Happy December – The Twelve Days of Crafts

Happy December!! Where did November go?! We are feeling pretty festive over here. Now if December could just slow down so I don’t write my next post saying: “Wait, where did December go!??” That won’t happen, so get used to me because I will be here for at least 12 days ;).

Lately Rylee has been thriving on doing crafts with me. Having her help me DIY is much easier than yelling at her 29019 times to not touch things. So for Christmas as I’m working on things she can work on things too. Plus every time I logged onto Pinterest there were all these cute ideas.

Tonight we have plans to go look at some lights around town so we spent the afternoon at my mother-in-laws. Making any of these are perfect to bring to friends and family for some Holiday Cheer. This afternoon we made these cute mittens.


Day 1: Mittens


  • Construction paper – we used green and white
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Toddler Hands

1. Trace toddlers hand, keep fingers closed and accentuate the thumb. At first I didn’t do that and it looked funny.

2. Cut out hands – I had Rylee help with little scissors. She loves cutting. I think we finally got it down too.

3. Cut out ovals to glue onto the gloves for the faux fur. Rylee also loved the glue.

I put Rylee’s name and date on them so I can put them away once Christmas is over. One of my fave things to do is go through all the old things I had made when I was little.

I hope you guys have an amazing Friday night!!

What are some of your Holiday Traditions?!

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