I Left The House, Rylee the Photographer & My First Speed Session

This week has been a really good week. It started out with the best Monday in a really long time. I made it out of the house with both kids by myself. This was the first time and probably made me overconfident with how well it went. We went to the dollar store so I could get some things to organize my pantry and then made a pit stop at Ross.

I need to go back to the dollar store to get more supplies. I’m going to pop my head into Ross and see if they still have that mirror…if they do, it’s mine! At the dollar store I bought a bunch of those plastic organizing bins. I hate not being able to see all the food I have in there. Plus it was time to do some purging. We hadn’t done it since we moved in. Only pay attention to the middle shelf. The rest will be done this weekend.

While I was busy organizing the pantry Rylee decided to play photographer on my phone. Every day I open my photos and there are at least 20 from her I didn’t notice before. She loves taking pictures of herself. I’m teaching her how to take my picture so my Mom can retire ;). It’s a work in progress…

Haylee even hit a big milestone on Monday, she grabbed her first toy. She is awake so much now and loves these kinds of toys.

Yesterday morning I was lucky enough to go running. MMR had the day off so I put my shoes on and headed out the door. If I had to do this workout any later I would’ve been bummin’. It was so hard. The workout was 5×400’s with 400m recovery. Usually I would go to a track but we don’t live really close to one. We do have a street behind our house instead of more houses. It was the perfect distance I needed to run back and forth.

Trying to balance babies and running has been interesting so far. I feed Haylee right before I leave and then I need to feed her right when I get home. Early morning runs are looking more and more practical. I wouldn’t need to worry about a sitter, or have to go during nap times. Haylee usually feeds between 4:30 and 5:30 which is early but I might just have to get use to it. Think of all the productive things I could do when I get home….Like stretch and enjoy some hot chocolate. It was a little chilly out there.

Here’s to hoping waking up early worked out. If it didn’t looks like I might be heading over to my parents to fit it all in or waiting to run until after dinner.

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