I Left The House, Rylee the Photographer & My First Speed Session

This week has been a really good week. It started out with the best Monday in a really long time. I made it out of the house with both kids by myself. This was the first time and probably made me overconfident with how well it went. We went to the dollar store so I could get some things to organize my pantry and then made a pit stop at Ross.

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Embracing the New Season

Happy Fall Ya’ll! We are still trying to find our groove over here. Some days I have it together and other days Hot Mess Mama is my anthem. I’m trying to ease back into blogging more than once a month over here (I think I’ve only posted once in September). Next week we are heading to Montana to celebrate my sister-in-law and her baby girl!! We leave on Wednesday, wish us luck on our first road trip with two kids!

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Wife. Mom. Boss. Foreclosure to Freedom

I knew when Gray Anchor Apparel came out with this tee design I had to have it. In some shape and form I was and am all of those things. I had yet to post any photos or highlight the shirt in any way, until now.

I am a wife to my wonderful husband, aka MMR.

MMR and I

I am a mom to my wonderful daughter Rylee and NOW…

Rylee's Mom

I am my own BOSS.

my own boss

So this is a huge deal for me over here. It’s been 9 years since I haven’t had to hold my own financially. Being financially dependant on someone scares the heck out of me, but that’s a different topic for a different day. So let’s start from the beginning 9 years ago…

I was a freshman in college and I started working at Urban Outfitters. The store was brand new, like I folded tee upon tee upon tee, and worked until 2:00 AM to make opening day picture perfect. It was the first “serious” job I had moving up from sales associate to one of the department managers, Women’s Accessories to be exact. I slowly realized that fashion and customer service were not my cup of tea. I wanted to go back to school for exercise science and find a part time gig to help with the income (this was early 2011 when MMR and I were engaged, but already living together). That’s where I found the job I just left…

For the last 5 years I have worked for a small company that specializes in maintaining foreclosed homes. It all started in a small office with just one other gal, covering one and a half states and now there are 7 people working in an office in a completely different state and our contracts are in 4 states total!

Amber and I xmas 2012

Amber and I Christmas 2011 – this was our first Holiday just the two of us – she was my work bestie turned into real life bestie. Her and I worked together for 90% of my time at WFG.

I started working from home in 2013 when we moved up north, thank goodness my boss let me work from home because I was not ready to find another job. From there I slowly moved into a management role and managed clients, an office staff and handful of contractors out doing our work. It. was. a lot. When I got pregnant I found it a blessing in disguise because I was able to make a choice, work less (which I was desiring more and more), or not work at all (not really a solid option at the time). I made the decision to work part time just doing one aspect of the company, processing maintenance orders. Last summer it was kind of all over the place, and my life was a hot mess so I dropped to even more part time working nights for a few hours when we moved home last fall.

work from home

Like every first time mom I found some serious struggle trying to balance my baby, my husband, my dog, my household chores (face it men, you never put your clothes or dishes away), blogging, running, gym time, sleep time, personal time to do none of the things listed above and I just kept falling short. I slowly started to realize I am loosing passion or care to be quite frank about my job. It started to become the thing I wish I didn’t have to do. The industry of property/real estate is not anything I can see myself doing long term. Fitness is. The two unfortunately have nothing to do with each other.

I called my boss and told her the news, that I needed to quit so I can study and become the personal trainer I’ve always wanted to be and I needed to do it without working here. There was nothing that could change my mind, I am a women on a mission. I tried the working and school and work has won THREE, yes THREE times. I can’t do both. My job had no boundaries, especially working from home. It was very hard to separate working from not working and I only have room for one obsession and that’s passing my test

I am horrible at taking tests and I know that just need to buckle down, focus and get this test hammered out. Want to know a secret? I’m taking it on August 4th. So now I really need to get a passing score or I will be internet embarrassed and really really screwed because um hello…I QUIT my job for this.

I have so many goals/ideas/dreams when it comes to what happens after I’m certified…but the main one is to be MY OWN BOSS. For the longest time (9 years to combine both long term jobs) I have been at the beck and call of very demanding jobs. I was constantly putting my own needs aside to get work done and I am done with that. #byefelicia . I am just now becoming obsessed with that saying.


Side note…I was to give a shoutout to MMR for really supporting me during this whole transition. It is not easy to go from having two (well mine was very little, but $$ is still $$$) incomes to now just one. We are very fortunate MMR has an awesome summer job that will help us throughout the fall and get us to graduation in December. We are also very fortunate to live/be with both sets of parents during this time. We still do pay for our place up north but our rent is our only huge expense.

I also want to give shout outs to my friends and family who are supportive. It means so much to have people be in your corner. To just quit your job and hope for the best is something that tends to lead to more failure than success so thank you to those who believe I will succeed!!

Have you ever done anything this crazy?!

Any advise you can give on being your own boss?

At my previous job I worked with very little supervision, I knew what needed to get done each day and it got done, so I don’t mean advise like that ; )

Are you chasing your dreams?? Yes – tell me about them, no- why the heck not?!



What I’ve been up to – Running update

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying the freedoms so many have sacrificed for!

Memorial Day


Today I will be working off and on and relaxing with my feet up. I raced yesterday and my calves are SO SORE! Timmy doesn’t mind he’s missed me these last few days.

Memorial Day Compression


Since we last chatted I was getting ready to run my first race of the season – Robie Creek. I will have a special post about that on Thursday.  Yesterday I ran my 4th half and it was by far the best race yet! Which I will also have a special post about that one on Wednesday. Look at me all organized!

I have my next race in four weeks and my goal is to PR. I’m going to put a little mini training plan together for the next few weeks. Yesterday I was 5 minutes shy of PRing (face palm) so I know its possible!

I’ve been pretty good at getting my runs in – I keep them short during the week and longer on the weekends. For the next few weeks I think I will be adding a trial run into the mix. I went before Portland and it was amazing and tiring, exactly what my legs need!

Meridian Green BeltI’ll be taking my summer runs on this pathway when I’m at my parents house. Hopefully I won’t get lost. They are working on getting all the pathways connected which will help all directional challenged people like me.

Frozen-Let it Go

Every time I hear this song I run faster, sometimes I sing, then get strange looks. It’s the best pick me  up. I finally saw the movie a couple weeks ago, and if I was 22 years younger it might, just might of trumped Little Mermaid.



 Here’s the trail I will be spending a lot of time on this summer. It’s so nice and peaceful back here!


Dad Half Marathon Training

My last long run I did before this race was 7 miles. I wanted to get a couple more miles in but the time got away from me. So I decided to do 3 miles of speed work, and then 4 miles at a moderate pace in hopes of tricking my legs into thinking they are working harder. I also did the last 4 with my Dad!

Happy Monday friennds!

Sweat Now Glow Later