30 Weeks with Baby Girl #2 & It’s Been Way Too Long

It has been way to long since I’ve written you guys. I enjoyed taking the week off, I spent a majority of it with my brother and sister in law and then my Grandparents from New York came to visit too. I finally got internet at my house but we’ve been go, go, go I’ve hardly used it.

I made sure to take lots of pictures of what we did so that I can share over the next few days. In the meantime though I have something super exciting going on in internet land for the next 10 days. I’m going to go LIVE on Instagram tomorrow morning around 9:30 MST to share all about it. I’ll give you a hint…it has to do with the Fourth of July, crafts, workouts, and yummy food.

One thing I do want to talk about is how week 30 went with sweet baby girl. Nothing too big has changed, except the heat today is really doing me in. So if you need me I’ll just be sitting indoors with a gallon of water.

How Pregnant Am I:

30 weeks 4 days.

How Big is Baby:

Baby is the size of a garden gnome! This would be Rylee’s favorite week if she knew what was going on. She is obsessed with garden gnomes. She will talk to them at my Mom’s like they are her besties.

In veggie land baby girl is the size of a zucchini or a summer cantaloupe. Now I think the comparisons are finally lining up. It really is starting to sink in that in twoish months we will be a family of four. I know these weeks will fly by because there is a lot going on in July and then before I know it we will be in baby month! In the Ovia app they have the babies hand in white, and then where the baby is at growth wise in the pink. We are so close!


What’s Left To-Do:

So what’s written below is what I tried to accomplish this week. Ask me what I got done…N O T H I N G. So looks like I will keep that right there to motivate me this week.

E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G – seriously. Everything. It’s starting to stress me out but on the flip side it will make the next 10 weeks fly by. I guess we have clothes, at least I think we do. Here is my mini to-do list for this week:

  • Paint dresser – we are using Rylee’s old dresser and Rylee is getting my old dresser. Hand me downs for the win.
  • Pick out a crib – We are going to try and find a basic white convertible crib. We are going to keep Rylee with her’s so let the shopping begin.

On top of everything else in shambles around me I figured this was most do-able. My mom bless her heart has deep cleaned, and painted four rooms in our house. I am kind of bumming I am pregnant because I have been zero help. Stupid chemicals.

Body Changes:

My cold is gone and it wasn’t that bad. My heartburn is out of control. So out of control I may be calling the doctor because I could eat 100 tums a day and that is not good, I think the max is like 12. I hope that means this baby is going to have a lot of hair.

I’ve noticed I am a lot more slow moving. It takes me a little bit longer to get out of bed, get dressed, put my shoes on. Bring on the homestretch.


Monday – 21 Day Fix – Total Body Cardio. I had to modify the ab section to a rest section.

Tuesday – Move Your Body Dance Workout – this one is seriously such a blast.

Wednesday – Move Your Body Dance Workout – I went a little bit harder this time around because I thought I had become a dance expert. I. Was. So. Sore the next day.

Thursday – Rest day. I was sore and in a rush so I took it easy.

Friday – 21 Day Fix – Cardio Fix. I did a little bit less jumping but it was still a killer workout. I ended up getting sore from it which is good and bad. I feel like when I get sore it’s really hard to move. Harder than it already is.

Saturday – Cardio Yoga Flow and Post Cardio Stretch. It felt so good to get up and stretch/move my body. The stiffness loosened up just a few minutes in.

Sunday – 21 Day Fix – Upper Fix – This kind of ties into what I said in the body changes. This workout was getting easier with the weights I had been using but today my arms felt like lead the entire time. When I keep these workouts up I think I’m going to have to play around with different weights. I am feeling drained now and just really really tired so it might be time to start to scale back,

What I’ve Been Eating:

This has been the week of indulgences. I went all out showing my sister-in-law around town and taking her to the best restaurants. For example…doesn’t this look amazing…

Any Movement:

My whole belly is moving and grooving. Earlier in the week I was sitting on the couch and MMR asks “did your belly just shake?” Yes, yes it did. I’ve also felt kicks as far as my side which is weird. I never felt them way over there.


For the most part everything has been in check. Nothing too crazy to report here.

Buying for Baby:

I scored some cute outfits from my favorite consignment shop. This week though…the crib is on the list!

Looking Ahead:

So this is going to be a much needed quiet week. I have not been home except to sleep pretty much this entire week. I am looking forward to not going anywhere at all tomorrow. I may even figure out how to have my groceries delivered to my hoise.

Highlight of the Week:

Spending all week with family that I haven’t seen in a really long time. I love that Rylee gets to hang out with them too. Back in the day I loved the trips we would take to my grandparents house in the summer. I am glad that they are willing to travel so far to see us!

The next time we will get together with them is January which seems so far away!

Six Late Night Tuesday Tangents

Did my mama and soon to be mama friends get to checkout my last post on testing your breast milk for DHA? Check it out if you haven’t! So I am squeezing this in between hanging out with Trollz and Rylee and going out on the lake! I am so excited to go spend some lake time with MMR. His second job got cancelled for the night so we lucked out.

My afternoon was a complete crap show. I switch back and forth between two computers to blog, which after today I learned that isn’t very smart. I am on the hunt for a new computer so send me your suggestions. Please don’t suggest a Mac, as much as I would love one it is 100% not in our budget right now. Then I had to fight with the DVD player to get Netflix to play. It needed to be update and the internet was not up to par yet. After one hour it we finally got Trollz playing.

I did my second workout of the day. First thing this morning I did 30 minutes of cardio and then this afternoon I did 30 minutes of upper body. My arms were on fire, it has been a couple weeks since they’ve felt the burn. Part of what made this afternoon unbearable the lack of nap time. Rylee get real interesting around 5:00 PM when she doesn’t get a nap in. Once my workout was done though my whole attitude changed. I just needed a time out.

Since we’re all fully caught up…here are some of the random things I intended to share with you tonight…starting with the dress I wore Saturday night. I got so many compliments and so I wanted to share the details. It’s this dress – Sia Solid in mint from Wren & Ivory.

I’ve been on the hunt for staple pieces of clothes that will work postpartum. It will be early fall by the time I am not pregnant anymore and this dress is perfect for the changing weather here in Idaho. The dress isn’t really nursing friendly BUT Wren & Ivory have so many cute dresses that are. I love shopping at smaller online boutiques I feel like you get a more unique selection.

Rylee has been obsessed with Dude lately, daily she walks up to him and says “Dudey I got you”. Her favorite place to sit is on him. He is so patient. There are a couple times he lets her know she’s too much but for the most part he could care less. We really lucked out with him. There was little to no training when it came to boundaries with the baby. Let’s hope it’s even easier the second time around.

I have been soaking up all the time I can with my brother and sister in law. We have been to all the best lunch spot, Chick-Fil-A. We’ve been shopping and spent the afternoon poolside.

One of the shopping spots were to Kidz Again Consignment and that inspired me to pull out all of Rylee’s baby clothes. There. are. so. many. Each and every one I pulled out I caught myself saying “aww, I remember when she wore this”. Help me. Even though I just admitted I have all the clothes I need, I still can’t wait to go shopping.

Speaking of lunch spots, we went to Wingerz which is also one of my favorite. If you have an amazing chicken wrap on your menu, chances are you are my favorite. I let Rylee play photographer to help distract her. I seem to pick nap time as the time to go out. Now I really can’t be mad when she doesn’t nap or when she’s cranky. Rylee is getting pretty good at taking pictures. This sneak shot she took of Amanda is proof.

This morning was Rylee’s second dance class and she did so good. Here is what she wanted to wear…

In order to get her dressed I bribed her with going to Grandma’s and getting a treat in the car (strawberries) in order to get dressed. It didn’t work which was fine in this instance because my mom was meeting us at dance with her new leotard. As soon as we pulled up she knew right where we were. “I go dancing class”. I think Rylee is going to benefit listening to others the most from dance. She had to show patience today waiting for her turn to do a front roll, the girls were told to wait at the wall until it was their turn.

Okay my friends we are officially hanging out at the lake! I hope you all had a great Tuesday :)

Tell me one random thing about your day!!

Third Trimester Thoughts with EverlyWell Breastmilk Testing

Hi Friends! This post today is brought to you by EverlyWell and I am popping in to talk about breastfeeding. Now that I am in my last trimester breastfeeding is something that I think about often. With this being my second child I feel like I have so much more to offer baby girl. All the advice in the world could not prepare me for my breastfeeding journey. That is why I am partnering up with EverlyWell today to share the importance of nutrients during breastfeeding, especially DHA.

Who is EverlyWell and What is DHA?

EverlyWell offers at home breast milk DHA testing. DHA is an important Omega 3 fatty acid that is vital for your baby’s growth for the first two years. DHA is crucial in your baby’s early development of cognitive skills and visual acuity. Your breast milk is a mixture of proteins, vitamins, fats, and nutrients that are perfect for your baby. It is key to make sure your DHA levels are where they need to be which is where these at home tests come to play. EverlyWell’s home tests will let you know if your diet is sufficient enough to supply your breast milk with the right amount of DHA that is healthy for mom and baby.

How Do I Take The Test?

Taking the test is so easy, all you have to do is provide a few drops of breast milk on the sample card. There are simple and easy to follow directions provided. EverlyWell provides return labels for free shipping back to the lab for your results to be processed. Your results are processed by a board-certified physician in your state. From there you can read your results in your online account within days of the lab processing them.

EverlyWell is exclusive to providing DHA testing in the United States and their tests are of the highest accuracy. Once you receive your test results it is suggested that you discuss them with YOUR physician. You and your physician can come up with a game plan to enhance or highlight your results.

If you take the test and your DHA levels fall outside of the recommended amounts don’t stress. There are ways you can change your diet so that you are receiving the recommended amount. EverlyWell will provide some guidance on diet changes. BUT with all medical tests/results it is important to bring your findings to your physician for discussion.

EverlyWell and My Breastfeeding Goals:

I am beyond excited to have this test available to me when it comes time for me to breastfeed. My breastfeeding journey was not as long as I wanted it to be with Rylee. A tool like this will help me work with my physician to see where my diet can improve so I can provide Baby Girl with the most nutrients. It is estimated that 75% of Americans are deficient in DHA. I plan on taking the test within the first 6 weeks of breastfeeding so that I can bring my results to my postpartum appointment and get everything sorted out so I can be successful this go around.

My goal this go around is to breast feed as long as I possibly can. When I nursed Rylee I didn’t pay much attention to my diet, I just ramped up my caloric intake. I didn’t focus on what I was putting in my body. I was especially lacking information on the importance of DHA in my diet.

Why Nutrition is Important – My Breast Feeding Story:

It might be a “no brainer” that when you are breast feeding to realize that you are your babies food source, but what does that really mean? I mentioned that I ate all the “calories” to fulfill what I was losing due to breast feeding, and that is important. However, it is more important to make sure you are eating nutrient rich foods to make up those extra calories.

I was guilty of not paying attention to what I was eating and would consider an extra bowl of ice cream, or an extra helping of goldfish as my extra calories. Those contribute nothing (I hate to break it to you this way) to your growing baby. It was really hard for me to admit that my baby was hungry all the time because of me.

Don’t get me wrong I fed Rylee every single time she showed interest weather it be rooting when I was holding her, or crying or just plain old every two hours. It was never enough for her, she was always hungry. There were days I was spinning my wheels because no one told me “why” she was hungry.

I ended up cutting breast feeding short because my milk supply was not where it needed to be. I supplied a good amount of milk, but it was what some people call skim milk. It was thin and watery and I contribute to how I was taking care of myself as to why. Now, on the flipside I am not saying that that kind of breast milk is bad WHATSOEVER. I am just saying it did not work for Rylee. She was so hungry all the time I needed to do something different and at the time stopping breast feeding was what was presented to me. This devastated me. I had such high hopes of breast feeding until Rylee was one, or better.


Now here is where the wishing/hoping/do over gets to happen. Given all the research I’ve done since getting pregnant again and learning about resources live Everlywell’s test kits I know that I can have a successful, fulfilling breast feeding journey. I want to make sure that when I submit my test results they come back telling me I am doing so much better than the first time around, and if I am deficient in DHA then I am not so far down the hole that I can’t improve.


If you are interested in taking a test yourself head on over to EverlyWell’s Website and use code HSR15 to receive 15% off your DHA test. This post is sponsored by DHA, I received the test and compensation for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Since I am still pregnant please check back in the few months after baby girl is here to see my results and my game plan for having a successful breastfeeding journey.

Cherry Festival, Date Night & Father’s Day Equals a Pretty Good Weekend

I wanted to make sure MMR had an awesome weekend so I planned all these fun things to do together. Just a fun fact about MMR…he hates planning. So this was the running joke all weekend. Well I shouldn’t say he hates planning. He hates jam packing his weekend so that every minute is planned out. Me on the other hand…that sounds like the best day ever. See why we are perfect for each other.

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