Finding out about Baby #2

I will just start at the beginning with this one. If you have no interest in babies or finding out your pregnant then this post won’t be for you. I’ll be back tomorrow with normal programming.

MMR and I had been “trying” for about 4 months. I played into the apps on your phone and spent way more money than I care to admit on pregnancy tests. After my period in November I bought the mega pack of ovulation tests and pregnancy tests from Amazon. PS If you need any let me know and I can mail them to you, there is literally 49/50 of each test.

I took the ovulation test in December when the app told me I was ovulating, and it came back negative. I was a little discouraged that I had put all my eggs into the app basket again. When I woke up on 12/23 and I didn’t have my period I was excited but told myself not to get to excited as this isn’t out of the ordinary. My period doesn’t necessarily start at the same time every time. Playing into the whole morning pee is the most accurate, I grabbed one of the Amazon tests and locked myself in the bathroom. Right before I tested I told myself: “do not be angry or mad if it’s negative, this means you can indulge in happy hour every night and wedding drinks”. I also chanted if it’s meant to be it will be a couple times.

The stick came back a faint positive. Stopping myself from peeing my pants again, I went and grabbed one of the drugstore tests. That was a brighter positive so I knew for sure. All the months before this I had tested 2-3 days before my period and then my period would show up on time. I would hold out so much hope and then so discouraged because my period would finally come.

We waited quite a while to make this public and tell some of our close friends and family. I was 11 weeks and 5 days when we announced. There was a small complication around 6 weeks. I had some pretty intense cramping, it woke me in the middle of the night one of the times. I called my doctor and they warned me of what it could mean. We were still in Boise when the dreaded snowmageddon started so it made it impossible for us to head home.

My doctor suggested that I find a doctor in Boise before we travel just in case I started bleeding. I choose one that will most likely stay my doctor once we move and we had our first ultrasound. It confirmed what my doctor warned me about, I had a subchorionic bleed. It was about the size of my doctors finger and the heartbeat was only 129 bpm. Normal range is 120-160 so we were on the lowest end of that. They didn’t really know what caused it and sometimes they just happen.

At my 8 week appointment the bleed was still visible but so much smaller. I initially was going to share how I was feeling but that is another post in itself. I will be back on Saturday with a weekly update so I think I will use that as a week 1-12 aka first trimester update.

One more thing. When we got back from Bozeman in December I placed an order with Gray Anchor to order my Love Before First Sight shirt. The shop has a handful of maternity designs and I can’t wait to rock every single one of them.

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