Six Late Night Tuesday Tangents

Did my mama and soon to be mama friends get to checkout my last post on testing your breast milk for DHA? Check it out if you haven’t! So I am squeezing this in between hanging out with Trollz and Rylee and going out on the lake! I am so excited to go spend some lake time with MMR. His second job got cancelled for the night so we lucked out.

My afternoon was a complete crap show. I switch back and forth between two computers to blog, which after today I learned that isn’t very smart. I am on the hunt for a new computer so send me your suggestions. Please don’t suggest a Mac, as much as I would love one it is 100% not in our budget right now. Then I had to fight with the DVD player to get Netflix to play. It needed to be update and the internet was not up to par yet. After one hour it we finally got Trollz playing.

I did my second workout of the day. First thing this morning I did 30 minutes of cardio and then this afternoon I did 30 minutes of upper body. My arms were on fire, it has been a couple weeks since they’ve felt the burn. Part of what made this afternoon unbearable the lack of nap time. Rylee get real interesting around 5:00 PM when she doesn’t get a nap in. Once my workout was done though my whole attitude changed. I just needed a time out.

Since we’re all fully caught up…here are some of the random things I intended to share with you tonight…starting with the dress I wore Saturday night. I got so many compliments and so I wanted to share the details. It’s this dress – Sia Solid in mint from Wren & Ivory.

I’ve been on the hunt for staple pieces of clothes that will work postpartum. It will be early fall by the time I am not pregnant anymore and this dress is perfect for the changing weather here in Idaho. The dress isn’t really nursing friendly BUT Wren & Ivory have so many cute dresses that are. I love shopping at smaller online boutiques I feel like you get a more unique selection.

Rylee has been obsessed with Dude lately, daily she walks up to him and says “Dudey I got you”. Her favorite place to sit is on him. He is so patient. There are a couple times he lets her know she’s too much but for the most part he could care less. We really lucked out with him. There was little to no training when it came to boundaries with the baby. Let’s hope it’s even easier the second time around.

I have been soaking up all the time I can with my brother and sister in law. We have been to all the best lunch spot, Chick-Fil-A. We’ve been shopping and spent the afternoon poolside.

One of the shopping spots were to Kidz Again Consignment and that inspired me to pull out all of Rylee’s baby clothes. There. are. so. many. Each and every one I pulled out I caught myself saying “aww, I remember when she wore this”. Help me. Even though I just admitted I have all the clothes I need, I still can’t wait to go shopping.

Speaking of lunch spots, we went to Wingerz which is also one of my favorite. If you have an amazing chicken wrap on your menu, chances are you are my favorite. I let Rylee play photographer to help distract her. I seem to pick nap time as the time to go out. Now I really can’t be mad when she doesn’t nap or when she’s cranky. Rylee is getting pretty good at taking pictures. This sneak shot she took of Amanda is proof.

This morning was Rylee’s second dance class and she did so good. Here is what she wanted to wear…

In order to get her dressed I bribed her with going to Grandma’s and getting a treat in the car (strawberries) in order to get dressed. It didn’t work which was fine in this instance because my mom was meeting us at dance with her new leotard. As soon as we pulled up she knew right where we were. “I go dancing class”. I think Rylee is going to benefit listening to others the most from dance. She had to show patience today waiting for her turn to do a front roll, the girls were told to wait at the wall until it was their turn.

Okay my friends we are officially hanging out at the lake! I hope you all had a great Tuesday :)

Tell me one random thing about your day!!

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