May Your Day Be Merry & Bright – Happy Christmas Eve

Good morning! It’s nice and quiet over here. I’m taking it all in before the craziness of the next few days. Plus this view doesn’t disappoint. The day we have to take this tree down I am going to be pretty sad. This is pretty much the only decorating I’ve done since we moved in.

It’s been a hot minute over here since I blogged and I’m kind of okay with that. For the last few months I’ve been thinking about giving this blog it’s more permanent face lift. So amongst life I’ve been working behind the scenes to have an amazing 2018.

With that being said I’m taking today and tomorrow to soak it all in. This Holiday Season I’ve had a heavy heart. But when you ask me what’s wrong I just can’t pin point it to one thing. There was this overwhelming need to keep up with everyone else. I would see gift guide after gift guide and feel pressure to buy at least one thing. There was some serious FOMO with all the things too. This unsettling feeling I had consumed some days making me look back wanting to do it all over again.

This week Rylee has had some sort of stomach bug. Friday and Saturday were brutal. They resulted in impromptu baths and we lost a pair of PJs. Winter time brings out a new obsession in me. Keeping all the germs away, from everyone. Combine this with my other anxiety and I was stressin’ to the max. My Mom’s words of wisdom yet again saved the day…”You can’t miss out because your affraid to get sick.” Now if you know my Mom, that is HUGE coming from her. She has sanitizer running through her veins.

So that’s exactly what I’m doing. Not missing out…I’m finishing this post now that everyone is awake and Rylee left us a messy early Christmas present. Morning shower: 2 – Poor Rylee: 0. BUT we are not going to let that ruin our plans today. I’m not going to let anything ruin our plans for the next two days.

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you all have an amazing day. If the Holiday’s are hard for you, or you’ve been having a hard time, try not to fret and hang in there. Rylee is so excited to see what Santa brings. BUT what makes me the happiest is how excited she is for Baby Jesus tonight at church.

Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child is truly the most magical thing you can witness. It makes all the stress and worry just fall away. Tonight after church we are going to get in our Christmas PJs (if you wake up with them ruined tomorrow Rylee, I won’t even be mad!) and watch a movie.


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