Tuesday Tangents: Sick Rylee, More Moving and a Funny Story

So we survived Monday huh?! We are one day closer to sleeping in our house. We are thinking by tomorrow night we will be sleeping here and then going back to my moms for everything else. Just kidding…hopefully. We are making progress and yesterday we got some kitchen boxes put away and the trailer we are borrowing somewhat loaded. Our goal today is to finish getting the trailer loaded and parked in front of our new house.

One thing I sure am thankful for…the weather, and that I am not more pregnant than I am now. It’s only going to be about 70ish today which is still hot to someone with my pregnancy condition. If it was 90 though I would 100% be dead. With the “pregnancy condition” if I were further along I would be of no help. At least I can still bend and pick some things up.

Technically since I am in my third trimester I shouldn’t be lifting too many things straight from the ground. I’m sure if I was well into my third trimester no one would be impressed with me barking orders on where to put things. I will say though I am so glad that this will be done before baby girl arrived. There were a few moments in the past months where it was touch and go that the four of us would be living with my parents come the fall.

Since we went to the house first thing yesterday morning Rylee was still feeling a little sick. On Saturday she ended up having a reaction to the amoxicillin. The doctor ended up putting her on something different for her infection. She now has one known allergy. BUT on the flip side I am thankful that she only has one. Rylee still had a rash when she woke up but by the time she woke up from her nap she was back to her chipper self. Let’s hope this stays. The ups and downs with sickness I am not good at handling.

Spending time with MMR during the week is a rare thing. He works two jobs Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other Saturday which makes him gone from the house 14ish hours those days. So we took a break from moving things to squeeze in watching a movie. We watched Beauty and the Beast. MMR wanted to see it so I was not complaining. Rylee made it almost through the entire movie, I think it was a little hard for her to stay engaged with the real life, even with the singing. She just loves the cartoon Disney movies. Those she can watch over, and over and over.

Before the whole day started I got my workout in. It’s been a long time since I’ve been up and working out at the house before anyone is awake. I knew we had a busy day running out to the house, and making sure Rylee got a good nap, then loading/working the rest of the day. If I didn’t get up and get it my workout in early it wasn’t going to happen.

I drank TWO of those water bottles during my workout. It’s Shaun T Week in Beachbody land so I did Day One: Insane Basics. I did a lot of modifying/taking things slower than my friends on the TV. Insanity is mostly cardio with some strength exercises put in the middle of it. There are a series of exercises in each round that build on each other. The first exercise is usually low impact, building to the last which is exploding the large muscle group you are focusing on. I modified with some tricep dips using a chair, and some standing supermans. Today’s workout is promised to be intense so wish me luck.

Okay, last thing before I go…yesterday we had crazy weather going on. Rylee and I were eating cereal and all of a sudden there was a flash of lightning so bright. If I were a celebrity it would’ve mimicked a paparazzi flash. Rylee saw it too because she paused mid cereal bite and then the thunder came. It was so loud poor girl literally jumped out of her seat, cereal bowl and spoon flying all over the place. It was really funny and cute all at the same time.

Today is another busy day…Rylee has her first dance class and I have my glucose test this afternoon. I really hope I pass, two reasons…gestational diabetes I’ve heard isn’t fun and being poked for three hours isn’t either.

Do your kids like storms/thunder??

What is your favorite breakfast meal?

I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday night craving Frosted Flakes.

Anyone allergic to anything?!

I am also allergic to grass. If I sit too long in it I can break out in hives.


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