery. Usually I would go to a track but we don’t live really close to one. We do have a street behind our house instead of more houses. It was the perfect distance I needed to run back and forth.

Trying to balance babies and running has been interesting so far. I feed Haylee right before I leave and then I need to feed her right when I get home. Early morning runs are looking more and more practical. I wouldn’t need to worry about a sitter, or have to go during nap times. Haylee usually feeds between 4:30 and 5:30 which is early but I might just have to get use to it. Think of all the productive things I could do when I get home….Like stretch and enjoy some hot chocolate. It was a little chilly out there.

Here’s to hoping waking up early worked out. If it didn’t looks like I might be heading over to my parents to fit it all in or waiting to run until after dinner.

Running Wednesday – My First Run Back & It Didn’t Kill Me

So I survived my first run back in eightish months. I had to put it off until the evening. Which reminded me how much I really like running in the mornings. If I have all day to think about my run and how it will go I get anxious and try and talk myself out of it. Any other type of workout I can handle in the evening, running not so much.

Taking that first step for me was the hardest part. The whole how hard is this going to be was looming over my head. Lucky for me my Pandora station played killer music. It was really easy to get going. A lot easier than I remember coming back from my injury.

I found a 3 mile loop around my parents house. There was no chance I was doing and back, those are for when my mental toughness is there. The first 1.5 miles felt great, then I started to get really tired. To be honest, my upper back hurt more than my legs or lungs. Holding myself upright was tough. To get me through the last half of my run I started thinking about all the things I run for…

Besides cake I will also run for carbs, hugs, beer, and cookies. On a serious note I run for the alone time. Doing all my workouts at home is amazing but getting out to sweat by myself is the ultimate refresh.

Here’s the plan stan…I have two goals for the next few years. Well actually to keep it real, I want to accomplish these two things before we have another baby. Yes I said it, we aren’t done having kids, but we aren’t having anymore right now. Can you believe people have asked me when and if I’m having another one?! Back to running…

Goal ONE – run a sub two hour half marathon. This has been on my radar since I started this blog and I was on track before I got injured. I’m not going to do it right out of the bag but by this time next year I’m hoping to have a sweet new PR.

Goal TWO – run a marathon. I’m thinking once I complete goal one then I will completely focus on this. I signed up to run a marathon seven months after having Rylee. I was super naive to think that I could complete this given everything that was going on in our life. A couple months before race day I dropped down to a half and then I decided to not risk it and didn’t even show up to the start Iine.

In order for me to reach my half goal I need to shave 11 minutes off my best time and 30ish minutes off of post baby time. That’s a lot to chew given I’ve only completed one run. So to reduce the risk of injury and burnout I will be running a half in April to see where I am at “running fitness wise”. This gives me lots of grace period to figure out training with two littles, and running through the winter. If we’re being honest here I have yet to complete a real training cycle through the winter.

Because of my fair weather running I’ve put together three mini plans. All my plans are hybrids including workouts from different Beachbody programs. Right now I am training to created a solid base and to complete a 10K on Thanksgiving. I started Master’s Hammer and Chisel (focusing on the chisel side) on Beachbody and that program runs for four weeks.

My weekly workouts look like this:

Monday – Chisel workout. I decided not to run on Mondays to keep the pressure off. We spend Sundays at my in-laws and sometimes we get home late. If I end up running before MMR goes to work I didn’t want extra pressure to wake up extra early, or feel pressure to skip something else to get a run in. Don’t worry, I never miss a Monday so there is still a hard workout.

Tuesday – Chisel workout & easy run. I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow morning. Some days have an easier chisel workout and some days like today they are hard. I spend Tuesdays at my parents since Rylee has ballet right down the road from them. So I will do my chisel workout in the morning before ballet and run in the afternoon during Rylee’s nap. Eventually I may take either child and make this my stroller run. We’ll see how it goes.

Wednesday – Speed/tempo/running workout. Like I said, I’ll see how this goes. I wanted tired legs for my workout day, but not too tired that I couldn’t finish my workout. To me, these track sessions or tempo runs are more important to me than a chisel workout. Every other week I will alternate between a track session and a tempo run. Am I weird that I prefer the track workout over the tempo?

Thursday – Chisel workout & easy run. This will be the same as Tuesday and hopefully I won’t be even more sore after Wednesday’s workout. I will give it a couple weeks to see how I feel. If I am really sore come Thursdays I will cut this workout as a rest day so I am ready for the weekend workouts.

Friday – Easy run. These runs start at 3 miles and then end at 5 which is why I am contemplating an extra rest day on Thursdays. Again, making my legs nice and tired before another workout.

Saturday – Long run. I consider the long run a workout even though the pace is significantly slower, or at least slower for me now. My long run this Saturday is 5 miles. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it. We start at 5 and end at 7 which is perfect for the next phase of training.

Sunday – Rest days. Glorious rest days.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only seven weeks away?! Bring on all the Holidays. Since Chisel is only four weeks long I will wrap up the final three weeks of this plan with 21 Day Fix Extreme. I find 21 DFX to be really hard cardio wise so this will be perfect as an extra boost towards the end of the cycle.

On the agenda for today: 5×400’s with 400 recoveries. Wish me luck…I woke up this morning feeling stiff so fingers crossed this doesn’t make me super sore.

Workout Wednesday: Running Again

It’s been almost 4 full weeks since I said goodbye to the boot. I have taken a new approach to running since coming back that so far has been working for me. I have stuck to running a mile and walking a mile and so far I have had no real pain. I say real pain because my foot is a little sore after running which is to be expected. I spent 7 weeks with my foot immobilized so my foot muscles need to strengthen up a bit. There are three things I’ve been focusing on since I started running again…

Shoes –

I got new shoes and inserts before I started running. I went with the Brooks Glycerin 14’s this time around. I have run in Brooks before, I had the Pureflows and they were excellent. I had put in a lot of races and miles in the Pureflows but I needed more cushion when I was pregnant. I feel like I never had an injury when I ran in Brooks so I will definitely be paying attention this time around to see if that theory is even a theory at all. Brandon at Fleet Feet said these were the cadillacs of running shoes – he couldn’t of been more accurate. I feel like my feet are on clouds when I run.

running shoes

I got some inserts for my shoes – the Superfeet green insoles. They are for high arches and have offered so much support. I am thinking about getting a pair for my walking/everyday shoes that I can interchange with whatever shoe I’m wearing.


Once I put more miles on these shoes I will work on a full review! Just so everyone is clear here – I received these shoes and insoles as a birthday gift. As much as I would love to be affiliated with Brooks – I am not!

Mileage –

I am keeping it low mileage. I do not have any races on the schedule until maybe Thanksgiving…and that’s a huge maybe. I have done three runs to total three miles. I have taken a new approach these last few weeks and I think it is helping. Coming back I lost a lot, if not most of my aerobic fitness. I dabbled in pool running which helped, but I am nowhere near where I was pre-injury. I tried my first run back going as fast as my legs and lungs were comfortable. I didn’t want to hold anything back. I averaged a 11:37 which is right around where I was pre-injury. My lungs and legs both felt like they were going to explode.

Run #1

My next run on Sunday I did the exact same thing, run 1 mile, walk 1 mile. I averaged for my running portion 9:23/mile. I literally felt like I was going to puke. I finished my run on the sidewalk that is kind of hidden by a big tree and a privacy bush. I didn’t see the landscaper working next to the bush and I was literally hunched over chanting to myself, “don’t puke, don’t puke, don’t puke”. Totally embarrassing, when I saw them I just smiled and walked away.

Run #2

The last run I did was yesterday and my whole body just felt like lead. I literally was pushing my body as much as I could and I averaged a 10:30 mile. So I’m a little all over the board with my runs.

Run #3

My Sunday and Tuesday run I had no pain or soreness whatsoever so that made me really happy. I also think it’s more my lungs are more out of shape than my legs at this point. I am going for another run tomorrow and I will do the same thing, run 1 mile, walk 1 mile and see what happens!

Form & Recovery –

Fixing my form is something that I think got me into this mess in the first place. When I run I kick my feet out. No matter how hard I try to not do it, it happens. Doing some research I learned that you can’t fix this problem but trying to change your stride or gait. I am living proof having gotten a stress fracture. So instead I need to focus on strengthening my hips and glutes. This will help drive my legs upward, think high knees. Together with a forward lean (something I was never doing) I will create a more efficient stronger stride. I was constantly taking a “back seat” approach when running, which thinking back, makes zero sense since my goal is to move forward.

running form graphic

//source – You can see the entire infographic here //

For my recovery I am making sure to incorporate stretching, icing when needed, and foam rolling. The more and more I keep studying the one thing I keep in mind is your entire kinetic chain needs to have proper stability and mobility to stay injury free. I use the walk home as my active cool down before I stretch and wrap everything up!



How was your workout today?? 

Who has a race lined up??

Any running tips and tricks?? 

I would love to hear anything and everything about running! I am going into this as a runner re-born!


A Weeks Worth of Running

This is the first time is a long time that I completed all my workouts. Usually life gets in the way, or I get tired. Not this week. I have a fire lit under me and it ain’t going to stop!

I have a couple of races in mind for May. Which one is dependent on our situation come the end of the semester. So I have found a training plan that is all done based on time. I really like this approach because I am way slower so to run 5 miles may take longer than an hour. I also have noticed that I tend to push myself because I know where I want to be on race day so I try and keep that in the back of my mind during my workouts.

Monday: 30 minutes easy

Monday easy run

I actually woke up and ran on the treadmill. Mondays are crazy town with MMR at school, then work the he has his bow league then I work. If I don’t get us and go in the morning it wasn’t going to happen at all. The run was good and it felt awesome to get up and get it done. Great way to start the week.

Tuesday: 40 minute tempo run

Another treadmill run that looked like this:

  • 15 minute warm up 11:30 pace
  • 2 minutes on – half marathon pace – 9:06 (I have big goals for this one)
  • 1 minute recovery – 11:00 pace
  • Repeat 4 times
  • 14 minute cool down 11:30 pace

This run was hard. I am trying to stick to the treadmill because I am awful at pacing myself on the streets. I always look at my watch because I haven’t figured out the “feel” yet. Then my form is off and its just a disaster. I actually really like doing tempo runs on the treadmill because it breaks it up. I could feel this work out in my calves and my hips so I did some foam rolling in the evening. I think that helped quite a bit because I was not as sore as I was expecting.

Wednesday & Thursday: OFF

I switched things up a bit. Wednesdays are just crazy town over here. MMR has school, I have a work meeting and then he heads off to lab until 5:30. That hour is just too late for me to go to the gym. I am usually balls deep in dinner and don’t want to stop to go workout.

Thursday I just plain old wanted a rest day.

Friday: 45 minutes with the stroller.

rylee and ally running

It was finally sunny and somewhat warm so I was able to go for a run with Rylee. I started out on one side of campus, our green belt sort of path runs right through campus, and made it just to the other side before I turned around. I told myself we will do the 30 minute easy run and I would try to do my 60 minute long run Saturday. BUT on the flip side I told myself if she was doing well I would try and do my long run with her. I made it 15 minutes, checked on Rylee, went to continue on because I thought she was doing well and cue meltdown. So I decided to turn around and just stick with the 30 minutes. Maybe about 5 minutes from the car she calmed down so I decided to split the two days and do 45 minutes and 45 minutes on Saturday.

Running with the stroller definitely makes you think about what your doing. I swear sometimes I look like I’m drunk maneuvering the thing. I’ve found that if I lock the front wheel I don’t go all over the sidewalk. I also for some reason run faster with an easier effort. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Saturday: 45 minutes with the stroller.

stroller run lewiston

MMR had his bow shoot yesterday so Rylee and I ran by the river down in Lewiston. It was so pretty and I just wanted to keep running and running and running. The path was really hilly so I definitely was a little sore after. It was so funny Rylee kept pulling off her socks and boots leaving a trail as we ran along. It was 55ish outside, I actually ditched my long sleeve top so and ran in just a tank in February.

Total minutes running this week: 160

Things I’m looking forward to this week:

  • I am doing my long run on Thursday – we are going out of town this weekend to the snow country so I am getting all my runs in before we leave. AKA every day starting tomorrow.
  • My tempo run on Tuesday is at goal 10K pace which will hopefully be somewhere in the 8:45ish range. Wish me luck!
  • The temps this week are going to be in the low to mid 50’s. That is perfect running weather so I see a couple stroller runs with Rylee. She just loves being outside so its a win win for both of us!

Our Saturday Adventure

Well today was a pretty fun day. MMR had a bow shoot down in Lewiston and Rylee and I decided to tag along. I was going to carry her in our back carrier we got for Christmas, but the shoot was pretty busy so Rylee and I decided to let Dad shoot and we would create our own adventure.

MMR and Rylee

First we went for a run. I finished up my running workouts for the week with 45 minutes along the snake river with the stroller.

Stroller runsnake river

Then we took a nap and I studied in the car. Personal trainer certification here I come.

Car nap rylee

It’s amazing how many things you need when you leave the house with a baby.


Then we ate some lunch. Picnic style.

Rylee picnic

After lunch we explored the library. I never thought to take her to the kid section in the library. We read some books and played with some toys. This week when MMR is at work Rylee and I will go explore our library.

Rylee library

Rylee blocks

Now we are home and I am going to sneak in my 30-day challenge workout. Rylee will be over here opening the contents of her box from her BFF Amber. Can’t wait to see whats inside!!!!!! Thanks girllllllllllll.

How is your Saturday going?

What was your weekend workout?