Oh Twodles – Rylee Rose is TWO

I still can’t believe I have a two year old. Okay, fine that is the last time I am going to say it. So much has changed in a year. I think this is such a fun age and the most challenging yet. These memories have been locked away for when the teenage years are even harder. I did just a quick look back and maybe I didn’t do a 12 month update?! If I did I didn’t categorize it which is a project in itself…

The last update I found was 10 months so yeah whole lot has changed since then! Let;s start with sleeping. This was always my biggest struggle with Rylee. She is now sleeping through the night and has been for the last 6 months. There were certain times where she won’t and that’s usually when she’s pretty sick. Which knock on wood hasn’t happened since Christmas. We still go to bed pretty late which is fine because we sleep in. This allows me to sleep in or get up and work or work out. It works for us right now. I added the right now because I am trying to work towards an hour earlier bedtime by the time new baby comes.

Rylee use to be a really good eater and now she’s kind of picky when it comes to main dishes. It’s a struggle to get her to eat meat other than hot dogs. We have hot dogs, and mac and cheese on rotation. I’ve read and heard this is common in toddlers and to keep trying because you never know when they are going to branch out. Rylee loves all fruit, you put any kind of fruit in front of her and its gone in 60 seconds. Her faves right now are grapes, strawberries, black grapes (blueberries), bananas and apples. Veggies are a different story. We currently like edamae, green beans and beets on occasion.

We try to keep sweets to a minimum but let her eat a lot of the same snacks we all like. Goldfish, plain baked chips, and pretzels are our go to. Rylee loves chocolate and I think it’s because Ana stuffs it in her face in Frozen. I gave her some cake on Saturday and she ate one peice and was done. However, she can take down an entire kids ice cream cone at Baskin Robins.

Rylee is getting better and better about playing on her own. Depending on what she chooses to do she can last anywhere from 10-30 minutes. I love watching her play. I turn into a major creep and just stare in awe at her little brain. Most of the time when she plays with dolls or figures shes mimicking me and what I tell her. Last night she had her sister doll standing on the table and kept yelling at her to sit down. Guilty over here of doing that to her. We have a doll house that was mine when I was little that she likes to play with.

We also love cooking coffee, and playing with pa-ta’s. At least thats what I think she’s saying. My parents have stairs that are split with a landing and she loves playing on the landing with my moms gnomes. They are like her besties. Whenever she gets in trouble she runs over to them and tells them her problems.

Speaking of getting in trouble…it happens all the time. Every. single. day. We test some sort of limit. Some days it the same thing and other days I’m like really?! She wants so badly to do things on her own but we are just not there yet. I’m trying really hard to get the whole I tell you one time to do something thing but I think we might be too young still. #wishfulthinking.

Okay, last portion of the update…the talking and smarts this girl has. She is such a good talker. Is that even a word? Speaker? Anyways…maybe it’s just me but I can understand what she means when she needs something or wants something. I use to think I was crazy for repeating everything back to her but I’m thinking that helps. When I can’t figure out what she’s saying she does a really good job of pointing or physically taking me over to what she wants/needs. Also, the things out of her mouth I have no idea where she even comes up with or knows how to articulate that.

I lied…potty training. We are almost there. So close to starting…I think. We have a potty and we sit on it daily. It’s just we sit on it right after we’ve gone. I just need to try and get her to tell me before or during even. I start to panic though because then that opens a whole other learning curve and obstacles.

To celebrate Rylee turning two we threw a Minnie Mouse themed party at my mother-in-laws. Rylee is obsessed with Minnie and Mickey. Right now Mickey and the Roadster Racers is her fave show. Girlfriend gets what girlfriend wants. I learned some lessons from last year: plan around your child’s nap time and have an activity.

Last year we had Rylee’s party during her normal nap time so we pushed for an earlier nap and poor thing almost slept through her own party. We take one nap between the hours of 1-5 depending on what time we go down and how long we sleep. It is easier to keep her awake so we opted for a 12:00 PM start time.

Since it was over the lunch hour we planned for “lunchey foods”, uncrustables, lil smokeys, croissant sandwiches, deviled eggs and some fruit. We baked cakes from a box, my absolute fave and my mom cut out the shape of Minnie. Everyone loves finger food and most of it was gone by the time everyone left.

For the activity…wait for it…we got a bounce house. When I first brought up the idea I thought it sounded a little ridicoulus for a two year old but MMR was totally on board. I’m pretty sure the kiddos spent the entire time in there when they weren’t eating or doing cake and presents. I might have to just get a bounce house every year.

Rylee loved all her gifts and couldn’t wait to put on all the clothes. Since the party (only 3 days ago) she has worn every dress/skirt and played with all the toys. She even asked to put on the swim suite she got. Thank you so much for everything!!

Thank you everyone for coming and hanging out with us. It made Rylee’s day that much more special. MMR and I are so lucky to be living near our family and friends again and can’t wait to spend more time hanging out!

{c/o: Shutter Sky Films}

PS – Isn’t this picture really cool?! My brother-in-law, Eric flies drones for aerial footage and brought it over to play! He is ah-mazing at what he does. I try to fly them and they crash and burn. Eric has gotten some beautiful videos/photos of Idaho all from the sky.

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