Welcome to Homespun Runner. I’m Ally. Wife to MMR (Ryan), and mom to Baby Girl (Rylee Rose). We reside in the land of the Vandals in Northern Idaho. Here is my space to share my life as a wife, new mom, runner and over all over lover of the simple life.

MMR and I got married on November 19, 2011. It was the most perfect day ever. My wedding came right off my Pinterest boards thanks to all the talented and crafty people in my life. Photos are by Kaybird Photography.




MMR and I moved up North so that he could finish his bachelors degree in Wildlife Resources. I’m really focusing on getting my personal trainer certification. We’ve lived the work life now we’re on to live the smart life.



On March 31, 2015 my whole world changed and we welcomed our sweet Rylee into the world.

BA 1

To pass the time I run. I’ve run 4 half marathons, and am obsessed with the distance.  I currently have the PR of 2:11. I started running in 2009 when one of my besties was running a half so I decided to give it a try.




Robie Creek



Living on a college budget isn’t easy, but it sure does make things interesting. Along with my running obsession I love Pinterest just as much. Thank goodness I have a patient husband and a blank canvas of a house, because I love to create new things. Don’t worry I’ll share this with you too.



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  1. You have Race to the Summit on here, that was SO fun!!
    All your pictures of races inspire me to run more! :)

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