Wakeup to Makeup – My simple look

Oh Em Gee Guys! I am actually writing a beauty tutorial. Say what?! I am so excited to finally be sharing my love for makeup and beauty with ya’ll. Not going to lie, it is kind of scary. Beauty bloggers have such amazing work, and I’m over here still learning.

The name of the game over here is simplicity. If I can’t get ready in 7ish minutes or less then it’s not happening. Today I’m sharing my everyday look that is so easy and quick. I always start with washing my face, using my acne treatment, and my moisturizer. Side note – if my skin isn’t super dry I skip the regular moisturizer and just use my tinted moisturizer.

Primer –

First I prep my face with Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer. This primer is literally like putting silk on your face. I love this stuff. It helps fill wrinkles and minimizes pores. I use to have such huge pores, I think that’s why I struggled with acne so much in the past. I still have large pores, but since using this stuff my skin is not absorbing my foundation.

Just use one pump on my fingers and then rub all over my face. I focus under my eyes and my T-zone.

Foundation –

I just ordered new foundation to try. I have been on the hunt for a foundation that wasn’t too thick or ‘cakey’. Right now I am using Senegence’s Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer and I cannot sing it’s praise enough. It’s so light an airy and works with my skin to create the perfect match to my skin tone. I wear light and it has just the coverage I need. I can’t wait to try the foundation and see how it works with my tinted moisturizer.

One pump is enough for my whole face. I use a stipple bush and apply all over. Again, focusing on my undereye, nose, forehead and chin.


I use two kinds of concealer. First I use Senegence’s color correcting concealer. It’s the same formula as the moisturizer but offers a little bit more coverage. Then I use ShadowSense – yes actual eyeshadow in the color candlelight. It’s Senegence’s cream to power eye shadow and it adds the perfect touch of covering my bags and adding a little bit of highlight.

A tiny bit goes a long way. I tap my two fingers together and then dot under my eyes. I use my fingers for this. Using a beauty blender or brush just doesn’t give me the coverage I want.


The only thing I put on my eyes most days is mascara. First I curl my lashes, then I apply Senegence’s lash builder. This stuff was a miracle worker when I had my eye infection. Getting my lashes off less than 24 hours after getting them on made them short, and weak. Undersense (the lash builder) works to hydrate and repair damaged lashes. Then I coat it with Maybeline Great Lash Mascara.

Curling your lashes with a toddler on your lap is really fun and hard. After you curl your lashes apply a thin layer of undersense. Make sure it coats all your lashes, its gray so it’s easy to see. Then apply your mascara.


Last but not least I grab one of my top five LipSense colors. Today I’m wearing Bella. It’s one of my go-to everyday colors. I have been gravitating towards more brown tones. Then I top it with my glossy-gloss. I can’t live without this stuff.

Not going to lie if LipSense didn’t last all day I probably wouldn’t wear it. If I have to apply anything more than once it just doesn’t happen. The way it works: three layers in one direction, letting each layer dry (10 seconds max). Once the last layer is dry apply glossy gloss. You might have to apply gloss throughout the day which is fine with me. Its replaced my chapstick addiction and its better for you.

And there you have it! I am off to hang out with my Dad before he leaves for Montana. I need to make a pit stop at the store. Wish me luck. Everywhere seems to be crazy already. PS did you notice my little makeup buddy? She asked to try a few things and I said sure why not…now let’s test and see how long it lasts, or what Daddy says when he gets home!

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