Week 29 – Baby #2 Pregnancy Update

We’ve had such a fun morning so far. I love spending time with my brother and sister in law. We went to breakfast, had a baby appointment, swam (finally) and now MMR and I are headed to dinner and Phantom of the Opera! I am seriously so excited to see this show. It is my absolute favorite Broadway show and I have been waiting so long for it to go back on tour.

I mentioned yesterday that my life has consisted of eating cereal, unpacking and sleeping so today and this next week is a welcomed change of pace. In baby news though I think a few things have changed. Probably mostly my attitude but I think that comes with the third trimester territory.

How Pregnant Am I:

29 weeks 3 days.

How Big is Baby:

Baby is the size of a giant banana split. I love the emphasis on giant. That sounds about right.

Baby girl is also comparable to an acorn squash or a hawaiian pineapple. Now I’m sold on the squash but maybe not the pineapple. It might be a little too soon for that one. According to my Bump App it says baby is measuring between 15-16 inches long which is crazy. Rylee was 19 when she was born which means we don’t have too much longer to go. Cool fact for your Saturday…Baby is already dreaming.

What’s Left To-Do:

E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G – seriously. Everything. It’s starting to stress me out but on the flip side it will make the next 10 weeks fly by. I guess we have clothes, at least I think we do. Here is my mini to-do list for this week:

  • Paint dresser – we are using Rylee’s old dresser and Rylee is getting my old dresser. Hand me downs for the win.
  • Pick out a crib – We are going to try and find a basic white convertible crib. We are going to keep Rylee with her’s so let the shopping begin.

On top of everything else in shambles around me I figured this was most do-able. My mom bless her heart has deep cleaned, and painted four rooms in our house. I am kind of bumming I am pregnant because I have been zero help. Stupid chemicals.


Body Changes:

I have a cold. Lucky me. I got really sick this time last pregnancy as well. Rylee’s viral infection turned into a respiratory infection and her and I share everything so here we are. Hopefully it stays pretty mild because of the whole no cold medicine thing.

Sleep also sucks. I completely wake up every time I roll over. It has become such a chore to get out of bed its quite comical.


Monday – Shaun T Day 1:

Tuesday – Shaun T Day 2

Wednesday – Shaun T Day 3 – Name Game Workout

Thursday – Shaun T Day 4 –

Friday – Shaun T Day 5 – Name Game Workout

Saturday – Shaun T Day 6

What I’ve Been Eating:

Can we just glaze over this. My diet has been crap. Absolute crap. My goal after my brother and sister in law leave is to not eat out for an entire month. That’s how bad it’s been. I say after the leave because you know I need to show them the coolest places to eat out and indulge with them.

Any Movement:

Jabs and pokes. I think we’ve run out of room in there. I swear I saw an entire outline of a heel poking out from under my ribs. I talked to my doctor about the pain that comes with it and guess what?! It’s completely normal. Baby is head down and will hopefully stay that way. At my appointment on Tuesday she said her spine was on my left side which meant her legs kick out to the right. The exact spot it hurts so that makes total sense.


Crank city is my middle name. I have been so moody this week. It flips on a dime too. One minute I’m happy and then the tiniest thing changes my mood completely.

Buying for Baby:

Nothing new this week. I’ve been saving it for my shopping trips with Amanda and for some other stars to align. Hopefully next week I have a beautiful haul to show ya’ll.

Looking Ahead:

A week full of adventures with the family and unboxing the house piece by piece. Father’s Day is tomorrow so that is special too.

Highlight of the Week:

Going to the doctor. I had my glucose test and I passed. I was so scared I would fail again but turns out I had nothing to worry about. This pregnancy I have done so many things differently. I am so much more active, I pay attention to what I’m putting in my body. Even though I’ve been eating out a lot I try and balance it out. Instead of McDonald’s cheese burgers everyday (its a real craving I’ve been walking away from) I would get soup and salad or a turkey sandwich.

Your first pregnancy is such a learning experience. I wish I could bottle all the things I learned and have done differently. Now that I type that out…I see a series coming up.


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