My Mother’s Day Weekend and Some Mama Reflections

So last night rocking Rylee to sleep I started to get really emotional. I was thinking back to my other Mother’s Days spent with her (I rounded out year 3 this year) and yesterday was the best of them all. It also got me thinking about what next years Mother’s Day is going to look like.

I love Rylee so much and our bond is unlike any other bond I have. She made me a mother, a role that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Rocking in the recliner I cried some happy tears for feeling so blessed to be able to call her mine. Then came in the worry and fear about having another daughter/baby in general. I’ve read so many things about the adjustment between one to two children and it has me scared,.

I know it will be possible to love my baby girl just as much as Rylee but I want Rylee to remember that she is just as important to me. More than she will ever know. I already feel so much love for my girls my heart might explode. It’s hard for me to imagine how it will be once baby sister is here.

One last thought while spending some quality rocking time is how thankful I am to have such great role models for my daughters. Both my mom and MMR’s mom treat Rylee like she is one of their own and are constantly trying to teach her and show her how to live a wonderful life.

Yesterday my mom requested a nice quiet morning to herself so we packed up and served breakfast at my mother-in-laws. We had donuts, pancakes, eggs, and hash browns. MMR’s whole side of the family came over. I am so happy that we finally live in the valley so we don’t miss out on these moments.

I took Rylee home to take a nap and then just relaxed and Facetimed with my brother and sister-in-law. PS It’s Amanda’s birthday today so wish her a Happy Birthday! Then I took a nap. I got an hour in and I woke up feeling more tired. For some reason I just don’t like napping. Then we rounded out the evening stopping by Lowe’s to look at paint and get MMR some earplugs.


This was seriously the best weekend ever. We ran a few errands but for the most part everything was low key and zero stress which I needed after this week. Even though this past week was one I will never forget, it was emotionally draining both with happiness and frustration.

The weather wasn’t perfect but any time the sun is shining you can find us at the park. Right after I took this picture Rylee and I went down the slide and almost slid right off. I was trying to insta story it and I am just not that good at multi-tasking.

Things are moving quickly in home purchasing world. We met the inspector at the property Saturday morning to go over the findings from the inspection. Everything went well and we are pretty much set with that side of things, now just onto the money.

The rest of the day Saturday we did n o t h i n g. A weekend full of nothing left me feeling so energized and refreshed. I got my planner out last night and I just can’t wait to tackle this week. There is not a whole lot going on. I think things are slowing down until next month, then they just ramp back up again. Gotta love the ebb and flows of life.

How was your weekend?!

What are you looking forward to this week??


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