Four Week Postpartum Check-in

This past week has been an absolute hot mess. The true definition of parenting fails…or maybe I was winning the whole time and just didn’t know it? As each week passes we get more and more comfortable in our new routine but at the same time we get more and more uncomfortable with our new routine. I’ve had so much support this week I actually broke down and cried because I was so thankful. It’s amazing what a good support system can do for you. Just remember you are never alone on the island you think you are!

Physical Feels –

Physically I am feeling amazing. I hit all my workouts this week and I feel great about where I’m at. I’m doing the complete 21 Day Fix, I’m even trying to keep up with the meal plan.

Monday: Total Body Cardio…Kicked my trash. So, so hard. I think I only did this workout a couple times during my pregnancy because it is pretty intense. My heart rate definitely stayed up there. During the workout I kept reminding myself that this is a great workout to get my into running shape.

Tuesday: I was so sore from Monday. Like I could hardly sit on the toilet or walk sore. It had been a. long. long. time since I had been that sore. Good thing I had Upper Fix on the calendar so I could not focus on my legs and just workout my arms. I really enjoyed this workout. When I was pregnant I had to modify the whole second half due to push-ups or laying flat on my back. Not this time! Hello full out.

Wednesday: Rest day – I couldn’t walk so there was no way I could do lower fix.

Thursday: Lower fix…Burned so good on my somewhat recovered legs. I think I need to pull out the foam roller to get some of that lactic acid out. I hate the foam roller though.

Friday: Cardio Fix & 1/2 Pilates Fix – I hate cardio. I told MMR yesterday that I absolutely despise any form of cardio than running. The reason I hate it…It’s hard and I have to actually apply all the mental effort I can to not quite. Huffing and puffing was an understatement. Since I took a rest day one of the workouts I missed was Pilates Fix. I split it up between yesterday and today. There are still quite a few exercises I couldn’t do in the pilates workout. I modified where I could and stretched where I couldn’t.

Saturday: Dirty 30 & 1/2 Pilates Fix – Dirty 30 is my absolute favorite workout in the series. I would do this one all the time during pregnancy. It’s the perfect total body workout. Every exercise incorporates more than one muscle. My legs are definitely feeling tired already so it’s a good thing that Yoga is on the schedule today. I need a good stretch.

Next week it’s the same schedule so hopefully I don’t need an impromptu rest day. That’s the goal. Okay, I have two goals, no rest days and to keep up with my workouts while we are out of town. That is one of the amazing things about Beachbody on Demand…I just download or use the wifi and push play!

Emotional Feels –

Anything that could go wrong did go wrong. There are definitely expectations that I had that are 100% not being met. Expectation one…leaving the house with a baby is totally easy, especially because your toddler knows how to leave the house. I could not be more wrong…Monday we were meeting my mom to get some stuff for my sister-in-laws shower and I was 40 minutes late. Good thing my mom is patient because that is so so late. Tuesday same thing happened, we were 15 minutes late to our THIRTY minute dance class. Monday and Tuesday was due to Rylee being her sassy self but Wednesday I was frustrated with Hayley (insert mom guilt being frustrated with my newborn).

Hayley has been extremely fussy this week. It’s like all the good things I said about her being a calm baby, so relax and chill was thrown back into my face. Sunday night I noticed she started snorting more than normal. By Monday she was full blown sniffling trying to breathe. So I’m guessing some of her fussiness is due to a small cold (the one she caught from Rylee).

We also get really fussy after she eats. She will arch her back and just be uncomfortable and tense. I started panicking that it is my milk, I want breastfeeding to work more than ever. I have a lot of milk to offer. So I reached out to my insta tribe and coffee was the number one culprit. Lord knows I’ve been having multiple cups throughout the day.

Yesterday was my first day without coffee in I don’t know how many years and it was rough. Rough is kind of an understatement. I had a huge headache before noon and it lasted until about 3AM. BUT Hayley was so much happier after her morning feeding and her lunch feeding. Same thing for today, she is so much happier. I’m sad to see coffee go. I had some hot chocolate this morning so I can still be apart of the warm drink in the AM club.  How do you guys feel about pumpkin spice hot chocolate?! ;)

So on top of all of that I’ve felt a lot of guilt this week. Rylee has been sent to her room more times than I would’ve liked. When that happens Hayley is screaming because she wants to be held or she is trying to sleep. On the other side, Hayley had been fussier than normal so Rylee’s time suffered. I have this unrealistic expectation to be perfect for both kids. This is a work in progress and I know I am doing the best I can!

Things can only go up from this week. I’ve learned a lot of lessons this week. Starting with keeping my house more organized (it has been such a hot mess with laundry and dishes and toys). We have a couple of early mornings each week so setting our stuff out the night before is a must. Think about how much easier it would be if I stuck to that. <–That was more a rhetorical statement to myself, and to keep myself accountable. It’s amazing how I stick to things if I write them here.

We are spending the night at my parents house, MMR is hunting this weekend. So I need to get some stuff ready/picked up/packed before I head over there. See, look at me, it’s already starting!


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