Perfectly Unplanned Fourth of July

In years past we have had something “officially” planned for the 4th and this year we were the complete opposite. I am so glad we went with the opposite. Rylee has had just about enough of the unstructured life. I like to call myself the lax scheduler when it comes to Rylee. We set windows of time to get things done. Our typical day looks like this:

  • wake up between 8 & 9
  • eat breakfast/get ready/workout/run errands between 9 & 12
  • eat lunch 12-1
  • nap between 1-4 (it depends on the day what time she goes down/wakes up)
  • open schedule 4-9:30 – this is where we might go out to hang with friends/family/play/do whatever because daddy is home
  • bed time 9:30

I don’t do the specific time thing, it doesn’t work for our lifestyle. We know when we want/need to be home and when we can brave being out. However, the last month we have even through my lax schedule out the window. Between moving, family coming to town and the holiday we are all out of wack.

It’s no secret the Fourth of July is in the top three fave holidays. I like to get decked out, eat delicious food, drink beer (when I can), and blow things up. Let’s just say the beginning of the day turned into a disaster. Rylee had enough before the day even began.

Monday night we went boating again which marked the 4th day in a row we got home later than 10:00 PM. So when Rylee woke up she wanted nothing to do with leaving the house again all day. We battled to get out the door, we battled once we got to my parents, we battled our nap for two hours (I will fight to the death for her nap, we miss that and it’s all out war). Thankfully she finally went to sleep and woke up her normal chipper self.

I was able to salvage the day with a swim play date with my parents neighbors and then we headed to my in-laws for an impromptu BBQ and fireworks. Thank goodness I was able to still get my holiday fix. It didn’t come without a meltdown but I think I would flip out too. Rylee wanted a second cupcake before dinner and everyone she asked said no. Luckily it didn’t last long because MMR FINALLY got off work and was able to partake in the festivities!

We filled the rest of the evening with food and family and it was all I could ask for. Rylee got to swim again in the kiddie pool, and then in the big pool. Girlfriend is a fish. Speaking of kidding pools…that is the first thing I am going to purchase tomorrow. Rylee took a swim break to watch some Trolls while we waited for it to get dark outside.

I refused to look at my watch at all because we were having so much fun. Note to self it really doesn’t get dark until AFTER 9:30 PM. I had big goals to be home somewhat early which is why we skipped out on the big fireworks. FAIL. But the fail was totally worth it because we had so much fun.

Here in Idaho I swear everyone celebrates a week early because you can easily purchase fireworks. Rylee does not like the big ones whatsoever. If they are bright and quiet she loves them, loud not so much. The only way she would tolerate the big ones is if she was touching someone. We started with holding hands…

And ended with full on death grip to your neck. Here are a few other precious moments from last night…

As long as Daddy is doing it, it’s fine and fun.

Silent and pretty sparklers were her favorite.

So today if you need us we are hulled up inside. I told myself we needed a refresh to get back on track. It’s 100% my fault when things get out of hand like this past month. I’m not saying that to be a martyr. Rylee has zero control over how our days go and what we do. She has influence sure, but at the end of the day I decide if it’s a good idea to go out or stay in.

Today has been AMAZING. There has been zero conflict (I’m not counting the fact that she wanted a popsicle at 9:00 AM). we both have done things to make us happy which in my book is the best day ever!

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