Workout Wednesday Highlights: Body Positivity For Yourself

Happy Workout Wednesday! What are you doing today to get sweaty?? I did a Country Heat workout and then some more upper body work. Not going to lie my arms are a little sore from yesterdays workout. If your just tuning in here, this month for Workout Wednesday I am sharing the top five posts from the series. Last week you can check out a workout I re-created to fit my current pregnancy needs. The next popular post was my body positivity post and this week’s spin off is about loving yourself.

Tomorrow marks the day that I am full term with baby number two. I’ve written in the past that no one can prepare you for those postpartum months. Everything I thought I knew I had no clue. Some of those things are coming back into my mind. I just need to trust myself and the process that I’ve worked so hard to maintain and follow up to this point. Trusting yourself and that what your doing to give yourself the best possible life is where it all starts. The second you start doubting that is the second you start letting the negativity in.

Let’s face it, we spend so many moments a day picking apart the pieces of us we don’t like. Over the course of these last few weeks I’ve been trying to look in the mirror and focus on the things I like about myself. Focusing on these things can create such a positive feeling within. When you get dressed in the morning pick something that you normally pick apart. For me it’s usually my lower half. I’ve come to terms that I will never have a thigh gap, and I’m not even sure I want to strive to have a thigh gap.

My legs are strong. The keep me upright, standing and standing proud at that. I love running and that is one of the things I am looking forward to after I have the baby. Getting back into running is scary, exciting and 89% done with my legs. My legs are strong and have gotten me to the finish line of seven half marathons. I love doing squats and the way they feel after a hard leg day. When I look in the mirror I try not to focus on the fact that they touch but what they’ve let me accomplish. Knowing that my hard work has left me feeling this way makes it really hard to let negative thoughts creep in.

What about our midsection. This is considered not something your should bring up with others because it is probably the number one problem area. I had one goal before I got pregnant with Baby Girl, lose the extra belly fat. Well my friends, that didn’t happen and was something I struggled hard with. I was actually really excited to find out I would be pregnant because it meant I would have a big stomach due to a baby and not anything else. That right there, is no way to think. Own your midsection and love it. Mine will forever look different than it did when I was 21 and I am more than okay with that. I’ve grown two babies to term and dealt with the aftermath of that. Having a baby is the greatest gift God can give women. Why bash or hate on your babies home?

In my postpartum days I was really unhappy with my upper body. It’s like it blew up like a balloon. And…post breast feeding?! Yeah no one prepared me for how much work my chest needed. It’s been a focus of mine for a while and I can start to see some definition. I’ve been praising and celebrating these gains (not to be a meathead). If your upper body is the part that you criticize the most, take 2 minutes to celebrate something it has done for you. For me, my arms have rocked a baby of all sizes to sleep for hours. My upper body has fed a child. I’ve done manual labor that I never thought would be possible. Whatever your accomplishment is celebrate it!

The most important part of all is to celebrate the beauty within. Did you know that when you feel good about who you are as a whole you radiate confidence. Which in turn surrounds you with people who radiate the same confidence. I was just scrolling through my Instagram and I kid you not, the first 40 posts were all of women smiling, laughing, just overall being happy. It’s important to surround yourself with positive people. Whatever you do remember that you are you for a reason. Rejoice in that and you will be the happiest, most beautiful and positive person around.




One thought on “Workout Wednesday Highlights: Body Positivity For Yourself

  1. Way to go. Proud of all you for all you have done during this pregnancy
    I look in the mirror at about 12 feet away. I guess I don’t look too bad if you don’t look at the arms, legs, belly, you get the gist…:-)
    Bit then again I don’t have your stamina or regimemt.
    Keep it

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