Rylee’s First Dance Recital

Last night was Rylee’s first dance recital. She did amazing and had so much fun! Her summer dance class came to an end this week so to wrap things up the studio held an outdoor summer recital. Back in June when we started classes I was really nervous how she would do. It was her first independent class and she nailed it. Rylee didn’t need me at all. I think last nights show was the start of many years of recitals. Dance Moms here I come.

Before her show we got had a barbecue in the park with my parents, my MIL, Taylor and MMR. We grilled up some dogs and burger, had some salads and then Taylor made these amazing tutu cupcakes.

We were able to score a covered picnic area which made a nice place to take a break from the heat. After we ate I had to put Rylee’s independence to the test. I dropped her off with her class and then went to find my seat. I’m not going to lie I felt really nervous, a couple of moms volunteered to keep an eye on the kids…I was not one of those parents. Rylee tends to wander off but last night she did really well.

Mom of the year award over here. I got one picture of us at the end and that’s it for photos. BUT we did get a video of it so enjoy! Rylee is the blondie with the Elsa bathing suite and pinkish grass skirt.

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