Hayley Anne’s Birth Story

Two months later…This is probably one of my favorite posts to write. I have a lot to say so bare with me. I’ll just spoil it a little bit, I chose to get induced. When I mentioned that I wanted to get my membranes swept I got a lot of replies asking why or stating that I should just trust my body and other comments/questions eluding to that.

Up until that point I really didn’t think anyone watched my Insta stories (like really watched them) so I was surprised when I got so many comments. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the conversations that followed but I just didn’t expect it. After that I decided to keep my induction hushed until I wrote this birth story.

It was weird vague blogging/social mediaing and sometimes it’s my biggest pet peeve but now I understand why some people keep things more private. I’ll start the story with a little recap…My 36 week appointment I had shown promising progress. I mentioned it here in my 36 week re-cap. Then 37 weeks came and zero change, and then 38 weeks came and STILL no change. We tried to sweep my membranes and the doctor couldn’t so I asked about inductions and how they work.

Basically we could schedule an induction for anytime after 39 weeks. I scheduled mine for August 24th when I would be exactly 39 weeks. When I told the doctor that worked for me she made the comment about picking her birthday and that it would be a great day. I got kind of weird about my induction after that comment. She didn’t mean anything by it but I am a very ‘whatever will happen will happen person’. I absolutely love my doctor and she could pick up on me wigging out and reassured me that I could cancel up to 48 hours before, or maybe go into labor sooner.

My sister-in-law works at the hospital so literally every day leading up to my induction date I would ask her how busy work was. I wanted to gauge if they would even take me (elective inductions are the first to get re-scheduled if they are really busy). I got my instructions the Friday before and so Monday morning at 5:55 AM I called the charge nurse and she told me someone would have to call me back with a new time. NOOOOOO.

Side note….Rylee stayed at my parents the night before because if I had called labor and delivery and got in right away that would be around 6:15 or 6:30 AM. Which would be way to early for either Rylee to go to my parents or my Mom to come to my house. The charge nurse didn’t know when I would be called back. She said “late morning”. So I went back to bed. I had just fallen back to sleep when my phone rang and it was labor and delivery. They wanted me there at 8:30 and it was around 7:45 when they called. I booked it to get last minute things packed and then hit the road praying that traffic wasn’t going to be bad.

I got checked in and the nurse checked me and NO PROGRESS at all. Insert facepalm/relief that I had made this appointment. The doctor stopped by before she went to the office and let me know how things were going to go down. Step one was to get me hooked up to monitors, get my IV and then start Pitocin and fluids. I got checked around noon and I had progressed to a 3 and it was time to break my water. Let me tell you, that was the weirdest feeling. I am really glad it didn’t happen in public or in my sheets. When I delivered Rylee my water didn’t break until right before I delivered. I had a slow leak for 26ish hours.

Once my water was broken (is that how you say that?!) the contractions really picked up. There were a couple of other women laboring at the same progress I was so I put my name on the list for an epidural. I’m so glad I got one when I did. My contractions starting picking up and I really had to focus through them. I’m also really glad the nurse let me eat lunch before. Once you get an epidural it is a clear liquid only diet.

After I got my epidural I relaxed and took a nap. It is the strangest thing to watch your body progress through a monitor and not feel a single thing. By 4PM I was an 8 and by 5:30 I was a 10. The timing worked out perfect. My doctor was done in the office so she checked me and it was go time. I did some practice pushes with the nurses and then it was go time with the doctor.

Overall I pushed for 45 minutes and sweet baby Hayley was here. The second time around really is totally different than the first. Aside from a shorter labor, the feelings were totally different. Pushing hurt so much more with Hayley than it did with Rylee. At one point I thought she was stuck or trying to go back in. No joke I could feel her sliding back in. TMI warning…I had a slight tear which was way less than with Rylee. I’m talking the doctor said I was maybe 1/2 (so not even a first degree) but with Rylee I ended up with a 3rd degree.

I forgot something…when the doctor broke my water there was macodium in with all the other fluid. So two things with that…One, the NICU team had to be present during delivery just in case. Second, in that moment I 100% knew I had made the right decision to be induced. Because I was sitting at the same progress as week 36 who knows when I would’ve delivered or what would’ve happened if she had sat in there with mecodium. Hayley came out wailing so NICU team didn’t even stay to see her weighed. Since she let out a nice scream she got to stay on my chest for so long.

We did skin to skin and she even got to stay attached for a little while. I think maybe 15ish minutes went by before MMR cut the cord. When I delivered Rylee we had to cut quick and get her over to the table so this was a nice relaxing change of pace. A couple hours later we moved to my recovery room and I sent MMR home to get some rest.

I chose to stay the full amount of time. Who can pass up help in the middle of the night?! And I took full advantage of the nursery. I sent MMR home at night so he could be with Rylee and she could still have her normal routine.

As far as how recovery went…it was so much easier this time around. I showered the next morning, walked around, and could do a lot on my own. I know a lot of that had to do with this being my second baby, your body’s muscle memory truly is amazing. I’m also going to credit my fitness leading up to delivery. I worked out up until the day before I delivered.

Everything is so night and day or not even comparable. So I’m going to end this wonderful post with what I love most, what I’ve struggled with most and thus far if I would do anything different…

What I love most – my two beautiful daughters. I seriously wake up every morning and thank God for giving me these two children. Rylee is such a spitfire and Hayley is just so content just being. I’ve been blessed with high maintenance and low maintenance. The perfect balance for our family.

What I struggle with the most – Mom guilt. It’s real and some days it hits me like a truck. Rylee is very hands on and needs you to acknowledge her all. the. time. I swear she needs me when I cannot attend to her right away. The look of disappointment on her face is soul crushing.

What I would change if I could – I’m not sure anything yet. We are struggling to get on a schedule so I can see that being a regret down the road. But right now in this moment there is nothing I can think of.

For those wondering/have asked us…I don’t feel my family is complete. It’s complete right now but we want more kids. I would have ALL. THE. KIDS if MMR would let me but I can see one maybe two more in our future. If we have one more we did consider them being kind of back to back. I don’t mean Irish twin back to back but maybe 18 months apart? Who am I kidding, I will not be way pregnant in the summer, EVER, EVER again. Looking back I feel like such a rockstar for surviving 62 days of 90 degrees or more and 11 of those were over 100. So…never again will I be in my third trimester in that weather.

This is probably my longest post to date…I could talk about babies all day. Thank you for sticking around and tell me this…

How many kids do you have!? Do you want more??

What is something you love about parenting?

What is something you struggle with parenting?


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