Embracing the New Season

Happy Fall Ya’ll! We are still trying to find our groove over here. Some days I have it together and other days Hot Mess Mama is my anthem. I’m trying to ease back into blogging more than once a month over here (I think I’ve only posted once in September). Next week we are heading to Montana to celebrate my sister-in-law and her baby girl!! We leave on Wednesday, wish us luck on our first road trip with two kids!

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Weekend Recap in Pictures

I hope Monday has been treating you well! I have a killer headache today so I am going to keep it short and sweet. A headache has been present the last four out of seven days. I took Tylenol the first day and that seemed to help but I hate taking the stuff so I’m trying to be tough and get through it. My neck/upper back has been really sore this last week so I think that might have something to do with it. Looks like I need a massage. Lucky me!

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Road Trip to Utah

We got out of town on time this morning which never ever happens. It was so nice to have the whole car packed the night before. It really paid off to get it all organized at my Mom’s! Rylee loved her new car seat too. It’s like riding invfirst class compared to her old carrier.

Our first stop was for lunch at Subway. Rylee was in rare form all day. They got a little carried away when the strawberry banana smoothie got everywhere. Yes we were those people that probably made way to much noise.

We saw our last chance to stop in Idaho, good thing we took it because Rylee needed a diaper change. Only in Idaho would a truck stop have animals you can feed. 


The weather started to get messy about 45 minutes from where we were staying. The next couple days are going to be very wintery. We had rain/snow/freezing rain.

Finally we made it into town with just enough time to squeeze a workout in and pick a place for dinner. We decided to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I got ribs and they were so so good. Rylee met her first boyfriend. There was another table with another baby and she kept waving and winking. It. was.the.cutest. 


When we got back to the hotel Rlyrr thought it was too hot so she fixed the temperature for us. 


Then it was time for bed. We had an early wake up call this AM. Well I did. I took full advantage of the hotel gym this AM. 

See ya’ll in Colorado!

What is your fave road trip snack??

What is one of your fave memories from a family vacation??

My maiden name is Griswold…enough said.

Who watched the Bachelor?!

I am watching it right now in the car. Hooked up to the speakers. Rylee is stoked MMR not so much ; )

The Play by Play and Best Guac Ever

So Friday I finally started the operation tackle the office. I made a dent in all the paper I had to go through. I don’t own a shredder (which will be the first purchase I make when I get my taxes) so I have a recycle pile and a burn pile. Well somehow they all ended up intertwining so now I have to go through a huge stack. It’s awesome that we have a free recycle center to drop off recyclables. I should probably apply for my own parking space with how many trips I will have to make.

Recycle centerI found this AMAZING guacamole recipe from Stephanie at Olive and Tate. MMR and I used it as a spread for our salmon burgers but we could.not.stop. eating it.

guac and salmon

So we ate the entire thing. Looks like I need to go to Costco to get more avocados.

empty guac

I usually screw up every single time I make guac and it takes awful. I am so glad this turned out. I see making this daily in my future.

While I was slaving away making dinner little miss has found a new hiding place…

Rylee hiding

I think she needs one of these for her birthday. She is obsessed with crawling under/into things.

Ikea toy

Saturday morning we headed down to Lewiston to go to their community yard sale. We were up and out of the house by 10:00. That is a miracle over here considering we were getting up at 8:00.

Rylee and Daddy

We managed to wear the sunglasses all the way from the car to right before we stepped in the building.

Rylee and Mommy

Rylee shades

I went in looking for some cheap furniture to make into a shelf for my workout gear. I have this vision to create a corner in my office where I can get my workout in where there aren’t to many toys in the way. There wasn’t anything left that I really liked so we bought these for Rylee…


The bunnies…I’m obsessed I think she will look pretty cute at her birthday party rockin’ this headband! And of course the last isle we were walking down…we found these chairs. She is going to be so cute sitting outside in this chair this summer.

image7Does anyone have any delicious shake/smoothie recipes using chocolate protein powder. I made this delicious one – Starbucks iced carmel machiato, ice, chocolate protein powder, blend/sip and enjoy!


I drank the rest of the coffee by itself yesterday and this morning so any suggestions on what to try next will be awesome!

How was your weekend??

Are you doing anything exciting today?

I am heading out for a run as soon as little miss wakes up, and tonight its Bachelor night!