Happy New Year!!! Reflecting on 2017

Happy New Year!!

We had an amazing Christmas/Holiday. I just loved having MMR home with us. Things haven’t really slowed down at all for us since this time last year. By October I wondered why I was feeling so exhausted. Like just mentally, physically and emotionally ready for a vacation. Thinking about how I wanted to welcome the new year here it dawned on me that we have been non-stop for a full year! It was an amazing one and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. SO let’s take a little rewind…

December 2017 –

I start here because it was such an amazing trip to Montana. I loved spending the Holidays with family that we see only once every few years. PLUS my brother and sister got married!! This year I struggled to put plans together. I kept thinking what did I do last year?! OH YEAH – So Stephen & Amanda, have a wedding every year mmkay?!

January 2017 –

We spent most of January down here in Boise trying to figure out where we were going to live. This was mentally and emotionally exhausting. Trying to rent anywhere was turning into a nightmare. The snow was piling up and we ultimately lost our window to go home which resulted in our extended stay. I had that little baby scare. Spent a few weeks on modified bed rest just dying to get home. I could pick a month to do over it would definitely be this one.

February 2017 –

The month we moved. And moved. And moved. MMR got amazing news that he was going to get the job he wanted. So we packed up the necessities in one day, rented a uhaul and Rylee and I said goodbye to Moscow. I’m actually really sad writing that. I would love for Hayley to get a glimpse into what life was like. Moscow will always hold a special place in our heart. BEFORE we even made it to Boise MMR’s truck broke down carrying the uHaul. It was about 10:30 at night and we were still 90ish minutes from my parents. After we unloaded everything at my parents MMR made two more trips to get everything down. PPS – there are still boxes in my garage. OH And we anounced that we were expecting Baby #2.

March 2017 –

This month was all about Rylee’s birthday and trying to settle into a new routine. We are so thankful that our parents took us in. But moving your entire family AND house into someone else’s house is no walk in the park. We officially entered the terrible two’s and the SNOW finally melted. I was a little nervous that I would have to figure out how to get a bounce house staked down in snow. And yes, the fact that I got my toddler a bounce house…enough said ; ).

April 2017 –

Bring on all the parties. I was on some party planning high because I spent a couple weeks planning my own gender reveal. This was the highlight of this month, hands down. I was completely shocked. When the tech told us, I blurted out we’re having a what?! I was 100% convinced that it was a boy. MMR had his 29th birthday which really hit home for us that this. is. life. And we are not mad about it.

May 2017 –

Two big things…Mother’s Day. I had breakfast ready for my mother-in-law when they got home from church. It included donuts, pancakes and strawberry cake pancakes. YUM. It also really hit me that I am going to be a mom of two…two daughters. THEN to be an even more adult, we applied for a home loan. SCARIEST wait of my life. Waiting to hear if you are approved of a home loan is probably the most self-conscious I have ever been. We got approved and we started the process of finding a home is the most common price range ever. This was the most total body exhausted I had felt. I was a total overwhelmed pregnant mess.

**I’m working on a gallery wall for the living room and this is one of the prints I’m having done. MMR did such a good job capturing this moment. PS How was Rylee that little?! It seems so long ago.

June 2017 –

Continue pregnant hormonal mess BUT this time it’s because we closed on our house. I imagined this HGTVesque adventure and it was actually my personal nightmare. From start to finish I think it was 6ish weeks that we started to look and closed on a house. We moved in right away and then spent another six weeks painting, re-arranging and crafting. TO THIS DAY – Rylee’s room is the only room I have revealed in the whole house. As each day in 2018 ticks by I like to think I am that much closer to the next room…the Nursery Hayley’s Room.

I’m beginning to think pregnancy is the theme of the year because my brother and sister-in-law, you know the Montanian’s…they were expecting too. Insert heart emoji’s. They had a gender reveal ultrasound scheduled during their visit and it was amazing to be there for that!! 2017 welcomed all the baby girls. My parents are Grandparents to three GIRLS under THREE. Goodness. It really is a blessing to share a pregnancy with a family member. I’ve been able to share both of mine with sister-in-laws.

July 2017 –

This is when I start to get festive. I mean the Fourth of July is like the peak of summer and one of my favorite holiday’s. I love a good summer BBQ and the Fourth never fails to deliver. This year MMR went out and bought a ton of fireworks for Rylee. She was both excited and terrified. It was the funniest.

**This one too. This pretty much sums up our summer life. And this tank is everything. Hands down my favorite Gray Anchor thank I own.

August 2017 –

BABY MONTH. I spent the entire month wondering when the baby would come. I know, I know I tried to be patient, but ultimately scheduled an induction day for August 24th. Sweet Baby Hayley was born 8/24/2017 at 6:22 PM. You can read her birth story here. MMR had a week off to spend time with us which was so overdue! All summer he worked two jobs and so to have him spend all day with us was a true blessing.

**And these two…man this wall is filling up fast.

September 2017 –

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year. No matter what happens it’s fall and that makes everything better. I planned our fall bucket list and we got to work. We also got to travel to Montana to celebrate Amanda and Baby Sophie. Hayley got to stay in her first hotel and Rylee got to see some early snow. It was so much fun!

October 2017 –

Happy Halloween! Halloween is definitely Rylee’s favorite holiday. She still asks if it’s Halloween yet? And can I go trick or treating? The only way we kept her from getting sad about Halloween was to remind her about Christmas. Rylee wanted to be Moana. I asked my mom if she could  make a costume and she delivered the cutest costume. Trick or treating was the highlight of Rylee’s month and Baby Hayley even made the trek down the street.

November 2017 –

The month of sickness. I kid, kind of. Every winter we get hit hard. It’s something I’m learning to cope with. We survived our very first bout of pink eye. In fact I honestly can say it’s probably been 20ish years since I’ve had it. I managed to keep it contained to JUST Rylee but oh man was that an over-time job. We had an amazing Thanksgiving. It was the perfect kick of to a great Christmas season.

December 2017 –

This last month flew by. I can;t even believe it’s over. I was laying down with Rylee before her nap this afternoon and told her we had to say goodbye to the Christmas tree tomorrow. She. Was. So. Sad. Trust me girl, I wish it could last forever. There were things I for sure want to try next year as far as traditions go. AND I am going to pat myself on the back…I finished shopping early, and I only had to wrap one thing Christmas Eve. The happiest moment of this month was seeing Rylee really grasps the story of Jesus.

When she woke up from her nap I told her that we would have to pack Baby Jesus away until next year but that if she wanted to keep her calendar Baby Jesus she could. Side note – I scored the coolest Advent Calendar at Target, it built a card board manger scene. Each day we would add a figure so we taught Rylee the store with each piece. That and my  real manger were her favorite toys leading up to Christmas.

Writing that out just gave me all the feels! Seriously what a wonderfully busy year. It also got my brain turning on how to make more wonderful memories this coming year. Speaking of new memories…there are going to be some fun amazing changes going on around here. Starting tomorrow we are getting a face lift! During nap time I’m going to be working behind the scenes to switch things over to Our Homespun Life.

Don’t worry, you’ll get the same great company, we’re just going to look a little different. I’ll also be back with a reflection on the Resolutions from last year!

Happy New Year – XoXo OHL

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