Workout Wednesday: What My Workout Looked Like Today

It’s full on party planning mode over here. We are hosting our gender reveal party Friday. I did/do not have anything lined up for this blog of mine so I’ve been a little absent this week. However, I cannot miss a Workout Wednesday post so I will be stopping by really quick today. This week I was not feeling the workout I had planned for today so I improvised. I’m sharing what my workout looked like today:

I did a sneak peak workout from BeachBody, the YouV2 dance workout. I’d forgotten how fun/energizing dancing is. I use to roll my eyes that I wouldn’t get enough from that type of workout. Consider me proved wrong. It was fun, I was constantly moving and sweating by the end. The dancing type of workouts are perfect for pregnancy too because you are constantly moving without having the high impact or having to modify exercises.

I get a kick out of this picture. It’s my disco finger. After my dance party I went for a walk with everyone. We made it two miles and it was so hot outside. Bring on the summer. I seriously can’t wait. My Dad had to make it back for a work meeting so we had to hustle back. I sped walked/waddled but I probably could’ve jogged and kept the same pace. Mama’s to be who run with strollers, props to you. I definitely crashed on the couch as soon as we got home.

Once Rylee woke up from her nap we headed to the park. There is a park right down the street that has an amazing jungle gym, plus workout equipment. There is a trail you can run on and a skate park too. Since the park is one of Rylee’s top five favorites I wanted to incorporate something for me to do while she plays.


1. Box Jumps

2. Stability Lunges

3. Chest Press

If you don’t have any equipment then don’t stress. You can use a bench, or steps on the actual play equipment. If you want just a regular push up you can do that too.

4. Pull Down

Exercises three and four were so hard. These machines use your body weight which I have a lot of right now and my upper body is weak sauces. Repeat the circuit two or three more times. For time purposes I only did two today. Rylee even joined in on the fun.

This park is about 2 miles from where we live so I could easily run/walk there, get in a quick circuit and run back for a full workout. There are other pieces of equipment there, a row machine, a metal elliptical, pull up bar, reverse sit ups. It’s pretty awesome outdoor gym.

How did you get your sweat on today??

Do you have any parks like this, with outdoor equipment?

Any guesses on what Baby 2 will be?

Instagram and Facebook both say boy ( :

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