Running Wednesday – My First Run Back & It Didn’t Kill Me

So I survived my first run back in eightish months. I had to put it off until the evening. Which reminded me how much I really like running in the mornings. If I have all day to think about my run and how it will go I get anxious and try and talk myself out of it. Any other type of workout I can handle in the evening, running not so much.

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Wife. Mom. Boss. Foreclosure to Freedom

I knew when Gray Anchor Apparel came out with this tee design I had to have it. In some shape and form I was and am all of those things. I had yet to post any photos or highlight the shirt in any way, until now.

I am a wife to my wonderful husband, aka MMR.

MMR and I

I am a mom to my wonderful daughter Rylee and NOW…

Rylee's Mom

I am my own BOSS.

my own boss

So this is a huge deal for me over here. It’s been 9 years since I haven’t had to hold my own financially. Being financially dependant on someone scares the heck out of me, but that’s a different topic for a different day. So let’s start from the beginning 9 years ago…

I was a freshman in college and I started working at Urban Outfitters. The store was brand new, like I folded tee upon tee upon tee, and worked until 2:00 AM to make opening day picture perfect. It was the first “serious” job I had moving up from sales associate to one of the department managers, Women’s Accessories to be exact. I slowly realized that fashion and customer service were not my cup of tea. I wanted to go back to school for exercise science and find a part time gig to help with the income (this was early 2011 when MMR and I were engaged, but already living together). That’s where I found the job I just left…

For the last 5 years I have worked for a small company that specializes in maintaining foreclosed homes. It all started in a small office with just one other gal, covering one and a half states and now there are 7 people working in an office in a completely different state and our contracts are in 4 states total!

Amber and I xmas 2012

Amber and I Christmas 2011 – this was our first Holiday just the two of us – she was my work bestie turned into real life bestie. Her and I worked together for 90% of my time at WFG.

I started working from home in 2013 when we moved up north, thank goodness my boss let me work from home because I was not ready to find another job. From there I slowly moved into a management role and managed clients, an office staff and handful of contractors out doing our work. It. was. a lot. When I got pregnant I found it a blessing in disguise because I was able to make a choice, work less (which I was desiring more and more), or not work at all (not really a solid option at the time). I made the decision to work part time just doing one aspect of the company, processing maintenance orders. Last summer it was kind of all over the place, and my life was a hot mess so I dropped to even more part time working nights for a few hours when we moved home last fall.

work from home

Like every first time mom I found some serious struggle trying to balance my baby, my husband, my dog, my household chores (face it men, you never put your clothes or dishes away), blogging, running, gym time, sleep time, personal time to do none of the things listed above and I just kept falling short. I slowly started to realize I am loosing passion or care to be quite frank about my job. It started to become the thing I wish I didn’t have to do. The industry of property/real estate is not anything I can see myself doing long term. Fitness is. The two unfortunately have nothing to do with each other.

I called my boss and told her the news, that I needed to quit so I can study and become the personal trainer I’ve always wanted to be and I needed to do it without working here. There was nothing that could change my mind, I am a women on a mission. I tried the working and school and work has won THREE, yes THREE times. I can’t do both. My job had no boundaries, especially working from home. It was very hard to separate working from not working and I only have room for one obsession and that’s passing my test

I am horrible at taking tests and I know that just need to buckle down, focus and get this test hammered out. Want to know a secret? I’m taking it on August 4th. So now I really need to get a passing score or I will be internet embarrassed and really really screwed because um hello…I QUIT my job for this.

I have so many goals/ideas/dreams when it comes to what happens after I’m certified…but the main one is to be MY OWN BOSS. For the longest time (9 years to combine both long term jobs) I have been at the beck and call of very demanding jobs. I was constantly putting my own needs aside to get work done and I am done with that. #byefelicia . I am just now becoming obsessed with that saying.


Side note…I was to give a shoutout to MMR for really supporting me during this whole transition. It is not easy to go from having two (well mine was very little, but $$ is still $$$) incomes to now just one. We are very fortunate MMR has an awesome summer job that will help us throughout the fall and get us to graduation in December. We are also very fortunate to live/be with both sets of parents during this time. We still do pay for our place up north but our rent is our only huge expense.

I also want to give shout outs to my friends and family who are supportive. It means so much to have people be in your corner. To just quit your job and hope for the best is something that tends to lead to more failure than success so thank you to those who believe I will succeed!!

Have you ever done anything this crazy?!

Any advise you can give on being your own boss?

At my previous job I worked with very little supervision, I knew what needed to get done each day and it got done, so I don’t mean advise like that ; )

Are you chasing your dreams?? Yes – tell me about them, no- why the heck not?!



Work out happenings

We have been home for 24 hours now and oh boy has it been rough! Rylee was the perfect angel in the car but as soon as we got home, not so much. We went out for a quick dinner and luckily there were only two other tables eating or I’m sure we would’ve gotten a lot of side eyes.

Rylee fell asleep around 8:30 which was pretty normal since she was on Mountain time. THEN around 11:30 she woke up and stayed up until 2:30. This is the second time she has stayed up all night. Please tell me this is a phase! For the last two weeks she had done so good putting herself back to sleep in the middle of the night. MMR and I had two weeks of 7 hours of sleep. As I type this she is currently sleeping so fingers crossed. I will keep you posted!

I took a rest day Sunday and yesterday, my calf has been really tight an achy. I am thinking its just trying to get used to all this running again. I’ve been making ice, and foam rolling a priority after each workout. I am on a streak over here and I feel like I am really getting my groove back. Here’s what I’ve been doing these last two weeks:

muddy runI set out for 3 miles. There are some new paths around my parents house that I wanted to explore. It gets kind of boring going by the same houses, and staying on the same road. So I was running by the canal and just kept going, until I hit the dirt. I was pretty excited, I love running on dirt, my hips thank me for it. However, I was not stoked it was mud. We had a warm streak so the snow melted and my new (only a handful of actual pavement miles) got so dirty. I finished 3 miles in under 35 minutes and it felt great. Especially since I walked a lot through the mud.


Long run with dadI’m pretty confident to say that this will be my favorite run of the month of January. My Dad signed up to run his first half marathon, and I was so bummed I had to drop down to the 5k because I was pregnant. He rocked it and has run so many races since then. I get so excited when he gives me a list and says, “which ones do you want to do?!” Normally when we run I am about 90 seconds to 2 minutes slower than him, but not this time. It felt so good to be able to keep the same pace as him! We finished 4 miles in 41 minutes, WHAT?! I was pretty sore afterwards but hey, that’s the good part right?!


SIL gym seshOkay, this will probably be another fave moment of the new year. My SIL used her buddy pass on me at the gym. We went to Gold’s and completed a workout I created from scratch. It was a huge confidence booster that she loved it and made me want to go take my trainer test right now. It was a pretty good upper body workout that made me feel ripped at the end. I am so impressed with it I will be sending it over my to future SIL once I get my pictures rounded up of each move. I see creating programs in my future….hopefully ; )


garmin watch runThis run was a total fluke, but I am so glad it happened. I set out to run and then just kept running. I had a route in mind, doing a giant square but didn’t realize it would work out to be my long run. It rained/snowed the rest of the week so it worked out perfect. I am doing a pre-training plan before the plan. I feel like when I signed up for the marathon last spring, and then had my first DNS I was embarrassed, discouraged and just over running. I have some races and some pretty hard core goals in mind for the late spring if all go according to plan. As of right now, if I keep on track I can hit them. It’s amazing how putting your head down can really make a difference. I have an idea on what I can realistically do in terms of a training plan, so another mini goal of mine is to come up with my own plan and succeed!


Glimpse of workoutHere is a glimpse of an ab exercise in my Homespun Runner Upper Body workout. Do you like the new title I just came up with for said workout above? Crab pose I call this, maybe that’s what its really called and there is no need to say I made up a name. HA. Hold this sucker for 30-45 seconds, or more if you are a rockstar. My wrists and shoulders can’t handle reverse plank so this is a good modification. Make sure to keep your butt up so your body is level. PS isn’t this workout outfit the best? I just love my fitness gear from Gray Anchor. Gotta get those Lady Guns! Her shop is currently closed until 1/23, but once they re-open check out all the great tanks and bottoms!


tempo runIt’s been well over a year since my last tempo run. I did a 30 minute tempo run and I was exhausted at the end. I usually struggle hard with setting paces, and keeping it consistent for X amount of time. I did a 5 minute warm up and then picked up the pace every 5 minutes until I hit 35:00 then I completed my cool down. I stayed right on or a little bit faster than the pace set for those 5 minutes, but I want to say I only stayed on the same pace for 6 minutes total during the entire workout. It felt so good to see positive splits but I really want to learn how to stay on the same pace for longer periods of time, without the treadmill.


treadmill tempo tuesdayThis brings me to today’s Treadmill Tempo Tuesday. The above tempo run happened on Saturday and I took a rest day Sunday and yesterday. Because I switched my long run from Saturday it just so happened that the tempo run was the only run left to complete last week. I had fresh legs tonight, but not a lot of time. I am trying to keep some semblance of a schedule so Rylee doesn’t keep partyin’ from 11-2 AM. I only had about 35 minutes to get to the gym and to the grocery store before dinner. I wanted to do my tempo run for the week on the treadmill so I could try and really feel how to keep the same pace. Next week I will see if I can do it for at least 10 minutes outside! I only did 20 minutes but it still felt like a great workout. After two weeks of running outside, it really felt tedious to run on the ol’ mill. It’s so funny how our minds work.

One last thing before I go to bed…I just wanted to say thank you for reading and being my internet friend. I really appreciate sharing my days, struggles and triumphs here on my little space. With that being said I have some awesome things lined up for Homespun Runner this year and I can’t wait to share them with you! I spot a HSR New 2016 goal post in my future ; )

Enough of the SAP over here. Have a good night my friends!!!

How are your workouts shaping up??

Anyone out there having sleepless nights due to a baby, or insomnia, or any other reason??

If you are out there up at night, what do you do to pass the time??

I get on the floor and play with baby girl, or rock her, or cry, it depends on the day : )

PPS: I am a brand rep for Gray Anchor Apparel. I receive perks for doing so. I truly love the brand, the apparel and everything the shop stands for. All opinions are my own.




Checking in half way through the year

Hello Friends! I can’t believe it’s already July 7th! Where has 2014 go?! I am already getting ready to countdown to Thanksgiving! Just kidding – kind of ; ) So in January I posted here about my New Years Resolutions. Since we are well into the second half of the year, here’s an update on how I am doing!

Resolution 1: Run 14 Half Marathons. I’m going to be real here – I could do it, if MMR and I were millionaires, I had a clone to work for me and if I really wanted to just run races. In January I got caught up in how many races other people were doing and I wanted to be just like them. I have run 3 half’s so far this year and I am extremely happy with my outcome.

Race 1: Robie Creek I wanted to die right after – Hardest thing I’ve ever done. It is a true trail run. This elevation change doesn’t lie you got from 2,725 feet to 4,797 feet, then back down to 2,000ish feet. I was so under trained I laughed, right after I puked. I finished in 3:04:23 – my slowest time by far, but I’m not upset given how tough the race was.



I took a week off after the race and then started running a handful of miles, to stay in shape for my race in Coeur d’Alene. It was my very first half marathon last year, you can read my recap here. This year was so much better! I felt amazing, maybe because it was actually on a road and somewhat familiar.  I think sometime between now and the future I will have a race reflection and look back on Robie and CDA. I shaved a significant amount of time off from last year, 2013=2:39:12, and this year=2:26:57.

Coeur d'Alene Half Marathon

I realized after this race that I definitely have what it takes to train hard and have some amazing results. I had one more race that I ran a couple weeks ago, the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon, and I ROCKED it. I PR’d it with 2:13:38. That lit the fire under my rear to get in gear. I had two races scheduled for July, but I decided to cancel them, and train to break 2 hours at the end of August. I like the idea of running a ton of races, but at the end of the day I want to get faster, I’ve always wanted to get faster.

I have a training plan that I will be following for the next 6ish weeks, I’ll definitely keep you posted on how it goes. I am motivated than ever to have another PR and be a sub two hour halfer.





What I’ve been up to – Running update

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying the freedoms so many have sacrificed for!

Memorial Day


Today I will be working off and on and relaxing with my feet up. I raced yesterday and my calves are SO SORE! Timmy doesn’t mind he’s missed me these last few days.

Memorial Day Compression


Since we last chatted I was getting ready to run my first race of the season – Robie Creek. I will have a special post about that on Thursday.  Yesterday I ran my 4th half and it was by far the best race yet! Which I will also have a special post about that one on Wednesday. Look at me all organized!

I have my next race in four weeks and my goal is to PR. I’m going to put a little mini training plan together for the next few weeks. Yesterday I was 5 minutes shy of PRing (face palm) so I know its possible!

I’ve been pretty good at getting my runs in – I keep them short during the week and longer on the weekends. For the next few weeks I think I will be adding a trial run into the mix. I went before Portland and it was amazing and tiring, exactly what my legs need!

Meridian Green BeltI’ll be taking my summer runs on this pathway when I’m at my parents house. Hopefully I won’t get lost. They are working on getting all the pathways connected which will help all directional challenged people like me.

Frozen-Let it Go

Every time I hear this song I run faster, sometimes I sing, then get strange looks. It’s the best pick me  up. I finally saw the movie a couple weeks ago, and if I was 22 years younger it might, just might of trumped Little Mermaid.



 Here’s the trail I will be spending a lot of time on this summer. It’s so nice and peaceful back here!


Dad Half Marathon Training

My last long run I did before this race was 7 miles. I wanted to get a couple more miles in but the time got away from me. So I decided to do 3 miles of speed work, and then 4 miles at a moderate pace in hopes of tricking my legs into thinking they are working harder. I also did the last 4 with my Dad!

Happy Monday friennds!

Sweat Now Glow Later