A Little Bucket List Update

We are plugging away at our bucket list. Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean we stop. I mean, it is still fall. November is one of my favorite months. Hello Thanksgiving! I am adding something to my bucket list (yes I know it’s a little late). I’m adding 30 days of gratitude.

Day One: Family

I am pretty thankful that MMR works so hard so I can stay home. He supports all the wild schemes I cook up. Heck, my whole family supports my little schemes ;). Tell me how are you thankful for your family?!

Day two: Home

Guys…we own our own home. It still hasn’t really sunk in yet. We’ve been so busy with life I forget. This winter I am really buckling down and starting the projects. First thing first…adding some wonderful things to the laundry room….

But first, I’m giving thanks. Thanks to those that helped us get here! MMR and I were really defeated when we moved down here from Moscow. The rental market was insane and taking out a loan to buy a house was just scary.

November is also wedding month. I wanted to get married as close to Thanksgiving as I could so in 2011, November 19th was the day. This year it will be six years!? Where does the time go. Speaking of time. Halloween has already come and gone! I always say that Halloween is the gateway to the Holiday’s. Christmas music may have made a presence in the car today.

We had our first Halloween test run by going Trunk or Treating downtown. Rylee chose to be Moana this year. She is obsessed. It might even trump Frozen at this point. My wonderful Mom made the costume. Rylee has asked to wear her costume a hundred times since. I keep telling her we just need to make it to Tuesday.

It was insane when we got there. We had to wait in line to get to the booths which we were not expecting. We had a blast though looking at the other costumes and enjoying some good music.

Last night Rylee was a pro. She got half a bag of candy just walking up and down our street. We were going to venture down the street but I wanted to hand out some candy. We got home around 8:00 and left our light on until 9:30 and still saw 60ish kids. Year one in our new house d o n e.

We had an extra night of Halloween fun. MMR, Hayley and I went to a Halloween Baby Shower. Kandace, Taylor and I were the three blind mice and Hayley was an honorary mouse.

I’ve got a lot left to do on the to-make part of my bucket list which is fine. I’m at the store right now buying the ingredients to make crock pot cider. I have been craving cider ever since we polished off the stuff from Linder Farms. Rylee had so much fun there. She loved her “pumkin matches”.

In unrelated news I tried a high fitness class with my mom last weekend. Holy moly it was so hard and so wonderful. I. am. obsessed. There are a couple places around the valley that have classes. I am thinking about getting a punch card. It was so nice to workout with other people. I’ve missed that.

Hayley and I had a date night earlier in the month. I took her to Witches Night Out. She loved laying in her solly wrap. That wrap is pure magic.

Last random thought for your Thursday…

Guess what I’m finally going to post tomorrow!!! Baby Hayley’s Birth Story. It’s been in my drafts forever and I am finally done hashing out all the details ;). See you then!


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