Workout Chat, Fave Desert & It’s Official – A HUGE Weekend Recap

How was everyone’s weekend?! Mine was full of workouts (I’m counting Thursday and Friday in this one), yummy food, and our first weekend hanging out in our NEW HOUSE. Beware…this house thing is something we will be talking about a lot here. Bring on the DIY, decorating and just oversharing.

Anyways…back to my workouts…Thursday I was finally able to meet Amber at the gym in the morning. I am really glad I did because now I live farther away and on my own so the chances of me getting to go in the mornings are slim to none. Did you also know it was National Best Friends Day on Thursday?

I am actually really sad that I won’t get to be a guest that often anymore at the gym. It’s been really nice having a buddy to work out with, and to be honest it’s been nice to have an uninterrupted workout. I’m hoping that since we will be in the Boise area two days a week then I can squeeze in some gym sessions then! Until then I need to make sure I keep my motivation in check.

So for now I will ramp up my home workouts and keep trucking along. It helps to have so many resources at hand. Shameless plug here…88% of the time I don’t want to think about putting together a workout, or pull out an index card (it’s where I put all my workouts together), I turn to my netflix of workouts…Beach Body on Demand. It has saved me a ton of times. You seriously can’t go wrong with 25-30 minutes of a great workout, without leaving your house. This past week when I wasn’t able to workout anywhere else, I combined workouts to get a longer session in. You have so many choices going this route.

Now on the complete naughty side of working out, my mother in law made these AMAZING lemon bars. Lemon desserts are the key to my heart. I was having such a terrible Monday my mother in law was like, “wait, don’t go home until you have this treat”. It will make you so happy…sure enough LEMON BARS come out of the oven.

It’s funny because earlier in the day I mentioned on Instagram that you can’t go wrong with chocolate either. Looking back by Monday night I really had no reason whatsoever to be cranky. Fast forward to Thursday and we had a very important meeting…Closing on our HOUSE. So I was going to post all about it today but I decided that it would make this post over 2000 words and I might loose you and I would hate for that to happen. Long story short we all packed up and headed over to the title company to get ‘er done.

Rylee even had her own room to play in. So for the hundreds of thousands we spent we got a cool room for Rylee to play in, a hand cramp, pens, a flash drive and three pieces of candy. I’m not kidding on the candy either as we were leaving I spotted a bowl in the waiting room and took a piece and MMR took two. PPS too bad the iPad didn’t come with it…that would’ve been a pretty sweet deal.

Like I said, I thought about talking all about how we spent the weekend at the house but I want to start from the beginning and share our story about finding a house. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it so I think it needs it’s own couple of posts. This week is going to be pretty crazy. I have two doctors appointments for Rylee…she was sick over the weekend. I won’t show you a picture of her being sick, I’ll just show you a picture of her crazy hair Friday morning.

We discovered Rylee is allergic to amoxicillan just like me so that was tons of fun dealing with Saturday after slaving away all day cleaning at our new house. On top of getting her better, I have my glucose test tomorrow. Wish me luck on that one too, I failed when I was pregnant with Rylee. I would rather not spend three hours getting poked again. The internet won’t be installed at our new house until Thursday. So bear with me if things get a little quiet or are more scripted than usual.

My brother and sister-in-law come into town on Saturday and we have a weekend full of fun. Well I have a week planned of fun so it is busy central. I will share with you one last thing…In my pregnancy recap I mentioned that I got my nesting fix this weekend. I had no idea how sore my arms would be from wiping walls. Call me a freak but I seriously felt so much better knowing I washed every single wall in the house.

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  1. We are so happy for your new home. Will have to have a house warming party sometime. Kind of like a house warming / new baby all in one fell swoop.
    Congratulations on your families FIRST home of your own. No landlords! !!!!

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