Mother Nature

As I write this post I am watching the most greatest favoritest movie of all time. Twister!!!

Good Night everyone!!! I know awkward greeting, and something you usually say when leaving a conversation, but I haven’t posted in a couple days and it kind of made me a little uneasy.

Thursday I had a super busy day, you know, working from home and only leaving to interview for my second part-time job. We had our friends Jess and Tyler over for dinner. I love having them over for dinner, its a good time, plus we get to split yummy healthy food. They brought ribs and spinach, and we had the potatoes – we barbequed the ribs and they were sooo good. Ryan and I made twice baked potatoes again, and those were ah-mazing!!! We had them twice this week!


Here is Ryan and I taking a much needed break from hollowing out potatoes – its a tough job.

Friday I drove down to Boise to spend the week with our families – ok I am actually suppose to be here for work, but Amber and Deanna are like family too so that works/falls in the same category. I have a love-hate relationship traveling with my animals. I brought Dude down with me so he can hang with him BFF Toby (the German Shepard).

It has been soooo smokey in town lately, there are about 3-049545935990593 acres burning in Idaho/Washington/Oregon – basically the whole Pacific Northwest.. Here are some pictures from my drive. The smoke decided to travel with me…

This is right outside of Moscow – no filter from my iPhone, I do not have that kind of skill to take that while I’m driving. Yes, I know dangerous.

Again, don’t judge my photography skills or the bug juice – this is about half way down to Lewiston…

Just on the other side of that brush, down a lot of feet below – like sea level below – you would have no idea the smoke is so thick!! : ( Poor Mother Nature

This one is close to where the fire started, on the agenda for this week is definitely getting my car washed..

Finally….CLEAN AIR. I swear I will never take my clean mountain air for granted!!

Now I am going to finish my favorite movie, and read this new book my mom got me…she knows me so well, or shes sick of me calling her every five seconds when I am trying to cook…I’m going to go with because she knows and loves me so well!!! : )

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  1. YAY! I’m excited to see ya! and yes, family for sure :) We have become pretty dang close the last year haven’t we! We have to hang out at least once before you leave again, although I doubt swimming is an option haha It is FREEZING :)

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