Hayley Anne One Month Update

Yesterday was Hayley’s one month birthday. I can’t believe she’s already been in our lives for a whole month! She goes to the doctor next month. My guess is she’s well over 9lbs given that she was 8.14lbs two weeks ago. Hayley is 21 inches long. She has outgrown her newborn clothes. Somethings still fit, but for the most part it is 0-3 months or 3 month clothes.

Hayley Loves:

  • Eating – she is an eating champ. Girlfriend will nurse every 4ish hours and when she does I feel like she eats so much.
  • Being held – I’m typing this with one hand right now. My Solly wrap came today so that will be a lifesaver. Edited to add, I had tried the Solly earlier and I could not figure it out, then I had a aha moment, watched the video again and it clicked.
  • Laying with Rylee – Hayley is so patient when it comes to Rylee touching her face, kissing her forehead, trying to hold her hand.
  • Bath time – Whenever she’s naked she hates it. The second Hayley gets into the bath she stops crying and just soaks it all in.

Hayley Hates:

  • Being naked – it’s the worse thing in the world to her.
  • Coffee – I’ve had to cut it out of my diet. Girlfriend can’t hang. I hope to be able to introduce it back into my diet soon. Sorry coffee, I do miss you but I love Hayley more.
  • Being put into her carseat – Once she’s in there she’s happy as a clam. Until then…there are lots of tears and partially why I am so late.
  • The quiet – This is kind of blessing given who Rylee is. She is my wild child and the chances of her using an inside voice are slim to none.

I want to give a shout out of huge thanks to my tribe here online. Us mama’s need to stick together and it makes me so happy to talk to them each day! There are times that I have felt alone, or that I am the only one who has gone through this. Then I reach out and I’m not. Certain seasons of life are hard, and for those who have been so supportive, I love you!! Hayley and I sure appreciate it.

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