It’s August, You Know What That Means…Baby Month

So Happy August 1st! I’m acting as if it’s a holiday and to me it kind of is. It’s baby month. Hopefully sometime in the next 30 days we will be bringing Baby Girl home and becoming a family of four. As I am typing this I am actually looking at Pinterest to find the perfect pair of joggers for me to wear home. So if you have a favorite pair send them over to me.

I’m trying to make progress where I can so today I’m focusing on getting things put together for my hospital bag. The hospital bag is something I totally forgot about putting together. This time around I want to be more organized. No joke when we left the hospital with Rylee we had so many bags. Our main bag, and then so many small bags. Not this time around. We are going to be more prepared and I am going to plant that sucker right next to the door.

This time around I guess we need to be more prepared because we have to make a pit stop to drop Rylee off before we head to the hospital. Or at least have her things ready in a bag for someone to come here to pick her up. The many different scenarios that could happen have me feeling a little stressed. It’s not just the scenarios that have me stressed this whole giving birth thing feels different this time around.

I’ve already mentioned a million times that I feel unprepared as far as her room, and unpacking things that I might need in the first few days but I also feel mentally unprepared. When you have your first baby you are really naive to what exactly is going to happen. It’s nothing like the movies and it’s nothing like you’ve dreamed of. Well now that I am looking back or well looking forward I guess, things are coming back to me that I am oddly nervous about. For example, do I really know if my water breaks? It didn’t last time, so what if we end up with a really long labor like before? Or, the day you have to go home.

I re-read my birth story with Rylee and all sorts of things that I didn’t share started to come back to me. I won’t go into the gory details. Trust me no one wants to read that. Well, maybe they do, and if that’s the case, message me and ask away! Then I went back and re-read my baby plans and that’s what is leading me to talk about them again today. It’s fresh in my mind and there are some very different things I’m going to try this time around.

I have my 36 week appointment on Thursday and I will need to ask about addmitance papers. MMR and I were extremely lucky to get to fill those out ahead of time when I was pregnant with Rylee. When I was in labor was check in with the main front desk (the hospital was really small and the maternity ward was a completely locked unit) then they opened the doors and escorted me to a triage room. According to my checklist here’s what I’m hoping will be a probably…

  • vaginal birth
  • MMR will be the only one with me
  • epidural
  • no forceps or vacuums or anything like that

Things that made the list the first time but probably won’t happen…

  • different birthing positions – I want the epidural end of story.
  • I thought there was more and there wasn’t

I wrote my birth plan out 6 days before I delivered Rylee. This time around I have a little bit of a different view on things. Let’s talk induction for a minute. At my appointment this week I’m going to ask about it around 39 weeks. BUT on the other hand I’m hoping I don’t go that long and that I don’t have to worry about it. A part of me knows that she will come when she comes.

The other hand Rylee only partially came on her own, I still needed medical intervention after spending 12+ hours trying to labor on my own. So, going into this delivery I want to see what the doctor can do for me starting at 37 weeks and go from there. I want options and to be able to maybe labor at home for a little bit. I’m really anxious to leave Rylee so the more time I can spend at home with her the better. Or the more I can prepare her for what’s to come the better.

At the end of the day I have no control over anything and just have to trust the process. I am just entering the last month and it’s totally true when they say the last month of pregnancy lasts 438,549,058,309 days. So for now I’ll just focus on wrangling Rylee and getting everything else ready for Baby Girl’s debut.

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