Fall Bucket List

Happy Sunday! I can’t believe we are less than 1 week away from it officially being fall. Like I have said a million billion times already, the seriously best time of the year. I keep seeing everywhere that places are hiring for holiday help which just makes me so excited! Bring on all the holiday cheer.


Today I wanted to pop over and share our fall bucket list! I think you can tell which ones are mine and which ones are MMR’s.

  • Trick or treating – we may or may not be doing this with Rylee. Last year we walked around our mall, but this year we might be traveling, it’s all up in the air, but still made the cut ; )
  • Go for a hayride – Rylee loves tractors so I think she will love this!
  • Bake a pie – I have never baked a pie from scratch, I’m talking crust, filling, the whole works. I am going to attempt this this week. PS the recipe I am using calls for lard, and I have been to 2 different grocery stores and they don’t have it!
  • Bake all things pumpkin – I’ve started hoarding all the pumpkin recipes and canned pumpkin. There was a shortage last year toward the end of the season so I am taking all I can find.
  • Hunting – This is solely MMR. He lives for hunting. I went with him two years ago to get some birds and it was a lot of fun. I shoot my bow but just for fun for right now. MMR taught Rylee how to say hunting. It’s really cute…it sounds more like DUN-TING.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch – We went to Wilson Banner Ranch last year and it was so much fun. We are going to try and go this year when they have the Harvest Fair so Rylee can hang out with the animals.


  • Watch a scary movie – MMR and I need to get creative with our date nights since we don’t have a sitter here. So one night we are going to have a home movie night featuring some of the classics…Friday the 13th anyone?!
  • Go apple picking – I found a cute place north of Spokane that has an apple festival from now until October!
  • Take Rylee hiking – There are some beautiful trails near us so bring on the exploration. I love that it won’t be too hot and the leaves will be beautiful.
  • Carve pumpkins – I feel like this one is a no brainier. We go all out, I think I have every tool needed to carve a pumpkin. Last year we carved one and put Rylee in it. Surprisingly she loved it!

  • Visit a haunted house – Back to the whole sitter situation, we might be able to squeeze this in. I hope we can anyways! It’s been years since I’ve actually gone to one.
  • Fall photo session – There are a couple spots on campus that I want to take Rylee down to take some pictures. I have a tripod so we might even throw the rest of us in there!!
  • Pumpkin yard decor – Growing up we use to rake (well my brother and I would play while my parents raked the yard). After we were all done playing my parents would use those giant pumpkin bags and stuff them of leaves. We have a bunch of foliage/leaves so now Rylee can have a leave pit to play in.
  • Take Rylee Fishing – Our fishing hole is about to get real cold soon so MMR had to add this to the list. Especially since it’s hard to tell if we will be here in the spring
  • Decorate for fall & Halloween – I found the cutest lights to decorate for fall. Plus I have some pumpkins and a spider. I’m working on being hip and putting together a fall succulent arrangement. I want a real one though so I can prove that I can keep all things alive ; ) – speaking of plants and succulents, can you transfer them easily? Send any and all green thumb advice my way!
  • Fall in New England – I grew up in Massachusetts and fall was always so beautiful there. I took MMR back east before we got married and we went to Niagra Falls and it was so much fun. This year we will be taking our first family flight to Maine. My best friend is getting married!!!!!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with her and hang out for almost a whole week!

Tell me what is on your fall bucket list?!


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