2017 Fall Bucket List

We are in full swing enjoying the best time of year. Last year we managed to check a ton of things off our bucket list. You can check out our bucket list from last year here and our update here.

We’ve already checked a couple things off but still…so many things to do.

This year I’m going to break it down by a couple different categories…


  1. Homemade Apple Cider
  2. All Things Pumpkin
  3. Front Door Wreath
  4. Pies – Apple and Pumpkin
  5. Halloween Decor – I’m thinking a cute porch now that I have one.


  1. All the Pumpkin Patches – there are three that I want to go to this year. Side note – I am going to miss the one in Moscow that we had visited so often…maybe we should road trip…
  2. Have a bonfire – we have tons of things to burn here so this would be perfect. Okay, it will be more like a fire pit fire, but I can pretend it’s a bonfire.
  3. Take a hayride
  4. Go hiking
  5. Jump in leaves – we have two trees in our yard so this is totally do-able ;)
  6. Go to the zoo
  7. Tailgate
  8. Go to a haunted house/corn maze – I see a date night in our future.


  1. Scary movies – I want to see one in the theater and then have a movie night at home.
  2. All the Halloween costumes
  3. Read all the books – I am in the middle of the Outlander series so my goal is to have all of them read by 2018. That’s a lofty goal…they are all 1000ish pages!

It’s a whole new ball game now that we are living somewhere new. MMR and I would spend time here during Thanksgiving and a few random weekends in the past. Now we have so much more time to explore! There are a few things on this list that I know Rylee is going to love. It’s an even better treat to experience the Holidays through the kids’ eyes.

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