We Made It – 36 Weeks & A Look Into Our Weekend

Well I made it to 36 weeks, 9 whole months of pregnancy. I tend to forget that your technically not full term until 37 weeks. So I’ll sit tight until Thursday and then I can really start pushing all the things to get this baby out. But then again maybe I won’t have to? I had an epiphany this weekend and I am surprisingly handling it well. MMR wanted to kill me when I was pregnant with Rylee. Every. single. day I kept asking when she was going to come. If this method would work and I truly thought I was ready right then and there to have her make her debut.

I am more patient, not pushy and just overall relaxed this time around. I’m actually quite shocked that I am behaving this way. There are a couple of things that might be contributing to that. One, childbirth, I didn’t think that through when I got pregnant. Yes, I am willingly going to go through that again. It is so worth it but at the same time, but I am in no rush to have that happen again. Two, sleep. Rylee and I just got into a good sleep pattern/habit and now my world is going to be rocked. Three, I can now say I am a mom of two. That in itself is something I’ve been trying to brace myself for but still feel totally unprepared.

I know you can never be fully prepared. Knowing what I know now I think I can handle the infant part. I am slightly terrified for maneuvering two. At the same time little miss Rylee is going to be my sidekick more than ever and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

How Pregnant Am I:

36 weeks 4 days.

How Big is Baby:

Baby is the size of a throw pillow. Throw pillows are soft and fluffy and this baby will be soft and cuddly but I’m having a hard time picturing her as a throw pillow.


I’m going to miss these cute little comparisons. Baby girl is also considered the size of a papaya. Baby girl is just getting ready for her big debut. The waxy covering on her body is almost gone and she is dropping slowly. Or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

What’s Left To-Do:

  • Clean room: Wash walls, windows and carpet. We didn’t do this when we moved in because why put off what I should’ve done then ;)
  • Paint walls and dresser: Before I even put anything in there I need to get these things done, no one wants to shuffle things around unnecessarily
  • Post Nursery Inspo – I will have that post LIVE here a week from tomorrow (Sunday)
  • Get crib
  • Make Dream catcher
  • Pack Hospital Bag
  • Find Name Sign

I didn’t get the dream catcher done. I’m getting some supplies tomorrow morning. That can get checked off my list the next time I write a recap for you. I added packing my hospital bag now that I am doing laundry and getting smaller baby things organized. I even pulled out the car seat and washed it. Guys, the dresser has been on my list for over four weeks now. It is getting done on Wednesday. End of story.

Body Changes:

Here is where the fun stuff will be talked about! My body is already starting to progress. Now that means something but nothing at the same time. I had to have my group B step test done so I got checked at the same time. I have not been quiet about the Braxton Hicks I’ve been feeling. They’ve picked up, changed how they feel and are just more noticeable and intense.

With that being said I am 1cm dilated, and 50% effaced. I keep telling myself that is good news because I didn’t see dilation with Rylee until 37 weeks and my effacement was not at 50% until right before I delivered. Now I think it means nothing at the same time because when I did see progress with Rylee at 37 weeks I sat with the same numbers until they started Pitocin. Over the weekend contractions definitely have picked up and grace me with their presence off and on all day. Let’s hope my body is still making progress because Pitocin is not my end goal this time around.


Monday – Country Heat

Tuesday – 21 Day Fix: Lower Fix

Wednesday – Country Heat

Thursday – 21 Day Fix: Dirty Dozen (total body workout with weights)

Friday – Country Heat

Saturday – Walked around the farmers market – I am counting this as a workout because afterwards I felt like I had ran a half marathon

Sunday – Walked around Target – again I felt like I ran a half marathon – then when I got home I did 21 Day Fix: Upper Fix

PS – I heard dancing helps induce labor so bring on all the Country Heat workouts this week.

What I’ve Been Eating:

I have my cooking mojo back. Tonight I am making something delicious by MMR’s request and I have the rest of the week planned out. Also, can I just tell you how good it feels that I haven’t eaten out but maybe once a week?! It really does feel like a treat when I do. This week I have a couple of freezer meals planned so that I have something easy to make once the baby comes. Now we just need to move my freezer from my parents house.

Any Movement:

A poke here and there. Baby girl is head down and laying on her side so when she stretches her legs out my right side feels it. Literally the side of my body moves. I didn’t know that my uterus stretched that far.


For the most part everything has been mellow. Like I said I am trying to practice patience and not get on everyone’s nerves.

Buying for Baby:

Our matching leggings came in the mail on Saturday and they are beyond adorable. Target also never fails to have the cutest baby clothes.

Looking Ahead:

My appointment on Thursday and to be officially “full term”. Rylee has her dance recital to wrap up her summer ballet class on Wednesday so that will be adorable. Plus we are having a barbecue afterwards in the park so that will be fun! Oh and I almost forgot my birthday is Saturday. Who forgets their own birthday?! It snuck up on my this year so if you have any fun suggestions on what to do, send them my way,

Highlight of the Week:

MMR and I made no plans this entire weekend and it was so nice to just get out and be in the moment. Sometimes I try to schedule myself so full that I just don’t enjoy things or go through the motions. I definitely need to make this a habit because it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

MMR’s cousin got married Friday night. It was a beautiful backyard ceremony. We also got to spend some time catching up with MMR’s family. Have I mentioned I love living close to such great people?! Rylee had a blast as usual. She is a dancing queen at weddings. MMR and I joke that no one is going to invite us to their weddings anymore. Rylee keeps stealing the show.

Sitting out in the heat might’ve done me in. The heat and smoke here in Idaho is out of control. Saturday the weather wasn’t any better, still hot and still smokey. But that didn’t stop us from headed out to the Saturday market. Now I can officially cross that off our bucket list. We made a pit stop at first to walk around the Capital.

Then we made it to the mini donuts and turned around to head home. I got so uncomfortable walking. Plus you know the heat I keep complaining about. By the time Sunday rolled around I did not want to do anything at all. I managed to make a Target run to hit up the dollar spot. I had heard they had amazing school supplies for all ages so I picked up some things for Rylee. Today I feel like I have a mom hangover. As soon as I hit publish here I’m going to switch over baby girl laundry and push play on a workout. Maybe that will give me the boost of energy I need to get through the rest of the day.

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  1. Target was fun. We will have to get busy and get some cute things for the little misses. Hope you enjoy the flowey tops we bought for your birthday (early) I am getting excited for Rylee’s mini dance debut. The BBQ will be fun!

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