The Play by Play and Best Guac Ever

So Friday I finally started the operation tackle the office. I made a dent in all the paper I had to go through. I don’t own a shredder (which will be the first purchase I make when I get my taxes) so I have a recycle pile and a burn pile. Well somehow they all ended up intertwining so now I have to go through a huge stack. It’s awesome that we have a free recycle center to drop off recyclables. I should probably apply for my own parking space with how many trips I will have to make.

Recycle centerI found this AMAZING guacamole recipe from Stephanie at Olive and Tate. MMR and I used it as a spread for our salmon burgers but we could.not.stop. eating it.

guac and salmon

So we ate the entire thing. Looks like I need to go to Costco to get more avocados.

empty guac

I usually screw up every single time I make guac and it takes awful. I am so glad this turned out. I see making this daily in my future.

While I was slaving away making dinner little miss has found a new hiding place…

Rylee hiding

I think she needs one of these for her birthday. She is obsessed with crawling under/into things.

Ikea toy

Saturday morning we headed down to Lewiston to go to their community yard sale. We were up and out of the house by 10:00. That is a miracle over here considering we were getting up at 8:00.

Rylee and Daddy

We managed to wear the sunglasses all the way from the car to right before we stepped in the building.

Rylee and Mommy

Rylee shades

I went in looking for some cheap furniture to make into a shelf for my workout gear. I have this vision to create a corner in my office where I can get my workout in where there aren’t to many toys in the way. There wasn’t anything left that I really liked so we bought these for Rylee…


The bunnies…I’m obsessed I think she will look pretty cute at her birthday party rockin’ this headband! And of course the last isle we were walking down…we found these chairs. She is going to be so cute sitting outside in this chair this summer.

image7Does anyone have any delicious shake/smoothie recipes using chocolate protein powder. I made this delicious one – Starbucks iced carmel machiato, ice, chocolate protein powder, blend/sip and enjoy!


I drank the rest of the coffee by itself yesterday and this morning so any suggestions on what to try next will be awesome!

How was your weekend??

Are you doing anything exciting today?

I am heading out for a run as soon as little miss wakes up, and tonight its Bachelor night!



It’s Groundhog Day so we Crafted

Happy Groundhog Day! Word has it that Mr. Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so that means only 6 more weeks of winter. I’ll take it!

I got this awesome desk calendar that is 365 days of crafting! Each 7 days is broken down into a theme and week 5 is all about the groundhog. Each shilouette is what is used for the craft. I am a huge fan of tracing because I suck at drawing anything!

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When to throw it out the window

So for this upcoming race, I’ve decided to throw my training plan out the window, kind of. I originally wanted to run a couple races before Robie to help give me my grand number of 14 races. I will not be running the two races before Robie. Robie Creek is a beast and I want to make sure I have fresh legs. I got injured the last time I raced extreme hills and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

For Christmas I got The Runners World Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training. I have almost read all of it and it was really helpful in learning and understanding the fundamentals of running. This is where I picked my training plan to start with, and they have some really good ones in here.

Like I said before, I am switching out speed for hills, but I am also going to play with the mileage. My body hasn’t really been eased into running high mileage per week. I’ve decided that I will keep my shorter runs between 3 and 4 miles. My weekly mileage for this first race will range from 14 miles (last weeks mileage), and the highest will be in a couple weeks with 23 miles. I am working on/doing research on what I should be doing between my races, as June and July are looking pretty busy.

I love following training plans, but I end up getting a little obsessive and negative when I miss a work out. This does nothing for the training process, and quite frankly it makes me not want to race. I will be setting up mini goals each week which will have my workouts I need to complete. There will be no days or dates tied to the workouts. That way I’ve still planned workouts but still have wiggle room for when life happens. Here’s what this week looks like:

Know what else I throw out the window?! Matching socks! I hate that part of the laundry, so I got into this nasty habit of throwing them in bags so I can sort them later. Sunday I caved – they were overflowing, and I realized I needed to stop being a lazy housewife. I matched as many as I could, and downsized to a small bags one for me and one for MMR :)

I have some serious spanish homework and a Papa Murphys Pizza calling my name (thank goodness for college coupons and pennies in the couch cushions because I did not want to cook tonight). Adios!

How to get up and going again.

Last week was a little rough getting back into running. I’m not sure why, maybe because I started with the treadmill, or the fact that I had some unrealistic expectation. You have to remember that once you take a huge break from any kind of fitness you will start pretty close to zero depending on how long you take off. It’s been about 3 months since I have done any kind of “serious running” and my fitness levels are definitely showing. I have tried to keep up by doing some higher intensity work outs but nothing can really compare. At least according to my body. I just have to keep remembering:

I did 3 miles on the treadmill Tuesday last week and it was miserable. I turned my music up but the gym was so busy and it felt so hot and stuffy in there nothing seemed to help make the miles easier. MMR tells me its all in my head which I agree. I need to come up with a mantra or something to keep my head in the game. But….on the positive side I got to wear running shorts, I kinda missed them! Oh and I’m digging the fact that it’s almost the end of January and I still have a little bit of a runners tan despite the fact that I am completely pasty.

Running outside is so much easier. I love it especially after a stressful day at work. Its nice to just have the wind blowing in your face/ponytail. Thursday I was able to make some time and ended up running during sunset. I’ve decided I am a night time exerciser. I love running at night and reflecting on what I’ve accomplished during the day. Okay my cheese fest is over.

I brought my running gear to Boise but unfortunately did not go for a run. I brought all cold gear but it was not warm enough. In the mornings the fog was so thick it made everything extra frozen, I think most mornings it was low 20’s. Which is way to cold in my book. I didn’t bring shorts – rookie mistake – I would’ve died if I had tried to run indoors with long sleeves and tights.

This week I have 3 runs planned and my goal for this week is to run with a better attitude. I want to be able to surpass the wall we all hit. Or at least have a few mantra’s under my belt so I can stay sane :) – this one I really like:

I have a project I want to get completed this week/weekend in one of the bathrooms. It’s been a while since I’ve done some home projects so I’m pretty excited about this one. Our bathroom right now is pretty standard for a rental, stark white walls, basic vanity etc. Here’s what my ideas are, and of course I will have the final product for you next week!

Hope everyone is having a great Hump Day!!!