Rylee’s Christmas Wishlist – “For Now”

I’ve been following a couple different threads about what to get your little one’s for Christmas. I was dying to get out of the house after we’ve been couped up with the sickness. I have a goal to be done shopping this year early and to keep it in check.

So we wandered the toy section of Target so Rylee could point out what she would like Santa to bring her. We went down the first isle and I was in for it. One of everything is being brought by Santa. That escalated quickly.

So far anything princess. Rylee saw this cool Ariel doll that came with an outfit. She asked me if Santa could bring this next week. Well played girl, but no…not tomorrow.

She is such a sponge when it comes to watching things around her. The other day we had a complete meltdown because she could not find this silly Shimmer and Shine video. I didn’t even know who Shimmer and Shine were. I think it’s a show? Either way Rylee snagged her eye on another doll. I see a re-occurring theme here.

Before we left we swung by Home, I have my eye on a few entry tables. But Target pulled out this last win for us who are listless. The popular toy end cap…

See those Hatchimals. Rylee wants him too. There are minis available that might make it home to us. Here’s what we had our eye on:

// 1. Betty Spaghetti // 2. Mermaid Barbie // 3. Elsa Play a Melody Doll

// 4. Shimmer Doll // 5. Hatchimal Mini // 6. Hatchimal

Real talk now about gifts and traditions. I try to get one “commercial” toy that is on the most popular list. Then I try to something the provokes imaginitive play. Then some puzzles/books and an outfit. I think we have the commercial category taken care of. I have my work cut out for me.

TODAY only Target has 25% off TOYS. I’m going to knock off one category before Thanksgiving. Who am I?! Use this link and get your shopping done at home. MMR is working today so it’s solo parenting again. This new gig is keeping him so busy.

I want to celebrate all the things this Christmas. It’s a big year for us. Our first Christmas in our new house and Hayley’s first Christmas. I am loving the fact that we don’t have to travel anywhere. This time last year we would’ve been settling in for the week.

Throughout the week I will be sharing some more gift guides for Rylee and Haylee. I have my eye on a few Insta shops for the perfect make believe gifts. ***This post does contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

Happy Shopping friends! Besides shopping what else in on your agenda for the weekend? Tomorrow MMR and I celebrate out SIXTH wedding anniversary! Say what?! I have no idea what we are going to do but either way we will have fun.


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