A Little Fall Bucket List Update

So far we’ve knocked out: Hayride, Bake a pie, Bake all things pumpkin, Visit a pumpkin patch, Decorate for Halloween/Fall, and Take Rylee Hiking.

What’s on the agenda in the next couple of weeks: Trick or Treating, Watch a scary movie, Carve pumpkins, Take photos/bag leaves, Fall in New England.

When we were in Boise my mom and I took Rylee to Linder Farms. I had never been and it definitely lived up to its hype. My mom, Rylee and I took a hayride out to different pumpkin patches. We picked some pumpkins and some squashes. While my mom was getting everything weighed I took Rylee over to the corn pit. At first she didn’t know what to think but loved burying her legs. It started to rain on us so we didn’t make it over to the animals. We might get to go back this weekend so maybe we can see them then.






I mentioned yesterday that we went to get some more pumpkins at Wilson Banner Ranch. The ranch is such a cute place where you can get pumpkins, fruit, cider, etc. They had a band playing and Rylee made her musical debut. The guys let her play the maracas and she was in her element.










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