Hayley Anne is Five Months

Can you believe it? I can’t, but then again I can. So needless to say there is a huge difference in Hayley from her last update I published. I am bumming over here I wasn’t better at putting them up because I am relying on Rylee’s heavily. I’m constantly coming back to read her updates and the posts in between.

That is one thing I absolutely love about social media. It is so easy for me to look back. Looking at photo albums use to be my favorite thing to do. My parents were able to hook up their old VCR (do some of you even know what that is?!) and play some of our home movies.

I’ll try and recap some monthly highlights. I still took the pictures ; ). Mom brain is real over here…

You loved Halloween. You stayed awake just long enough to check out a couple houses and then fell right asleep. These spooky bones are my absolute fave. Rylee had a grey and pink pair but they were in size 6-12 months which is way too big. This is the month I cut coffee for good. I think it upset your stomach something fierce because you were so so fussy at night. That and colic. Or maybe that caused colic?

Hayley is just like her sister and loved to be on her tummy. AND she loves to sleep on her side. I have yet to get her to sleep on her back the entire night. And in your second month you also started to take to a pacifier more.

Hayley and I on Thanksgiving

This is where things start to get blurry. You absolutely hated the car. And that lasted for about six weeks. The month of November and December were pure magic with the kids. We busted out the bumbo to try and that was a game changer. You loved learning how to sit assisted. Your favorite thing is how Rylee wakes you up in the morning.

In November Rylee started really paying attention to where Hayley was at all times. First thing in the morning she would ask where she was and then run and check on her. It’s now escalated to seeing her, climbing up on her crib and shouting BOO. Hayley ALWAYS smiles. Also, speaking of climbing into cribs…I lucked out and Rylee never did, literally not even once…but now she climbs in and out of her sisters crib. Lucky me for when the time comes.

Hayley 4 Months

It was really really nice to live through the holidays, in the moment. When we opened presents I put the camera on the tripod and let it roll. I don’t have a lot of solid videos like that of the girls. Like I said earlier I love watching videos from when I was younger. So I’m making a point to try and record more often. More candid moments!

From months 4-5 I saw the biggest changes. You roll from your belly to your back, we’re still working on back to belly. AND you have two teeth which is way ahead of your sister. Grandma blames the protein shakes I had when you were in my belly. You still don’t eat any solids but you do have some formula. I bought some teething biscuits for you to try and some oatmeal. Hopefully you like both!!

We don’t go to the doctor until the end of February but you weigh around 13ish pounds. I feel like you are tall because when Rylee tries to pick you up you are half her height. Or at least it looks that way. Things are only going to get more fun from here! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!!! You are by far much more relaxed than Rylee was. Your easy going attitude helps keep me in check and reminds me to let go a little bit more. Keep relaxin’ Baby Hayley.




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