Workout Wednesday Highlights – Re-creating a Workout

This month for Workout Wednesday I am looking back at the top five posts in the series from March through July. I’ll be working backwards and sharing number five with you today. You can check out the original workout from April. I had so much fun working out at the park with Rylee that afternoon. It’s also fun to look back and reflect on a couple of things. One, I thought I was super pregnant at the time, and wrong I am actually super pregnant now. Two, we actually had pretty nice weather. For the longest time I begged and wanted the 90 degree temps to come. Now I can say I’m totally over it. I miss pants and sweaters.

Today’s workout is going to be pretty modified. I won’t be doing any box jumps until October, and I don’t think I’ll be taking it to the park. It’s suppose to be 101 today and there is zero shade in our neighborhood playground until 8:00 PM. So today we did a little bit of strength work on my front porch. Boy was it hot! Tonight when it cools down a little bit Rylee and I are going to walk around the neighborhood. It’s hard to believe I have not done that yet!

So here’s today’s workout…just one day shy of 36 weeks. Warm-up/cardio, Country Heat. I am in love with that workout series. It’s such a great cardio workout with just the right amount of impact I need right now. Then here was the meat of the workout:

  1. Step Up’s – 10 reps each leg

2. Push Ups – 10 reps

3. Stability Lunges – 10 reps each leg

4. Lat Pull Down – 10 reps each arm

This workout was really fun. I miss putting workouts together. Looks like I will have to definitely get back into the swing of things after I have the baby. Can you believe I am 36 weeks tomorrow?! I can’t. We’ll see how tomorrow’s appointment goes and maybe we will be on Baby Watch 2.0.

Now I am off to pick up the mess I started…going through baby things in the garage and pulling them into my house. I had a mini freak out this morning about how we were still back to square one of being zero prepared.


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