Weekends With Babies

Anyone else hunkering down?! I hear the snow is still bad everywhere BUT here. And we’re hunkering down to avoid the sickness that is going around this town. Call me paranoid but I don’t ever want a stomach bug like I had or the cold that lasts eternities. We did get out this weekend though and visited with my brother and sister-in-law!! I finally got to meet my adorable niece!

We were suppose to have more family come to town but plans changed last minute. Since all the babies were going to be in town my Mom scheduled family pictures. If you saw my insta stories, we ran around all week trying to find our outfits. They turned out SO PERFECT. The whole time we were getting them done I kept thinking “Rylee is a hot mess this is going to be interesting”.

Everyone didn’t get in until late so our Friday night plans included a basketball game. Basketball games are Rylee’s favorite. She is obsessed with the flags that come down. This school didn’t have one so she was pretty bummed. Grandpa won though and she got to climb the bleachers all by herself so that lifted her spirits. Baby Hayley even loves watching. She’s starting to follow the team up and down the court. I’m not sure if she can see exactly what is moving back and forth but she’s paying attention.

Saturday morning we just hung out and then after pictures we went to Chick-Fil-A and got some amazing cinnamon rolls. I had another parking snafu…this has probably moved to my number one pet peeve. Luckily MMR was with us and it wasn’t as bad as the first one BUT we still had to move the car to get Hayley in. AND this was seriously the last spot in the row, and there were SO MANY open spots.

Why?! Just why…OKAY rant over. We had a quiet rest of the day just hanging out. Sophie and Hayley played on the floor. At one point Hayley had reached over and grabbed Sophie’s hand and started putting it in her mouth. It was so funny and cute!

Then Rylee took over and took us on the craziest adventure. Her pretend game is on point. She grabbed an airplane out of the sky and I sat on it and broke it (oops). Daddy had a tool to fix it. Then we all had to sit on the couch and buckle up for safety. I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff. I love it.

Sunday we did the exact same thing! It’s so crazy how fast your babies grow. I am mind blown every time I think about it. The girls are just about two months apart and Hayley is so much bigger! It was so precious to snuggle baby Sophie.

I am trying to plan a trip to visit next month. We need a change of scenery. Last year we went in February and we drove through a huge snow storm. I had so much fun hanging out with everyone!


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